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Friday, 24 May 2019

Ronald Reagan was a Rescuer

 “His experiences as a Lifeguard left him with a sense that he could rescue those in need.

In The Movies, he played 
The Hero who came to The Rescue
He felt that he was playing himself.

As President, 
The World was his Stage, 
The Script was his own —
And the possibilities for Rescue, were ENORMOUS.

 The Detente Treaties, 
had the deeply reckless effect of reducing the tension, 
whilst increasing the danger of Global Thermonuclear Warfare between the Superpowers.

“Reagan was NOT AFRAID of The Monolith — 
I Think He Felt Jimmy Carter Was, 
I Think He May Have Thought Gerald Ford Was.

Reagan was NEVER AFRAID of The Soviet Union — 
and he hated it, very much.

So the only powerful, negative emotion he’s had in his life 
was this animus against this Totalitarian System…"