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Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Grace of Forgetfulness

Alex :
No! I've got to stop them, now! 

I'm quite happy to get a taxi.

And I'm quite capable of driving my wife and child to The Station.

Come on, Alex, get in.
Leave it.
We've got a train to catch.

Alex’s Father :
Some music, Alex? 

I'm Happy 
Hope You're Happy, Too - 

Alex :
It's just round this corner.
What the bloody hell? 

Oh, my God.
It wasn't the billboard.
It's happening now! 

Alex’s Father :
Get in the bloody car! 
Come on, get back in the car! Alex! 
Come on, get back in the car! 

Just hold it a minute! 



It was you

If all goes to plan, by the time you are watching this I will be dead, along with my wife Caroline and our beloved daughter Alexandra.

Why did I do it?  

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation 
and go to the grave with the song still in them".

Well, not me and, er not Caroline.
We sang our song.

But, a very charming man, 
a maggot, wriggled into our paradise 
and it was compromised.

The Truth was sullied 
and it could never be unsullied.

But shed no tears for me, 
Caroline or Alex.

We are where we want to be, 
together, forever.

Uncle Evan :
I knew he was intense, 
but his own wife and child?! 
I couldn't understand why he was so keen to get Layton out of the Scrubs.
He needed him to plant the bomb.

Gene Hunt :
OK? You sit here, sweetheart, 
and if these two naughty boys start getting out of hand,  let me know.


The little girl's asking to go home with Evan.

You OK? 
She's got no uncles or aunts that she knows.

I mean, I know that I'm not a blood relative, 
but I'm all she's got.
And I love her.

So will you help me to get custody? 

There's one more thing.
I never want her to know what Her Father did.

Alex :
Maybe she has a right to know.

Uncle Evan :
When she's older.

Alex :
You'll never tell her.

- it's not your fault.

Uncle Evan :
Thank you.

Alex :
You just destroyed evidence.

Gene Hunt, 
Sheriff of Purgatory :
How would you like to grow up knowing Your Daddy tried to blow you to kingdom come...? 

Alex :
I'm the piece of his past.
I will be.
He'll be blackmailed by Layton for not telling her the truth.

Gene Hunt, 
Sheriff of Purgatory :
I need a drink.

Uncle Evan :
I'm taking her home.
Thanks for all your help.
It's just you and me now, eh? 
Forever and ever.

Gene Hunt, 
Sheriff of Purgatory :
Bye, little lady.
Any problems, you just call the Gene-Genie.

Alex :
How come you were there, taking the little girl's hand? 

That couldn't have happened.
You weren't there.
You're not real.

Gene Hunt, 
Sheriff of Purgatory :
I'm everywhere, Bolly.
I was needed and I was there.

Hello? I've learnt something here, Molly.
Something I hope you always knew that my mother loved me.
And that love will keep me going, it will make me survive.

Don't blow those candles out yet, Molls.
I'll find my way home.
I promise.

I love you, and I will never, ever give up.

Shazza! Shazza! 

How are you, Shaz? - 
I'm good, Thanks to you, My Guardian angel.

Hey, Luigi, have you heard about those Italian war rifles for sale? 

No, Chris.
Never been fired, only dropped once!
 Hey, Luigi, why do Italian men have moustaches? 
I don't know, Chris.
Cos-a they want-a look-a like their momma! 

Good one Molto divertente Gracias.
Hey, Luigi, how many.... 

Hey! Bolls! Bolls! You look dreadful.
Come and join The Land of The Living.

There really is a Land of The Living, you know -
a sanctuary refuge bailey-court,
where calm and lawful order remains in place, enclosured, bound-up fastness  

Oi, Luigi, we're dying of thirst over here.
It's all about timing, This Life.
Still got things to learn, adventures to have.
Unbreakable, Bolly Unbreakable.
Unlike this bloody wine, which is undrinkable! Luigi! 
Gimme a beer!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Manson, Esalen and EST

Bobby Beausoleil
San Francisco circa 1967

Erika Scientology Training 
Erhardt Systems Therapy

"Socialism in One Person"

Esalen Institute

Conference center and hot springs resort in Big Sur, California. Since the early sixties, the Esalen Institute has held many seminars on various esoteric topics, and has been a nexus of many various individuals. Topics explored at the Institute include psychology, gesalt therapy, body work, psychic phenomena, mysticism, religion, psychedelics, human potentiality, and quantum physics

The Institute was founded in 1964 by Mike Murphy and Dick Price out of Murphy's family resort. Murphy and Price had been running seminars at the resort beginning in 1962, with speakers gathered through an expanding network of contacts, beginning with Alan Watts, Aldous HuxleyGeorge Bateson, Gerald Heard, and others. 

(see Anderson, Walter Truett, The Upstart Spring, Addison-Wesley Publishing, 1983 for an expansive history of Esalen) 

Joe K. Adams and Dell Carson led an early conference on psychic phenomena. (Anderson, pg 59). In their first seminar on Human Potentiality, led by Willis Harman, every program leader was involved with LSD research: Adams, Harman, Gregory Bateson, Gerald Heard, Paul Kurtz, and Myron Stolaroff. (Anderson, pg 72) 

Other drug-culture luminaries, such as Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, taught at Esalen, and various psychedlics were used by the staff and students, although drug-use was not officially endorsed. Strangely, the Institute was never raided by the authorities. (Anderson, pg 108) 

Charles Manson and members of his family played an impromptu concert at Esalen three days before their massacre at the Sharon Tate house. (Anderson, 239) 

In the late 1970's, Esalen became involved with an Englishwoman named Jenny O'Connor, who claimed to be in psychic contact with the Nine (probably the same Nine that Andriah Puharich claimed to be in contact with). Dick Price and other members of the Esalen staff became increasingly dependent on the Nine, to the point of listing them as program leaders and members of the Esalen Gesalt Staff in brochures. (Anderson, pg 302-4) 

In the 1970's, Mike Murphy became interested in Russian parapsychology, and visited the country to meet experimenters in this field. This led to a close connection between Esalen and some Russian officials, who set up an exchange program. Lasting into the 1980's, this exchange was dubbed "hot-tub diplomacy". John Mack was reportedly involved in this exchange. 

Esalen also held seminars in quantum physics, and was the birthplace of the Physics/Consciousness Research Group. Some results of these seminars are documented in Zukav, Gary, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Morrow Quill, 1979. 
In May 1982, Elisabeth and Russell Targ held a workshop on psychic phenomena for twenty-five professionals. This was part of a program with Stanislav Grof, who was studying non-chemical alternatives for altered states of consciousness. The Targs goal was to show that psychic experiences did not require an altered state.

(Targ, Russell and Harary, Keith, Mind Race, Villard Books, 1984, pg 99) 

Other individuals who have come to lead seminars at Esalen at one time or another include Carlos Castaneda, Dutch psychic Peter Hurkos, Ira Einhorn, Rollo May, Jack SarfattiJohn Lilly, Terrance McKenna, Ian Wickramasekera, and Charles TartWerner Erhard was also close with Michael Murphy and Esalen. 

Friday, 17 June 2016

The Control of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was buggered as a child; so was former NoI National Spokesman Khalid Abdul Muhammad, and possibly Louis Farrakhan as well.

Farrakhan also (now) claims that Malcolm X had unspecified "problems with women", chiefly concerning his inability to satisfy his wife's sexual appetite and implied suppressed homosexuality - and Mike Tyson calls Reggie Kray "Sir".

That's MK.

"I'll never admit to raping that woman, even if it lessens my time in here, because I just didn't do it. 

However, there are about 5-7 other things I've done in my life which are far worse than that for which I am in prison for, so I feel I'm in the right place." 

"Minister Louis Farrakhan comments on the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and dianetics during public address titled, "All Is Vanity" at the Nation of Islam's headquarters Mosque Maryam in Chicago, IL., July 1, 2012. "

"Minister Farrakhan explains the benefits of Dianetics and why it's essential to the healing process in a world like this."

to what Manson says about what he was involved with concerning the Nation of Islam, Dianetics and The Process Church of Final Judgement and the plans/respsonse by "The Establishment", in California, in the prison system, in the 1950s (High MK-Ultra Era)

Because it's very important.

Then go and research some more on Attica (in '71), and what life was like inside American Prisons prior to 1970 - there was no segregation/race war, that's for damn sure...


compare that to what Minister Louis Farrakhan (or Will Smith, for that matter) will say about Dianetics now...