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Monday, 6 May 2019

AXIS MUNDI — The Dark Tower

One last time around The Wheel,

Old Friend.

The Gunslinger:

This is madness.

The Kid :

You can't walk

into a hospital here carrying guns.

Trust me.

Come on.

Let me do all the talking.


You've reached Laurie, Lon and Jake.

Please leave a detailed message...

and we'll get back to you

as soon as possible.

This is awful. 

Try it.

That looks gross. What is it?

You got to try it. 

It's terrible.

I don't want to try it if it's terrible.

It's like mango...

The Gunslinger:

Do the animals here still speak?

What? No, that's a commercial.

Wait, what do you mean by "still"..?

He's in here.

Mr. Deschain.

I see the antibiotics are kicking in.

On a scale of one to 10, how bad is your pain?

The Gunslinger:


You were in very bad shape.

I'm surprised you're even sitting up.

The Gunslinger:

I'm Stronger Than Most.

We get that sentiment a lot.

So aside from your infection

and the wound from the...

costume-party incident...

we also found traces

of hepatitis a, b, e, and...

Chronic Radiation Sickness.

Have you traveled overseas

in the past couple of months?

The Gunslinger:

No. I've been here on Keystone-Earth.

So am I cured or not?

We're going to keep you here for the night to monitor your progress.

[Begins ripping I.V. Tubing feeds out of his arm by the fistful.]

Maybe tomorrow afternoon...

What are you doing? No.

The Gunslinger:

I can't stay Here.

You need to get back on that.

Mr. Deschain, you need...

The Gunslinger:

[Deposits Gold into The Healer’s palm.]

For your services.

Wait, what?

May Your Days Be Long.

But you need to get back on that.

Mr. Deschain?

Bring my guns.

These are painkillers and vitamins.

You only want to take

one or two at a... time.

Hey, cutie.

Can we join The Party?

The Gunslinger:

You have both forgotten

The Faces of Your Fathers.

You probably shouldn't talk

to people Here.

What is this?


How we gonna find the portal?

New York's a pretty big place.

I don't know.

I just can't let Walter know

how I'm coming for him.

I've got an idea.

These painkillers work fast.

I haven't felt this good in years.

Yeah, we got the good stuff.

Got any more of that sugar?