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Thursday, 27 September 2018

The Annals of The Star Wars : A Saga in Three Movements

There is No Civility, Only Politics.

Act I - Episodes I - III
The Outer-Rim Free-Trade Skirmishing 
The Clone Wars :
What Will You Fight to Defend,..?

General Themes :
Decline and Fall
Corrupt Institutions

 Moral Relativism

A Dying Chivalry in the Process of Going Extinct.

A War Fought Between of Two Armies of Slaves

Civilisation Collapse

Particular Characteristics :

Slavery of Every Kind :
Enslavement of Humans The Outer Rim
Subjection of Droids in the Confederacy of Independent Systems
Subjugation of Clones in The Galactic Republic

Not to mention Economic Enslavement of peoples such as The Naboo, and Racial Caste Segregation of Races such as the Gungans and Toydarians.

Private Taxation, Protectionism and Trade Embargoes

Fear Will Keep the Outlying Systems in Line - Fear of This Battle Station.
Act II - Episodes IV - VI
The Rebellion Against The Empire :
What Will You Fight to Defeat..?

General Themes :
New Galactic Order
Tyranny + Rebellion
Underworld Gangsterism + Piracy + Black Markets 
Institutional Speciesism - The State is a Homo Sapiens-only Club

Particular Characteristics :

Act III - Episodes VII - IX
The Fight for The Future :
What Will You Fight For..?
 This One is a Lot Harder... 

General Themes :
 Awakenings - a Galactic Rennaisance
General Ignorance of History - Even the History of Events in Living Memory.
Failure to Heed the Errors of Past Mistakes and Learn The Lessons of History
 Paper Tigers and False Prophets
Personal Responsibilty

Single Points of Failure

Particular Characteristics :

Armies of Free Men

The Founding of Great Nations
Massive Upskilling of The Rank and File Soldiery
Educational Indoctrination Fixated on Treason and Treachery

The Whole Galaxy is of One Tongue.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Great Disturbers of The Force : When Three Men Enter, Two Men Leave

In The End — There can Be Only Two.

The Chymical Wedding

Always Two, There Are - 
No More, No Less.
A Master, and An Apprentice.

And an Applicant.

Which Shall Be Destroyed...?
The Master, or The Apprentice...?

Or The Applicant..?

Three Men Enter - Two Jedi, One Sith
Three Men Leave - 
One Jedi, One Sith, One Sith/Jedi


Clearly, you can't.

Dooku never got this far —

He had to renounce The Jedi Order in order to claim his hereditary title of Count on his homeworld, and he never made it onto The Jedi Council -

So he was never a Jedi Master and a Sith Lord 
at the same time

Vader is A Jedi Master/Sith Lord who decides to serve Evil
(Because he thinks his wife and child are dead and there is nothing to live for)

Luke is a Sith Lord/Jedi Master who decides to be Good
(In order to redeem his Father)

This is Balance.

But then his father dies - 

This is a problem...