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Saturday, 30 December 2017

"I Don't Dream at All"

"I’ve come across people that have no imaginations at all, and it’s a very interesting… .

I was shocked the first time I came across it. 

And — because I just assumed everybody had an imagination.

And when you — you confront somebody who doesn’t, especially a child, it’s a very interesting and profound thing to me. 

It — an imagination is a — is a trait, you know. 

It’s like anything else. It’s a — it’s a — it’s a talent, or it’s an ability you have to cope. 

Like Dreaming."

- George Lucas

It must feel like your God abandoned you.

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw: 

To lose Dr. Holloway after your father died under such similar circumstances. 

What was it that killed him? Ebola?

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw: 
How do you...? 
How do you know that?

I watched your dreams.

Kane :
Some awful dream about.... 

Can I dream?

Ripley :
Yes, honey. 
I think we both can. 
Sleep tight.

Newt :

While she is unconscious in the prison's medical bay, Ripley has a nightmare about being stalked through the Sulaco's hypersleep chamber by a Xenomorph. The Creature grabs her from behind and pins her to the top of Hicks' cryotube, and actually rapes her as the Corporal grins at her through the glass.

"I was in cryo, right? On my way to Xarem, right? Work crew for the nickel refinery, right? I wake up... I know, I don't understand. Oh God, I... I saw... I saw horrible things."

―Purvis (from Alien Resurrection)

Thursday, 21 December 2017

I'm Not Like You - I WAS You. With Better Shoes

Why where you crying five minutes ago? - 

There's not a thing about badly reapplied mascara that I don't know.

I'm not Lindsey Mc Donald. 
I don't switch sides whenever it gets tough. 
And since when is this your job? 
I thought Angel was the dark avenger.

Angel feels responsible for this guy because he brought him back from hell. 

I feel responsible because he did it to save me. 

You, who are actually responsible, feel nothing, because you are a Viscious Bitch.

So? You know me.

Please, I was you - with better shoes.

These are Boracchi.

Fall collection?

Next spring.

He's widened the heel.

And rounded the toe.

That won't work with pink.

The pink is out this spring.

Billy Blim makes people crazy.

Not all people. Just men.
He brings out a primordial misogyny in them. 
Turns them into killers.

Then why didn't he do it to Angel?

Angel's seen him?

Yes, right before he escaped from the cops. What's so witty?

Billy's touch works differently on different men. 
Some lose their mind in an instant.
 Others - can take hours. - Gee, I sure hope Angel isn't starting to feel testy.

You better hope it.

I know. I've seen his dark side.

You really haven't. 
I have to find Billy.

And I'm gonna help you why?

You know that guy that you hired to hack into my visions? 
What he did to me? What it felt like?
 I was cut, my face disfigured, and burning with pain every second not knowing if it was gonna end or just get worse till I died.

So you think I owe you...

It's not the pain. It's the helplessness. 

The certainty that there is nothing you can do to stop it, that your life can be thrown away in an instant by someone else. 

He doesn't care. 

He'll beat you down until you stay down because he doesn't even think of you as alive. - 

No woman should ever have to go through that, 

and no woman strong enough to wear the mantel of 'Vicious Bitch' would ever put up with it — 

Where is Billy going?