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Saturday, 2 September 2017


You are so strong. 

You're amazing. 

Your mind has rebelled against The Programming. 

It's built a wall around itself. 
A castle made of You, and you are standing on the battlements, saying 


"No, not Me."

Lo, there do I see My Father. 
Lo, there do I see My Mother, 
and My Sisters, 
and My Brothers.

Lo, there do I see The Line of My People
Back to The Beginning.

Lo, they do call to Me.

They bid me take My Place among Them.
In the halls of Valhalla -
Where the brave may live


Verily, as we had killed the mother of the wendol, who was their leader, so we had lost Buliwyf, who was our own leader, and there was no cheerfulness while we waited and heard the thunder approach.

Then I heard a commotion behind me, and upon my turning, I saw this : Buliwyf, pale as the mists itself, garbed in white and bound in his wounds, stood erect upon the land of the kingdom of Rothgar. And on his shoulders sat two black ravens, one to each side; and at this sight, the Northmen screamed of his coming, and raised their weapons into the air and howled for the battle.

Now Buliwyf never spoke, nor did he look to one side or another; nor did he give sign of recognition to any man; but he walked with measured pace forward, beyond the line of the fortifications, and there he awaited the onslaught of the wendol. The ravens flew off, and he gripped his sword Rundig and met the attack.