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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Arthur Curry...? : The Proverbial Aquaman Movie

In My Head, this has been an ongoing recurrent Meme for almost 20 years by Now....

People Be All Like —

“Hillary’s a Hero!”
“Hillary’s a Hero!”

No She Ain’t! —

Aquaman’s a Hero — He Talks to The Fishes.

Water, water everywhere —

Small wonder, then — It’s no mystery as to why you are all turning out to be quite so wet....

“ I tend to think that what Fame has done is to replace The Sea as The Element of Choice of Adventure for Young People. 

If you were a dashing Young Man in the 19th century you would probably have wanted to run away To Sea, just as in the 20th century you might decide that you want to run away and form a pop band. 

The difference is that in the 19th century, before running away To Sea, you would have had at least some understanding of the element that you were dealing with and would have perhaps, say, learned to swim ... 

The thing is that there is no manual for how to cope with Fame. 

So you'll get some, otherwise likeable young person, who has done  

  • One good comic book,  
  • One good film, 
  • One good record, 

suddenly told that they are a Genius

Who believes it, and who runs out laughing and splashing into the billows of Celebrity, and whose heroin-sodden corpse is washed up a few weeks later in the shallows of the tabloids. ”