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Friday, 21 December 2018

Rachel Dawes is a Weak and Dishonest Person, Pretending to Be Brave

The Rachel Dawes of Earth-Two 

“But the thing that I really see happening. . . And you can tell me what you think about this. 

In Neumann’s book, consciousness - which is masculine, symbolically masculine for a variety of reasons - is viewed as rising up against the countervailing force of tragedy from an underlying feminine, symbolically feminine, unconsciousness. 

And it’s something that can always be pulled back into that unconsciousness.

The microcosm of that would be the Freudian Oedipal Mother familial dynamic where the mother is so overprotective and all-encompassing that she interferes with the development of the competence not only of her sons but also of her daughters, of her children in general. 

And it seems to me that that’s the dynamic that’s being played out in our society right now.

And it’s related in some way that I don’t understand to this insistence that all forms of masculine authority are nothing but tyrannical power. 

So the symbolic representation is Tyrannical Father with no appreciation for the Benevolent Father, and Benevolent Mother with no appreciation whatsoever for the Tyrannical Mother.

I thought of ideologies as fragmentary mythologies. 

That’s where they get their archetypal and psychological power. 

In a balanced representation you have the Terrible Mother and the Great Mother, as Neumann laid out so nicely. 

And you have the Terrible Father and the Great Father. 

So that’s the fact that culture mangles you have
to death while it’s also promoting you and developing you. 

You have to see that as balanced. 

Then you have the heroic and adversarial individual.

But in the postmodern world - and this seems to be something that’s increasingly seeping out into the culture at large - you have nothing but the Tyrannical Father, nothing but the destructive force of masculine consciousness, and nothing but the benevolent Great Mother.

It’s an appalling ideology, and it seems to me that it’s sucking the vitality - which is exactly what you’d expect symbolically - it’s sucking the vitality of our culture. 

You see that with the increasing demolition of young men, and not only young men, in terms
of their academic performance. 

They’re falling way behind in elementary school, way
behind in junior high, and bailing out of the universities like mad

The Batman :
l'm sorry l didn't tell you, Rachel.

Rachel :
No. No, Bruce. . . l'm sorry.

The day that Chill died, I. . . .
l said terrible things.

[ That's The Archetype of The Good Mother -- She is expressing regret for unleashing her Terrible Shadow, when she saw he had a gun and was intending to ruin his life by indulging in an act of petty vengeance and retaliation ]

The Batman :
But True Things.

I was a Coward With a Gun. . .
and Justice is about more than Revenge, 

So, Thank You

l never stopped thinking about you.

[ Of course, they both grew up together - that's His Best Friend. ]

About Us.

[ Hang on - wait, where's this going, all of a sudden....?! ]

And when l heard you were back, I. . . 

[ 'I noticed my biological clock was ticking and went with my hormones (in my hetlad) to the strongest and most capable nearby male - put simply, I now have a massive  crush on you, Bruce, and want you to chase me, so I feel desired and valuable as prize mate.' ]

I started to Hope.

[ Hope.... for what, exactly...? 

She's projecting her crush on to him, and using that as the basis upon which to launch a full scale assault on the his Life's Purpose, the very thing that is the Meaning of his Life

She doesn't even know for sure he isn't gay yet, and she quite clearly has not bother to try to find out, or more immediately to the point --

Find Out from him if a life of Domisticity with her in 
- in his Great Big Enormous Mansion -
with implications of marriage and the children she wants to have one day is something that he actually even wants -

She, clearly however, quite plainly DOES want it - 
(now, anyway...)

Her Oestrogen is screaming out in her blood so loud, it's deafening.
This is No Grounds or Stable Basis 
upon which to stage an attempt at establishing a Marriage.

Not everyone 

Prior to this precise moment, there had never before 

Watch Now, as she instantly shifts gears on him, whilst executing a complete 180-HeelTurn on him, immediately switching to a distant, passive-aggressive posture, begins labelling his strengths, competencies and best coping mechanism as inadequacies, and the main and non-negotiable, deal-breaking barrier between them, as to why it is that he cannot have, hook-up with, much less settle-down with her - ]

But then l found out about your Mask.

 The Batman :
Batman's just a symbol, Rachel.
No. This. . .is Your Mask.

Your Real Face is the one that criminals now fear.

The man l loved. . . the man who vanished. . .
he never came back at all.

But maybe he's still out there somewhere.

Maybe someday, when
Gotham no longer needs Batman. . .
. . .l'll see him again.
-Proved me wrong, you know.

“That’s The Archetype of The Terrible Mother.”

- Jordan Peterson

Wow, Harvey's
taking me next week.

So you're into ballet?

Bruce, this is Harvey Dent.

The famous Bruce Wayne.
Rachel's told me everything about you.
Well, I certainly hope not.
So, let's put a couple of tables together.
-- I'm not sure that they'll let us.
-- Oh they should. I own the place.

Russian Prima Ballerina :
How could want to raise children in a city like this?

Well, I was raised here — I turned out OK.

Is Wayne manor in the city limits?

The Palisades.
You know, as our new DA, you might want to figure out where your jurisdiction ends.

Russian Prima Ballerina :
I'm talking about the kind of city that idolizes a masked vigilante.

Gotham City is proud of an ordinary
citizen standing up for what's right.
Gotham needs heroes
like you, elected officials.
And not a man who
thinks he's above the law.
-- Exactly. Who appointed the Batman?
-- We did.
All of us who stood by
and let scum take control of our city.
But this is a democracy, Harvey.
When their enemies were at the gates,
the Romans would suspend democracy
and appoint one man to protect the city.
It wasn't considered an honor,
it was considered a public service.
Harvey, the last man that they appointed
to protect the republic was named Caesar,
and he never gave up his power.
OK, fine.
You either die a hero ...
or you live long enough to see
yourself become the villain.
Look whoever the Batman is, he doesn't
want to do this for the rest of his life.
Batman is looking for someone
to take up his mantle.

Someone like you, Mr. Dent?

Dear Bruce,

I need to be honest and clear.

[ ...for whose sake, you need to be honest and clear...?

I'm going to marry Harvey Dent.

I love him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

[ You’re not fooling anyone, least of all yourself, and you know it — but go ahead

When I told you that if Gotham not longer needed Batman we could be together, I meant it.

But now I'm sure the day won't come when you no longer need Batman.

I hope it does. 
And if it does, I'll be there. 

But as your friend.

If you lose your faith in me, please keep your faith in people.

Love, now and always,