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Friday, 28 August 2015



Scholars of myth may note that in the title sequence, McCoy winks the eye that Merlin is said to have sacrificed for wisdom.

Dr. Sidney Schaefer: 
You know, one thing I learned from my patients... they all hate the phone company. It's interesting; even the stock holders of the phone company hate the phone company!

V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: 
I know. Bedouins hate the phone company. Matter of fact, I've never been in a country where everybody didn't hate the phone company.

V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: 
Are you trying to tell me every phone in the country is tapped?

Don Masters, CEA Agent: 
That's what's in my head.

V.I. Kydor Kropotkin
Don, this is America, not Russia!

Old English:
+ wyrm com snican, toslat he nan,
ða genam woden VIIII wuldortanas,
sloh ða þa næddran þæt heo on VIIII tofleah
Þær gaændade æppel and attor
þæt heo næfre ne wolde on hus bugan.

Griffiths translation:
A serpent came crawling (but) it destroyed no one
when Woden took nine twigs of glory,
(and) then struck the adder so that it flew into nine (pieces).
There archived apple and poison
that it never would re-enter the house.

Old Norse:
Ǫnd þau né átto, óð þau né hǫfðo,
lá né læti né lito góða.
Ǫnd gaf Óðinn, óð gaf Hœnir,
lá gaf Lóðurr ok lito góða.

Benjamin Thorpe translation:
Spirit they possessed not, sense they had not,
blood nor motive powers, nor goodly colour.
Spirit gave Odin, sense gave Hœnir,
blood gave Lodur, and goodly colour.

Henry Adams Bellows translation:
Soul they had not, sense they had not,
Heat nor motion, nor goodly hue;
Soul gave Othin, sense gave Hönir,
Heat gave Lothur and goodly hue.

Fenric - Djinn

Soul he had not, sense he had not,
Heat nor motion, nor goodly hue;