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Monday, 2 November 2015

US Army Control of Sinai Airspace

Elephant in the Room : Russian A320 came down in highly restricted strip of ceded Egyptian airspace under the exclusive control of a US Army Colonel commanding a force of 715 Army Rangers/guardsmen, plus several hundred civilian Observer Corps personnel, all issued w. high-powered field binoculars.

"Why, who's so gross,
That seeth not this palpable device? 
Yet who's so blind, but says he sees it not?

Bad is the world; and all will come to nought,
When such bad dealings must be seen in thought."

- Richard III

"Why are those who emulate Bin Laden called terrorists and the people who kill children, rebels? Where is the logic?

Because certain political circles in the West want to weaken Russia just like the Romans wanted to destroy Carthage.

But we will not allow this scenario to come to pass."

- Vladimir Putin

Neither the Egyptian military, nor Police are allowed to enter Sinai Zone C, under the enforcement protocols of the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, on the basis that it may provided a pretext or cover for a potential invasion - the entire area is patrolled by US Army Rangers, and all movement within the airspace is under the exclusive control of Canadian Military Air Traffic Controllers.

April 1986

The Australian contingent, consisting of staff officers and a helicopter squadron who were members of the initial deployment, withdrew in the course of their government's reduction of its peacekeeping commitments. They were replaced by the CCMFO Canadian Rotary Wing Aviation Unit, equipped with nine CH135 Twin Hueys, staff officers and flight following. The CCMFO was operational at El Gorah on March 31, 1986. Canadian tactical helicopter units rotated to El Gorah for six-month tours of duty. The primary units providing military personnel were 408, 427 and 430 Tactical Helicopter Squadrons and 403 Squadron Helicopter Operational Training Squadron.

"The MFO has its main headquarters in Rome, where it is headed by the Director-General. It also has two regional offices, in Tel Aviv and Cairo, while the Force itself is based in Zone C on the Sinai Peninsula, under the command of the Force Commander.

The Force Commander is responsible for the military elements of the MFO, which comprise:

Three infantry battalions (FIJIBATT, COLBATT and USBATT)
1st US Support Battalion (Formerly the Logistical Support Unit)
Coastal Patrol Unit (CPU)
Rotary Wing Aviation Unit (AVCO)
Fixed Wing Aviation Unit (FWAU)
Transport and Engineering Unit (TREU)
Military Police Unit (FMPU)
Flight Following (Air Traffic control) Unit

The Observer contingent of the MFO is made up entirely of US civilians. The observers are either seconded from the US State Department or retired US military personnel."

"So, what really happened that day? Let's just for a moment speculate, shall we? 

We have the epileptic seizure distracting the police and allowing the shooters to get into place. The epileptic later vanished, never checking into the hospital. 

The A-team goes to the sixth floor of the Depository. They were refurbishing the floors of the Depository that week allowing unknown workmen in the building. They move quickly into position, minutes before the shooting. 

The second spotter, talking by radio to the other teams, has the best overall view. The God spot. B-team, one rifleman and one spotter with access to the building moves into a low floor of the Dal-Tex building. 

The third team, C-team, moves in behind the fence above the grassy knoll where the shooter and the spotter are first seen by the late Lee Bowers. They have the best position of all. Kennedy is close and on a flat, low trajectory. 

Part of this team is a coordinator who flashed security credentials at people, chasing them from the area. 

Probably two to three more men are in the crowd on Elm. 

Ten to twelve men. Three teams. Three shooters. 

The triangulation of fire Clay Shaw and David Ferrie discussed two months before. 

They've walked the plaza. They know every inch. They've calibrated their sights. Practiced on moving targets. 

They're ready. "

Department of Defense Press Briefing by Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook in the Pentagon Briefing Room

Press Operations

September 8, 2015

Q: All right. On a separate subject, the -- there were four U.S. military service members who were injured last week in an attack in the Sinai Peninsula. Can you update us on their condition?

And is there an ongoing review by DOD and the interagency about the status of maintaining U.S. military presence at (off-mic)?

MR. COOK: I don't have the exact characterization of their injuries at this point, whether the -- I know that there were -- let me double- check here -- in all, there were seven soldiers, not just U.S. forces, but that were evacuated by air to a nearby hospital. They were described with non-life-threatening injuries.

We continue to support the role being played by the multinational forced observers in supporting the treaty at peace between Israel and Egypt.

We are concerned over security conditions in that area of the northeastern Sinai, where Egyptian security forces, as well as civilian and military elements of the MFO, including U.S. military forces stationed at the MFO north camp, are exposed to potential risk.

And in light of the security situation there, we are, again, considering additional measures to bolster their protection going forward, taking steps to try and enhance their protection.

But in terms of any sort of change in outlook for the MFO overall, I've got nothing for you on that.

Q: Would that bolstering involve the -- the sending of additional forces?

MR. COOK: We're considering several steps to bolster force protection there, and -- and I can tell you, Louis, that this is something that's been in the works for several weeks now, not necessitated by what happened with this particular IED incident.

This is something that's been a concern for the secretary and others, bolstering force protection, and so it's going to be something that you're going to see some movement on in the -- in the short term and something that we'll continue to keep an eye on. 

Safety and security of American forces, top priority for this secretary and this department.

And with that everyone...


Q: Can you just clarify one point?

Phil's question about the 5,400 trained Syrian rebels by year's end, you said you may have to adjust that. But I'm just wondering...

MR. COOK: This is a constant review from the start.

Q: Just doing the math, I'm just wondering how you can possibly reach 5,400 by year's end, given that there's a second class now, maybe a third class, and, you know, there's, what, 54 on the ground now.

How do you -- how do you get there by year's end...


Q: ... six-to-eight-week class? How...

These are the -- these are the hard questions being asked, Tom, right now about this program, about ways to alter it, adjust it, enhance it.

Are there other means by which we can, again, support moderate Syrian forces on the ground in Syria? These are the questions being asked.

At the same time, this T&E program is going forward. It may not look exactly as it -- we first hoped when it was first initially unveiled, and part of that is lessons learned on our part. Hard lessons, to be honest.

Q: Is sending U.S. troops in one of those options being considered?

MR. COOK: Sending U.S. troops in right now is not one of the options being considered.

Q: But you're not ready to adjust that 5,400 figure yet, correct?

MR. COOK: I'm -- I'm not going to adjust what was the target initially. There are people above my pay grade making hard decisions, evaluating this program, and again, when we've got -- if there's a new target number, we'll provide that for you as well.

It was always a target. It was -- and, you know, this is a program that we'll have -- we're going to continue to -- to evaluate every single aspect of this program, from the finances to the training portion of it to the equipment and to who we're -- who we're talking to, who we're vetting and who we're not.

So with that, everyone, I -- I gotta go. I got another meeting. So thanks very much. We'll see you guys, those of you going on the trip, and otherwise be back here on Thursday.

Arrow Air May Be Tied To Iran-contra Mystery
November 12, 1989|By KEN CUMMINS, Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON -- The Reagan White House called it a tragic accident four years ago when 248 soldiers, heading home for Christmas, died in the fiery crash of a plane chartered by Arrow Air of Fort Lauderdale.

Today, the air disaster is another of the many mysteries surrounding the Iran-Contra affair.

Recent evidence prompted U.S. Rep. Robin Tallon, D-S.C., to press to reopen the Arrow Air inquiry to determine whether the crash was a case of terrorist retaliation for a botched, secret U.S.-Iran arms deal. The House Crime Subcommittee opened an investigation last month and may hold hearings soon.

One hundred five House members, including Rep. Larry Smith, D-Hollywood, have signed a letter to President Bush asking for a full-fledged government investigation.

``We request that you initiate a formal United States investigation to explore all possible crash theories,`` the congressmen said in the letter. ``We feel it is the very least we can do for the brave soldiers of the Army`s 101st Airborne Division who perished.``

The crash -- the worst peacetime U.S. military accident -- is only one of many puzzling incidents fueling suspicions of a massive government cover-up to obscure what really happened in the wide-ranging Iran-Contra affair.

Mysterious deaths and strange occurrences surrounding the affair continue to dog Bush administration appointees, preoccupy members of Congress and haunt some citizens who think that they or their relatives are victims of the complex, secret deals.

Some of the unexplained incidents, recent developments and strange connections to Iran-Contra include:

-- A dissenting report by four of the nine members of the Canadian Aviation Safety Board that pointed to evidence in the Arrow Air crash suggesting terrorist sabotage by the Islamic Jihad in retaliation for a secret U.S. shipment of missiles that were not the kind requested.

-- The deaths of eight major figures and several lesser-known participants in the Iran-Contra affair since the secret arms-for-hostages deals and the clandestine Contra supply operation began unraveling in mid-1986.

-- Suspicions within Congress that the Bush administration appointed Iran-Contra figures to government posts as rewards for continued silence about high-level White House participation in the secret dealings.

-- Circumstantial evidence suggesting a secret deal between the Ayatollah Khomeini`s government and Ronald Reagan`s 1980 campaign staff to keep the 52 Americans taken hostage at the U.S. Embassy from being freed before that year`s presidential election.

-- Efforts by people around the country, including in Florida, to confirm strongly held beliefs that they or their relatives were caught in the web of Iran-Contra dealings and to find out why.

Invariably, those people, who are spending much of their time and money in search of answers, say their biggest obstacles are government officials and agencies that seem intent on shielding facts and events from public view.

Those sentiments run especially strong among about 120 families of Arrow Air crash victims who have formed Families for the Truth About Gander, led by Zona and James Douglas Phillips of St. Petersburg. They are pressing for a U.S. investigation of the Dec. 12, 1985, crash near Gander, Newfoundland.

Although the Arrow Air plane carrying U.S. soldiers home from the Middle East had been chartered by the Pentagon, investigation of the crash was left to the Canadian Aviation Safety Board, which sought input from some U.S. agencies.

``We`ve got 256 people dead (including the plane`s eight crew members) and no reason. And nobody seems to care why,`` said Zona Philips, whose stepson perished in the crash.

Supporters of the sabotage theory point to the dissenting report by members of the Canadian safety board and to statements by purported members of the Islamic Jihad shortly after the crash taking credit for the disaster. These theorists also point to memos by former national security aide Oliver North -- who was convicted for his role in the Iran-Contra affair -- warning of a possible retaliatory strike.

Those memos, uncovered in the Iran-Contra investigations by the Tower Board and by Congress, were written after Iranian officials became angry because 18 missiles shipped to them on Nov. 24, 1985, were ineffective for use in the Iraqi war. If another shipment was not made, North wrote in a Dec. 9, 1985, memo to then-Adm. John Poindexter, the ``U.S. reversal now in midstream could ignite Iranian fire.``

The subsequent congressional investigation of the Iran-Contra affair tied Arrow Air to the covert network shipping weapons to Iran.


The Gander families have run into similar obstacles.

``You can`t get into the government`s files,`` Zona Phillips said. ``They (government officials) send you an FBI report that is all blacked out.``

Others who think they were caught in the tangled web of the wide-ranging scandal report similar experiences.

When Orlando recreational-vehicle salesman Bob Fletcher wrote to the FBI recently requesting the bureau`s file on him, he got back a letter saying that all of his records had been classified for national security reasons.

Fletcher found the letter amusing because the FBI, along with the office of Iran-Contra independent counsel Lawrence Walsh and congressional committees, have shown little interest in pursuing his allegations.

``At the onset, they`re very cooperative,`` Fletcher said of federal and congressional investigators. ``Then it ends up where they say, `Well, the consensus of opinion is we can`t go after this.```

Tallon`s recent inquiries to the FBI, the Justice Department, the Defense Department and the Army requesting their files on the Arrow Air investigation have produced responses suggesting that he contact Canadian officials for those records.

The Gander families have run into similar obstacles.

``You can`t get into the government`s files,`` Zona Phillips said. ``They (government officials) send you an FBI report that is all blacked out.``

Others who think they were caught in the tangled web of the wide-ranging scandal report similar experiences.

When Orlando recreational-vehicle salesman Bob Fletcher wrote to the FBI recently requesting the bureau`s file on him, he got back a letter saying that all of his records had been classified for national security reasons.

Fletcher found the letter amusing because the FBI, along with the office of Iran-Contra independent counsel Lawrence Walsh and congressional committees, have shown little interest in pursuing his allegations.

``At the onset, they`re very cooperative,`` Fletcher said of federal and congressional investigators. ``Then it ends up where they say, `Well, the consensus of opinion is we can`t go after this.```

``It`s such a successful number of high-level people doing the cover-up that interested congressmen and senators are just screwed,`` Fletcher charged.

Fletcher suspects that his defunct Atlanta-area toy company somehow is connected to the ``toyco`` reference in Swiss bank account records detailing the diversion of funds from the Iranian arms sales to Nicaragua`s Contra rebels.

He said he sold his company in early 1985 to Gary Best, an import-export businessman who subsequently failed to make the promised payments. Instead of exporting toys, Fletcher said Best soon began using the toy company as a ``front`` to peruse arms deals to Iran and Central America and missions to Southeast Asia in search of soldiers missing in action from the Vietnam war.

Best has denied Fletcher`s allegations to federal investigators.

One of the most persistent suspicions about the Iran-Contra affair is that it began in October 1980, before Ronald Reagan was elected president and months before he took office. Former Reagan campaign aides, who later became top U.S. national security and intelligence officials, have denied vehemently that they made a secret deal to supply weapons to Iran in exchange for delaying the release of the 52 American hostages until after the 1980 presidential election.

But the issue will not go away. The allegations were reviewed most recently in the Nov. 3 broadcast of ABC-TV`s Nightline program, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and the seizure of its staff.

Gary Sick, top national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter at the time, appeared on the program and pointed to evidence uncovered in the Iran-Contra investigations that secret U.S. weapons shipments to Iran began soon after Reagan took office in January 1981.

``The fact that the Reagan administration would come in and, as one of its first actions, approve really very substantial arms deliveries to Iran, apparently without asking any questions, strikes me as very strange,`` Sick said.

The controversy did not go away with the departure of the Reagan administration in January. Several members of the House and Senate foreign affairs committees and their aides have speculated that the Bush administration has handed appointments to Iran-Contra figures as rewards for their silence.

Sen. Alan Cranston, D-Calif., voiced those suspicions on the Senate floor in September.


Some of the key figures in the Iran-Contra scandal who have died or been killed:

-- WILLIAM CASEY: The CIA director and key figure in the scandals. As the scandals were unfolding in December of 1986, Casey was hospitalized for an operation to remove a brain tumor. He died in May of 1987, as congressional hearings into the scandals were getting underway.

-- GUSTAVO ALVAREZ MARTINEZ: Honduran Armed Forces Chief who was a close ally of the Reagan White House in secret operations setting up and financing the Nicaraguan Contra rebels. Gen. Martinez, who was retired, was slain by a band of gunmen in January.

-- BARRY SEAL: A pilot for the Colombian cocaine cartel who became a government informant and reportedly knew about the trading of guns to the Contras for drugs bound for the United States. Seal was gunned down in a parking lot in Baton Rogue, La., in February of 1986.

-- AMIRAN NIR: A key Israeli middleman in the secret shipment of U.S. arms to Iran, died in a mysterious plane crash in Mexico last November.

-- DONALD FORTIER: Deputy national security affairs adviser to Reagan who administered the secret Swiss bank accounts into which money from the Iranian arms sales was deposited. Fortier, 39, died in August of 1986, just before the scandal became public. Liver cancer was listed as the cause of death.

-- GLENN SOUHAM: A French businessman with White House ties who was part of a scheme by Oliver North to steal Soviet weapons from Poland and give them to the Contras. Souham, 34, was gunned down outside his Paris apartment in September of 1986.

-- CYRUS HASHEMI: The Iranian weapons dealer who approached U.S. intelligence officials with the original proposal to swap arms for American hostages. Hashemi died of a rare cancer disease in the summer of 1986.

-- STEVEN CARR: A 27-year-old mercenary who was prepared to testify about secret weapons shipments out of Fort Lauderdale to the Contras. Carr, considered a key witness at the time, died of a suspicious drug overdose in December of 1986.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hollywood Accredits The Memes : "Flight" (2012)

"Now, this is podracing..!!"

The Art of Predictive Programming : It's all the pilot's fault.


But it's far more realistic and convincing in the movies, so people believe it.

During this aviation disaster, almost everything possible that can happen, and can go wrong with a plane whilst in flight can go wrong, and does go wrong, all at once and within the space of around 8 minutes.

This is likes opening your front door to find two Black Swans humping on your front porch. If you live in rural Mexico.


The plane, and the crew, absolutely everything goes wrong with, and the pilot captaining the plane does absolutely everything right and in good order to save the plane.

The passengers also perfectly remember and comply with all of the procedures detailed in the on-board safety lecture. 

Which would never happen.

"The NTSB works very closely with the pilots union"

I'm absolutely sure that's true.

But they played absolutely no role in investigating any aspect of 9/11, as they are legally required to do, according to Crash Protocols depicted in this film...

"So much for preliminaries. When we enter the world of the 9/11 myth, we find ourselves on the terrain of mass psychosis, mass hallucination, mass delusion. The twentieth century has shown how powerful these ideological figments can be. This book proceeds from the standpoint of Platonic idealism; a Marxist might say that with 9/11, we enter the world of radically false consciousness, where the superstructure has become completely detached from social and material reality in a way that Marx never contemplated in his writings. 

A suggestive study that addresses precisely this complex of problems is Joseph Gabel's 1975 False Consciousness: An Essay on Reification. Gabel sees reification (hypostatization) as the making of people, ideas, and time into things. His point of departure is the gross fact of mass belief in ideological chimeras, specifically Nazi and Stalinist ideology. The 9/11 myth is of a piece with these.

Gabel elaborates a lengthy definition of the political world view which is correlated with alienated and manipulated political life under the rule of schizophrenic/autistic ideologies which exhibit a low degree of fidelity to reality. Gabel called this the "police concept of history;" if he were writing today, he might well have called it the intelligence community or CIA theory of history. 

Gabel writes: "The police concept of history is the negation of the historical dialectic, in other words the negation of history .... History's driving force is not the ensemble of objective forces but good or evil individual action ... since the 'event' is no longer understood as the normal substratum of the course of History, but as miracle or catastrophe; it is no longer dependent on scientific explanation but on black or white magic. In the Manichean diptych of this view, the hero (leader) and the traitor represent two poles of the same principle of reificational negation of the autonomy of history. It is therefore a pseudo-history, a non-dialectical result either of success due to the genius of the leader or failure explicable through treason; an authentic 'syndrome of external action' permits the privileged system to evade eventual responsibility. The police concept of history represents the extreme form of political alienation; it is both a sociocentrism which dichotomizes the world into a privileged system [the US] and a non-privileged remainder [the Arab and Islamic world]  and a phenomenon of consciousness of a schizophrenic nature. Since the privileged system is considered as perfect, extra-temporal and extra-dialectical, the event -- particularly the unfavorable event -- can only be explained by means of external action; it is experienced as an unexpected, 'undeserved' catastrophe, which is no longer integrated into the normal course of events whose succession constitutes the threat of concrete, dialectical temporality. One can compare this ensemble with the two specific elements in the clinical picture of schizophrenia, the syndrome of external action and the deranged experience of the end of the world (Weltuntergangserlebnis, abbreviated as WUE by German authors), the clinical translation of the appearance of the dialectic in a reified world which can accept the event only as a catastrophe." (Gabel 115-116, with my interpolations)

Here we have the principal elements or memes of the 9/11 myth in a clinical description a quarter century before the fact. The event has nothing to do with real historical forces. The realities of world commodity flows and of the world financial system in particular go out the window. 

Bin Laden and al Qaeda provide a deus ex machina of absolute evil and black magic. 9/11 is the undeserved catastrophe or WUE, experienced as a nightmare out of the blue. In order for such notions to gain mass acceptance, the American ideology had to already have traveled a considerable distance down the road towards schizophrenia and autism, and such mass acceptance has in turn further accelerated that descent. For Gabel, schizophrenia is a loss of contact with reality and with history. 

His definition of schizophrenia depends heavily on the notion that, for the schizophrenic, development over time has become incomprehensible, while relations in space have become all-important. In space we can often choose to move, but time does not permit this. 

Therefore there is a close relationship between a radically anti-historical view of the world, as for example among the neocons and the Bush regime, and the syndromes of clinical schizophrenia, prominent among whose symptoms Gabel sees morbid rationalism, understood as a weak hold on reality: "In the light of recent work, schizophrenia appears as a loss of the sense of personal history, and psychotherapy therefore consists of a reconstruction of the totality of the person with a reintegration into history. From the viewpoint of the investigator the schizophrenic loss of the historico-dialectical perception of reality can be seen in the form of a preponderance of the spatial factor or as a loss of experienced time: as over-spatialization or as sub-temporalization." (Gabel 116) Gabel's work here dovetails with that of Frank, who points to Bush 43's notorious refusal to discuss the details of his youthful debauchery before the age of about 40. It is as if these episodes were repressed and no longer accessible to memory -- at least, in Bush's own propaganda patter. 

Frank is certainly on firm ground when he points to the fundamentalist belief structure of Bush and of so much of his base as representing a rejection of human history, personal history, and of natural history as well: "Just as fundamentalist creationist teachings deny history, the fundamentalist notion of conversion or rebirth encourages the believer to see himself as disconnected from history. George W. Bush's evasive, self-serving defense of his life before he was born again displays just this tendency. To the believer, the power of spiritual absolution not only erases the sins of the past, but divorces the current self from the historical sinner." (Frank 59- 60)

A vital part of the WUE brought about inside the perfect system by evil forces is that these evil forces are axiomatically seen as coming from outside of that perfect system. 

Evil is always external, never home grown, as it was for the racist southern sheriff who thought that all racial tensions were the work of outside agitators. "The result is that when the evidence of the historicity of existence forces itself on the misoneism [hatred of change] of reified consciousness, it appears as an unexpected catastrophe, inexplicable and often attributed therefore to external action .... 

For sociocentrism, the privileged system being perfect, any change (particularly any unfavorable change) is the work of external maleficent powers." (Gabel 288 and note) Gerhard Wisnewski has related this idea most directly to 9/11. As Wisnewski points out, "from outside" is the central slogan of the official version of 9/11. "The impression is produced that the perpetrators came 'from outside': from outside of the building, from outside of America, even from outside civilization. The official version of these events screams 'outside, outside, outside.'" (Wisnewski 143)

In a world axiomatically defined by terrorism, the Manichean outlook seems destined always to win out. Sanguinetti saw something similar in Italy at the beginning of the strategy of tension: 

"In view of terrorism presented as absolute evil, evil in itself and for itself: all the other evils fade in to the background and are even forgotten; since the fight against terrorism coincides with the common interest, it already is the general good, and the State, which magnanimously conducts it, is good in itself and for itself.

Without the wickedness of the devil, God's infinite bounty could not appear and be appreciated as is fitting." (Sanguinetti 3)

Gabel insists again and again on the key role played by the loss of the historical dimension, and it is clear that this problem was shared by twentieth-century America with Nazi Germany and with Soviet Russia. Anglo-American propaganda exhibits an overwhelming tendency to demonize enemy leaders: Noriega, Milosevic, Bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein are notable examples, but the tendency goes back to Kaiser Wilhelm at the very least. Today the explicit speech of propaganda is conducted on the overtly infantile plane: we hear of good guys and bad guys, of bad actors, and most of all of terrorists. Gabel writes: "For Gabel, this is another symptom of reification (hypostatization): "As a prisoner of a universe where space takes the place of duration, man in the reified world cannot understand history as the expression of creativity and spontaneity. Consequently the undeniable fact of change forces itself on this 'consciousness of immediacy' as a catastrophe, as a sudden change coming from the outside that excludes mediation. ...Seen in this perspective, history appears as a function of demiurgic action. An external force (God, the hero, a party) transcends the efficiency of its autonomous dialectic. Reified consciousness is essentially ahistorical: mens momentanea seu carens recordatione,' [a mind in the moment, or lacking memory] said Leibniz on this subject." (Gabel 151) 

Here is history reduced to a fairy tale, with the cocaine-abusing, alcoholic, mentally-impaired Bush as the hero of the good, and the rich, misfit, raving ideologue Bin Laden as the champion of evil. How can hundreds of millions of people believe in such a product?

Gabel discusses the stress on biological heredity and race as one of the leading anti-historical features of the Nazi outlook, and there is evidence that Hitler was also well aware of this. Gabel points out that Nazi ideology, with its glorification of race and biology, was marked by "morbid rationalism in its worst form." 

Gabel argues that "any unfavorable event for this racial pseudo-value is itself extra-historicized and 'understood' in terms of treason or conspiracy:the ideology of national socialism is logically inseparable from the theory of the 'stab in the back."' (Gabel 117) 

If fascism comes to the United States, it is now certain that its ideology will prominently feature the 9/11 events as a stab in the back to a benefactor by an ungrateful and treacherous outside world; fascist neocons are already spouting this point of view. 

Ironically, the German request for an armistice in 1918, which Hitler later condemned as a stab in the back by Social Democratic politicians, was actually the work of Field Marshal Ludendorff and other future backers of Hitler. As for 9/11, which Bush blames on the Arab and Moslem world, it too had some of its main backers inside the US military and intelligence services. 

Frank sees Bush's paranoid schizophrenic hostility to real historical processes reflected in some well-known aspects of his bureaucratic methods. One is his insistence on absolute, unquestioning loyalty on the part of his underlings: "Like the alcoholic father who is threatened by the independence of his family members, Bush demands absolute loyalty and conformity, trying to freeze his national family in time. ..." (Frank 46) For Frank, Bush has no use for history in any form; he remarks, "with a president who refuses to view history as anything but an enemy he cannot afford to acknowledge or engage, it's impossible not to wonder what painful lessons of history we may be doomed to repeat." (Frank 161)

One way of denying historical reality is to wipe out the past; another is to insist that the leading delusion of one's own time is destined to last forever. The Nazis did this in one way, Bush in another: "the historical time of national socialism was dominated ... by the chimerical hope of an empty eternity" -- there was the promise of a thousand year Reich, sometimes escalated to 20,000 years of Nazi world domination. (Gabel 134) For Bush and the neocons, this has become the nightmare vision of a war against terrorism which is literally endless.

Bush's fraudulent "war on terrorism" is of course a war of civilizations directed against the 1 billion Arab and Moslem people in the world; it is more hypocritical than Hitlerism because it assiduously denies its own real content.

In reality, the "war on terrorism" is a racist war against Arabs and Moslems today, with China and perhaps Russia as candidates for all-out attack at some later time. From time to time the real essence explodes to the surface, as in Bush's call for a crusade, or in General Boykin's comments on satanic Islam. Neocon radio talk show hosts like Michael Savage are more explicit every day, and it is they who service the belief structure of Bush's hard-core followers.

Gabel sees racism as another denial of reality and history: "The racist perception of human reality is schizophrenic in several ways," he observes. Gabel also detects a depersonalization of members of the targeted group, "which is reflected particularly in caricature, the strongest weapon of ethnocentrism." (Gabel 123)

In Bush's fear-mongering oratory, the denial of reality is so great that it often approaches the qualities of hallucination, and sometimes enters into that domain. "It will be admitted that there exists a certain analogy between hallucinatory consciousness which, in its demand for homogeneity, is forced to alienate in a hallucinatory form the tendencies that it no longer manages to organize in a concrete totality, and, on the other hand, reified political consciousness which, in its postulate of political homogeneity -- a postulate which the totalitarian state tries to put into practice -- attributes to the foreigner (in the widest sense of the term, implying also political heterodoxy) facts for which a simple dialectical consideration of reality would permit a rational explanation to be given." (Gabel 279-280) 

Frank connects this to the hatred of the lawful character of reality, which we see manifested in Bush -- who loves to live outside the law as an individual, from his drunk driving arrests through his National Guard shenanigans to his illegal election -- and in the neocons -- who hate the very concept of international law: "Wilfred R. Bion points out that the part of the personality that hates internal law -- the laws of reality, of time, of responsibility, of loss -- hates external reality as well. It attacks links made in the mind, undermining the capacity to think and organize that comes from facing reality and its limitations. Living outside the law of mature responsibility becomes both the midwife of omnipotent fantasy and the mortician of the capacity to think." (Frank 89)

Bush boasts about his own penchant for seeing the world in black and white, as a single Manichean opposition of good and evil, with no nuances or gray areas. As Frank notes, "there are no shades of gray in this fight for civilization .... Either you're with the United States of America, or you're against the United States of America." (Frank 13) 

Gabel saw the same phenomenon in the Nazis: "By virtue of the implicit Manichean postulate of ideological thought, the enemies of enemies so often enjoy an undeserved favorable prejudice; for the political Manichean one is either "with us or against us," as Bush constantly repeats. (Gabel 97 note)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Major General Joseph D. Brown IV, Commandant, The Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy

Major General Joseph D. Brown IV,
United States Air Force 
Commandant, The Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy

Major General Brown serves as the Commandant, The Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy, National Defense University, Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C. 

The Eisenhower School is the premier Department of Defense Joint Professional Military Education institution for national security resource management. 
The School prepares selected military officers and civilians from the Department of Defense, government agencies, over 20 foreign countries, and the private sector for senior leadership positions in the materiel acquisition and joint logistics fields. The College awards it graduates a Master of Science degree in National Resource Strategy.

Major General Brown was commissioned in 1980 as a distinguished graduate of the ROTC program at the Virginia Military Institute. He has commanded at the squadron, group, and wing levels, as well as holding various joint and Air Staff positions. His joint experience includes time as the senior military assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the executive officer to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and as Deputy Commander of the NATO Combined Air Operations Center in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Prior to assuming his current position, he served as the Deputy Director for Nuclear Operations, U.S. Strategic Command, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. In this capacity, he was the principal adviser to the commander on issues pertaining to strategic deterrence and nuclear operations and was responsible for management and oversight of the nuclear enterprise overseeing personnel, procedural, equipment, communications and facility requirements supporting the nuclear command and control system.

Major General Brown holds a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University, as well as a Master of Science in National Security Strategy from the National War College.

The general is a command pilot with more than 4,200 hours, primarily in the B-1 and B-52, including combat time in operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

Maj. Gen. Brown IV, 54, was piloting a Cessna 210 Friday, with his wife, Sue Brown, as his passenger, when the plane crashed near the Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport. 

The couple and their dog were killed in the crash.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Those post-Jack Kennedy coups-d'etats in full.

Look at subsequent events this way:

President Lyndon Baines Johnson: Removed from office by the Vietnam War and spiralling domestic social unrest.

President Richard Milhous Nixon: Re-elected, then removed from office by Richard Helms and the CIA, actuated via Hunt, McCord, Sturgis, Bremer, Woodward, Ben Bradlee and Catherine Graham - the CIA's fingerprints are all over Watergate.

President Gerald Ford: Removed from office by pardoning Richard Nixon, Watergate hangover fatigue and (to some extent) Ronald Reagan's insurgent candidacy.

President Jimmy Carter: Removed from office by former DCI and Ambassador to Iran Richard Helms (who learned the Shah of Iran had terminal cancer and no heir in 1975), former DCI George HW Bush, the 400+ CIA agents fired by Carter and Stansfield Turner and the "Agents for Bush" campaign group chaired by William Colby, liasing with Iranian radicals loyal to Khomani, who arranged and co-ordinated the hostage crisis from Washington. And Ted Kennedy.

President Ronald Reagan: Took a back seat in policy matters behind closed doors following his attempted (terminal) removal from office by the son of a major Texas fundraiser, business associate and member of the social circle of VP George HW Bush. Bush took a lead role on the (highly unconstitutional) Vice-Presidential Inter-governmental Task Forces on every key policy area from covert actions, illegal off-the-books wars, trading with the enemy to domestic law enforcement and social policy.

President George HW Bush: Removed from office by spoiler candidate H.Ross Perrot who ran because of personal fury and disgust at Bush/Reagan Administration conduct relating to Iran Contra-related covert operations and executive actions; somehow managed to avoid being assassinated... Presumably the new reigime at the Agency approved of this development or he had blackmail dirt on them. Nevertheless, an FBI-originating harrassment/blackmail intimidation campaign against Perrot conducted by Iran Contra and Lockerbie Bureau button-man Buck Revell succeeds in temporary knocking Perrot out of the campaign for a number of months via a dirty tricks gambit involving falsified pornographic photos of Perrot's daughter.

President Bill Clinton: Numerous military executions of key Clinton associates and close friends in bizarre accidents and suicides, often clustered together prior to mid-term and presidential elections. Clinton lawyer Vince Foster dead in seemingly faked suicide whilst working on legal briefs for Hillary relating to Whitewater, turns up dead with an unidentified blonde female hair on the corpse. Generally attributed to Hillary, the reality is that after Foster left the White House around 1pm, he went over to the Pentagon and was served lunch by a Miss Linda Tripp, who was the last person to see him alive. Who is a blonde. Bush era appointees and holdovers in the judiciary and federal agencies (most notably the ATF and the FBI) and 5th choice Attorney General Janet Reno between them manage to make Clinton look genocidal and totallitarian as all hell at Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine and the 1993 WTC Bombing when Federal gun control laws pass along with resubmitted Republican-authored anti-terror laws they were unable to get passed in the 80s. Continual and repeated attempts to get an impeachment investigation going falter due to incontravertable links back to Iran-Contra via Mena in his Gubernatorial term in Arkansas, which cannot be raised for obvious reasons. Eventually impeached for lying in a video deposition for a nussance civil lawsuit that was thrown out of court by the judge before ever coming to court.

President George W. Bush: Loser of both the popular vote and the electoral college in the 2000 election, but awarded the Presidency in a 5-4 Supreme Court Ruling adjudicated overwhelmingly by Bush, Reagan and Nixon nominees. No serious attempts at removal from office. Clearly, everyone able to do so was perfectly happy to see him remain where he was for the duration.

President Barack Obama: See above, entries for Jimmy Cater and Bill Clinton. It's an election year, Hillary's friends are being assassinated and they are having a go at the embassies again.