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Monday, 21 May 2018

Great Disturbers of The Force : When Three Men Enter, Two Men Leave

In The End — There can Be Only Two.

The Chymical Wedding

Always Two, There Are - 
No More, No Less.
A Master, and An Apprentice.

And an Applicant.

Which Shall Be Destroyed...?
The Master, or The Apprentice...?

Or The Applicant..?

Three Men Enter - Two Jedi, One Sith
Three Men Leave - 
One Jedi, One Sith, One Sith/Jedi


Clearly, you can't.

Dooku never got this far —

He had to renounce The Jedi Order in order to claim his hereditary title of Count on his homeworld, and he never made it onto The Jedi Council -

So he was never a Jedi Master and a Sith Lord 
at the same time

Vader is A Jedi Master/Sith Lord who decides to serve Evil
(Because he thinks his wife and child are dead and there is nothing to live for)

Luke is a Sith Lord/Jedi Master who decides to be Good
(In order to redeem his Father)

This is Balance.

But then his father dies - 

This is a problem...