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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Sin Came to Your Door Like This Sexually-Aroused Cat-Predator Thing,and You Invited it In

" Buddy, you can walk right out that back gate there, and 
I won't say anything to anybody. 

I'm supposed to be there now
but, listen, I'm -- 

[ but you're not - you abandoned your post to eat a sandwich... ]

I'm just trying to get by
just like you. 


[Pipe landing] 

Jesus : 


[Breathing heavily] 

Jesus :

[Pipe clatters] 

Daryl Dixon :
It ain't just about gettin' by, here. 

It's about getting it all.

Sin came to your door like this sexually aroused cat-predator thing -

And you invited it in. 

And then you let it have its Wicked Way with you. 

 It’s like you entered into a creative—he uses a sexual metaphor. 

You entered into a creative exchange with it, and gave birth to something as a consequence. 

 What you gave birth to, that’s your life. 

And you knew it. 

You’re self-conscious, after all. 

You knew you were doing this. 

You conspired with this thing to produce the situation that you’re in.