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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Theatre of Blood

Peregrine Devlin: 
You did kill Larding and the others didn't you? 

Edward Lionheart: 
How many actors have you destroyed as you destroyed me? 

How many talented lives have you cut down with your glib attacks? 

What do you know of the blood, sweat and toil of a theatrical production? 

Of the dedication of the men and the women in the noblest profession of them all? 

How could you know you talentless fools who spew vitriol on the creative efforts of others because because you lack the ability to create yourselves! 

No Devlin, no! I did not kill Larding and the others. 

PUNISHED them my dear boy, punished them. 

Just as you shall have to be punished. 

Peregrine Devlin: 
Well get it over with then, just so you don't have to make me listen to that demented rubbish of yours. Go on, kill me then!