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Was Ian Huntley Drugged & Mind-Controlled into Pleading Guilty to the Soham Murders?

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At his trial, Huntley testified that he suffered a memory loss while in the psychiatric hospital, and that when he recovered afterwards he found it very difficult to tell the difference between reality and imagined things. This means that he was "mentally" unfit to defend himself or stand trial, and his prosecutors were responsible for this condition. He also testified that he remembered hearing a voice telling him "you pushed her" which would have come from his prosecutors. This formed the basis of his changed defence at his trial.

The magistrates were not allowed to see Huntley until after he had been conditioned by the doctors at Rampton. If he was fit to be charged with murder he was surely fit to be seen by the magistrates.

Voluntary Statement:

"On Sunday (August 4th) I was standing out front of my house, brushing my dog. I saw two girls approach at about 6pm from the area of the college. One asked me about my partner, Maxine Carr. Maxine worked at St Andrews, but had had to reapply for her job and had not been given the job. I did not know either of the girls. They obviously knew Maxine and obviously wanted to speak to her. They obviously knew where she lived. One asked how Maxine was. I told her she was not very happy, as she had not been given the job. They said they were very sorry, and walked off in the direction of College Road. I did not see them again. Both were wearing Manchester United tops with Beckham at the back."

College Road leads directly to the War Memorial, where four witnesses reported seeing the two girls at about 6:45, which corroborates his witness statement. His not knowing the two girls despite their familiarity with Maxine and his house shows that he was not socially interested in the school girls.

Reported last sightings of Jessica and Holly:

18.15 - Two girls wearing red tops were seen walking along the main road between school and the town centre, though police were reported not to be treating this as a confirmed sighting.

18.17 - CCTV cameras at the Ross Peers sports centre, on a nearby college campus, showed the girls crossing the centre's car park. They were seen entering the car park via an alleyway, Gidney Lane, from the main road, Sand Street.

Approx. 18.30 - There were four separate sightings of the pair walking along Sand Street towards the town centre, but the time given by the witnesses may not be accurate. However, four separate witnesses are not likely to be equally far out, so the timing should be approximately accurate.

Approx. 18.30 - Staff at the sports centre say that the girls came in at around this time to buy sweets from a vending machine in the entrance lobby.

18.45 - Staff at the centre believed that the girls left the college grounds via College Way, and the next confirmed sighting was at 1845 in the town centre nearby.
Four separate witnesses saw the pair in the vicinity of the town's war memorial, in Red Lion square, by the High Street.

One more witness reported seeing two girls fitting the description of Holly and Jessica at the southern end of Soham, a considerable distance from the town centre.

19.00 - The girls were reportedly seen at 1900 on the A142, near the Q8 garage, at the Downfield Roundabout, walking south in the direction of Newmarket. The police said that this report is unconfirmed at this stage. This sighting however corresponds in direction and place with the car incident reported by taxi driver Ian Webster.

These sightings correspond with Ian Huntley's witness statement. The trail goes progressively away from his house.

"Though earlier in the investigation police declared they would be interviewing "700 known sex offenders" of British nationality, there was no mention of interviewing the 10,000+ US servicemen based in close proximity to Soham Village, or determining which other American servicemen has transited through the two bases, and on which flights, since Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman first disappeared."

On the 10th anniversary of the Soham murders (actually the day before, on Friday, August 3rd, 2012), and during the national excitement of the London Olympics, 12 year-old schoolgirl Tia Sharp vanished after leaving her grandmother’s house in New Addington in south London to go shopping in nearby Croydon. 

The significance of this particular day is that a TV programme was scheduled to be broadcast that evening marking the 10th anniversary of the Soham murders, which was to feature victim Holly Wells’s father. The timing looked ominously significant and it soon became apparent that another such case was unfolding.

Three witnesses saw Tia Sharp leave her grandmother’s house at midday, including her grandmother’s boyfriend Stuart Hazell, who lived there. He had told the girl to be back by 6 o’clock, to which she had replied, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” as she left. The grandmother was not present.

The following Thursday, while the search was still on for Tia Sharp and her abductor, Hazell appeared in a TV interview himself saying that he had not had anything to do with the girl's disappearance, public suspicion having fallen on him because he was the last person known to have had contact with the missing girl.

Then a very strange set of events occurred. The police suddenly changed their investigation from that of an abduction and sealed off the house in which he and Tia's grandmother lived, including that of the neighbour, Paul Meehan, who was one of the witnesses that had seen the girl leave her grandmother's house that day. The police now concentrated their investigation among the bins and surroundings of the house itself, and inside it, despite it having been searched several times before, including with sniffer dogs, and despite the witnesses who had seen her leaving the house.

Then a very strange development happened. Having switched their search to the house, the police announced the next day, a week after the disappearance, that a body had been found inside the loft, which supposedly had been lying there decomposing in the August heat for a week.

Among the various odd circumstances of this was that none of the residents of these two houses had smelt anything, including the sniffer dogs earlier in the investigation, and that the body was miraculously discovered after what seemed like a most unlikely and inappropriate change in the investigation.

Media attention having switched to himself, Stuart Hazell was soon recognized by a member of the public buying vodka in a shop in Merton, and he was arrested and charged with murder, while Paul Meehan, the witness who lived next door and had supported Hazell's account of Tia Sharp's exit from the house, was bailed on suspicion of having assisted an offender.

This case consists of an abduction and murder of a schoolchild on the 10th anniversary of the Soham murders, the first since then, and a decomposing body in the loft which had escaped the nostrils of the residents and sniffer dogs, and which was discovered by the police only after they had astonished everyone by turning their search to the house itself. The only apparent justification that they could have had for this switch was that the girl had disappeared soon after leaving the house and had not yet shown up in CCTV surveillance records.

Witnesses had reported seeing a white van in the area bothering children the day before the disappearance, and earlier in the week, the police had conducted a search of a local wood 400 yards away from the house known as Birchwood. They had sealed off the entrances with tape and used sniffer dogs and long sticks to probe the undergrowth. If the body were to be found there, it would explain why she had disappeared so quickly, and the police would have been stuck with a body in an incident that resembled the Soham murders that the 10th anniversary commemorated.

The body was allegedly found in black bin bags, which resembles the Soham case, and it was wrapped in a black bedsheet, black being the colour of death and bad news. It seems unlikely that a bona fide killer would bother with this touch, unless it was to mark the Soham anniversary.

"Detectives found Hazell, who is wanted on suspicion of killing 12-year-old Tia Sharp, clutching a bottle of vodka and apparently drunk while taking cover from the furious crowd in woodland.

The Sunday Mirror arrived at the scene at 8.45pm on Friday, just ­moments before he was ­arrested in a park in Morden, South West ­London.

Around 50 uniformed ­officers ­surrounded a large area of parkland to hold off the hordes of angry locals.

Word that the 37-year-old partner of Tia’s ­grandmother Christine Sharp was in the park had spread via social networking sites and Blackberry Messenger.

A police helicopter hovered ­overhead as a dozen plain-clothes ­officers approached Hazell just 200 yards from the crowd and dragged him to a police van.

The former labourer was then driven off towards the main road where up to 100 people were ­gathered.

They chased the van screaming expletives and yelling “scum” as he was taken to nearby Sutton police station.

Chloe Hill, 22, told how people rushed to the scene after hearing that Hazell had been spotted in a shop by 11-year-old Chloe Bird. The youngster is believed to have ­alerted her parents, who called the police.

Mum-of-one Chloe Hill, from ­Carshalton, Surrey, revealed how some of the crowd had keys clenched in their fists as weapons.

She said: “It spread over Twitter and Facebook that the police were looking for him in the common so a big group went looking for him.

"Then they found him hiding in a bush. He looked really scared.”

Another onlooker, who would not be named, said: “He looked like he was crying.”

Stuart Hazell to say Tia Sharp death was 'dreadful accident'

Friday, March 15, 2013
Croydon Advertiser
By Rachel Millard

STUART Hazell will tell jurors Tia Sharp died in an accident before her body was placed in the loft, his defence has said.

Hazell pleaded not guilty on Friday to the murder last August of the schoolgirl, whose body was found in the loft of her grandmother's house in The Lindens, New Addington, a week after she was reported missing.

The 37-year-old boyfriend of Tia's grandmother is due to stand trial at the Old Bailey on May 7, where the 12-year-old's cause of death is expected to be key to the outcome.

His lawyer, Lord Carlile QC, told the Old Bailey last Friday: "Mr Hazell will assert there was a dreadful accident, and Tia Sharp died as a result of that and he panicked.

"The body was placed in the loft where it remained undisturbed, missed by a number of police searches until it was found."

Appearing via video-link from Belmarsh prison, Hazell spoke only to confirm his name and enter his plea, shaking his head lightly as he did so.

His trial is expected to last two weeks.

Prosecuting, Andrew Edis QC said: "The news is good in that arrangements are proceeding smoothly for a trial to take place on the date fixed.

"The issue as identified in the defence case statement is that there was an accident at the house, as a result of which Tia Sharp died, and Mr Hazell will be claiming to be innocent in relation to that; he panicked and hid her body in the loft."

Tia's relatives and friends attended court to hear Hazell's plea, including her mother Natalie Sharp and stepfather David Niles. Last month, grandmother Christine Sharp's neighbour pleaded not guilty to wasting police time during the search for the schoolgirl.

Paul Meehan, 40, of The Lindens, appeared at Croydon Magistrates' Court on February 28. He will stand trial there on May 3, accused of making a false report that he had information linked to the inquiry.

Raynes Park High School pupil Tia was reported missing on Saturday, August 4, sparking a massive missing persons hunt, during which residents printed and handed out posters, conducted their own searches, and wore "Find Tia" t-shirts.

Hazell was arrested in Merton hours after her body was found by police on August 10, and charged with her murder the next day.

Hazell has secured one of the country's top lawyers in the form of Lord Alexander Carlile.

The £900-a-day QC, who in Hazell's case will be paid for by legal aid, served as a Lib Dem MP between 1983 and 1997, when he became a life peer.

The 65-year-old has successfully represented a number of high-profile defendants, including former royal aide Paul Burrell when he faced charges of stealing heirlooms from Princess Diana's estate.

As a member of the House of Lords, Carlile spent six years reviewing the country's terror laws. He has been a staunch critic of the Coalition’s moves to cut legal aid.

Full Story

Originally broadcast November 9, 1987. Part 1 of 3...

Heinrich Himmler, the NATO troops, Satan, child mutilations, MICHAEL AQUINO, DEFENSE DEPARTMENT, SAN FRANCISCO, PRESIDIO. Church of Set, Joint Chiefs, Vietnam mind control, psychological warfare. Merrill Lynch (Don Regan?), Anton LaVey, Church of Satan in S.F. Manson Family, the "dark side" of USA.

Child care centers, U.S. Army bases, molestation cases. Witnesses to McMartin school murdered. Satanic cults, WORSHIP OF SATAN, U.S. ARMY.

Bibliography sheet:

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Satanist Michael Aquino, Nazi costumes, Waffen SS videos, Part III. Joined "Church fo Satan in Vietnam". Linked to Himmler's castle. Mother once engaged to member of Waffen SS. Is Aquino Liebensborn? National Defense University, top security clearances, attaché to DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. Was that with Daniel Graham, partner with Fritz Kraemer who could be Waffen SS? Gods, Beasts, Nazis and Occult, the thinking behind Heinrich Himmler's SS.

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