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Monday, 10 December 2012

#Benghazi-hole: The Pentagon Gets Purged.

These men at the Pentagon are now all OUT, all in quick succession and all for reasons other than poor performance of their duties, bad decisions that created more problems or any serious breach of military discipline or the Uniform Code.

All had commands in or adjacent to West Asia.

Next time you hear one of them on a phone-in radio talks show - call in and ask them what they think about Syria.

Or, alternatively, why they participated in a fascist coup to overthrown the democratic government of the United States...

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Benghazi: If this happened to you in your place of work... Then you were fired for it... Then the person who did it to you was promoted to your old job... What would you think?

Right now, I'm thinking several things.

Not the least one of which is "like CrimsonTide an' shit all up in this m'ufucka, gee...F'real!"

Several others relate to Truman/McArthur, militarism, civilian command of the Armed Service and the rise of fascism by degrees, but I will hold those back just for the time being.

Chiefly because I haven't yet fully addressed myself to the question of civilian command of the military in instances where it appears distinctly likely that the General in question may well be absolutely correct in the call he makes, legally as well as morally , and the Commander in a Chief in question completely and totally in the wrong (on one, if not both of those scores).

Haven't quite made up my mind yet how I feel about that one....

If I'm honest, I'm not really sure it ever occurred to me to even consider it, really...