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An Incomplete List of Californian Killers, 1967-1975

The following people or groups are known to have been either been living in and actively killing, or received some form of Psychiatric treatment at the hands of the State of California during Ronald Reagan's gubernatorial term January 2, 1967 – January 6, 1975.

During this time also, in 1969, the infamous Dr. Jollyon West (who once fed an elephant so much LSD that it dropped dead, then performed the autopsy on it himself, whilst tripping) was appointed as Head of Department and Director of the Neuropsychiatry Institute at UCLA.

His research covered many fields: alcoholism, hallucinary drugs, sleep deprivation, violent behavior, the hippie culture and cults.

He also proposed and founded the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence. Part of that role involved his suggestion that black rioters in Watts or South Central might be either lobotomised or subject to psychosurgery in instances of civic disorder or social breakdown and the collapse of law and order and failure of police authority (remember, this is the LAPD we are talking about, during Darryl Gates and Mark Fuhrman's era).

In support of that work, he went on record to state the following:-

"The role of drugs in the exercise of political control is also coming under increasing discussion. Control can be through prohibition or supply. The total or even partial prohibition of drugs gives the government considerable leverage for other types of control. An example would be the selective application of drug laws… against selected components of the population such as members of certain minority groups or political organizations"

This statement was published in the literature in 1975, barely a decade before Los Angeles and other urban centres were in the grip of both a crack and AIDS epidemic, most of the toxic rocks hitting the streets via a route that spanned from Pablo Escobar and the Nicaraguan Contras, President Manuel Noriega of Panama, Marine Col. Oliver North, Barry Seal, Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush, Mena Arkansas, Governor William Jefferson Clinton, Arkansas State Troopers, the LAPD Ramparts Division, Suge Knight and "Freeway" Rick Ross, amongst many others links in the chain and nodes on the network.

In anycase, an incomplete list of individual killers or groups who either were active in Central California during these years or recieved psychiatric treatment courtesy of Dr. Jollyon West, Governor Ronald Reagan and future US Attorney General Edwin Meese includes:

  • Manson Family
  • "Manson II",
  • the Jeffery McDonald Satanic Cult murder (see above),
  • the Cotton Club Murders (ditto)
  • the Zodiac Killer,
  • the Zebra Killer,
  • the Symbionese Liberation Army (kidnapped and both doubled and mind-controlled Patty Hearst),
  • the Soledad Brothers,
  • Ted Kazinsky (the Unabomber),
  • the Son(s) of Sam,
  • Ted Bundy,
  • Patrick Kearney,
  • Paul John Knowles (the Cassanova Killer),
  • The Original Night Stalker,
  • the Green River Killer,
  • Randy Steven Kraft,
  • Charles Ray Hatcher,
  • "Big Ed" Kempler,
  • Dean Corll (The Candy Man Killer),
  • Leonard Lake & Charles Ng,
  • Richard Ramirez,
  • William Suff,
  • Henry Lee Lucas,
  • Kenneth Bianchi,
  • Charlene Gallego,
  • Angelo Buono, Jr.,


  • Lonnie David Franklin, Jr. (the Grim Sleeper),
  • Dennis Rader (the BTK Killer),
  • Doug Clark (the Sunset strip killer),
  • The Cotton Club Murders
  • David Berkowitz,
  • Richard Chase ("The Vampire of Sacramento"),
  • John Floyd Thomas, Jr.,
  • Michael Gargiulo (The Hollywood Ripper),
  • Karl F. Warner

With hindsight, it seems as though there was something of the order of a 100 fold increase in Serial Killers, mass murderers and domestic terrorism by "left-wing radical" groups during that 5 year period.

Hardly any of these serial killers principally targetted prositutes or working girls, as is usually the case with serial psychopaths or sexual sadists like the Ripper murders (Jack, Yorkshire and Blackout), nor did they typically rent out a room to lonely runaways and orphans, rape and kill them (the Fred and Rose West and Christie model), nor were they just snatching very small children whose bodies could be more easily disposed of and who make a more tempting target for genuinely Mentally Disordered Sex Offenders or paedophile sadists like Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

These people did not take in lodgers and they were not targetting people who would not be missed.

They were slaughtering hitchhickers and people who were *definitely* someone's daughter and would get them on the news.... Almost invariably, young, pretty, virginal and white.

Nor did their sexual psychosis seem to be filtered through a gauze of distorted Christian morality such as the as-yet-uncaught and unidentifed Bible John or most killers of prostitutes like Peter Suttcliffe, the (supposedly lone, although I doubt that conclusion) Yorkshire Ripper (I think there's two series there, overlapping and he got pinned with both).

Rather, instead, many, but not all of these people or groups had overtly Satanic, occult or ritualisitic overtones to them.

It was never God that told them to do it, it was always The Devil, Old Nick himself.

Most of these alleged demonic encounters or episodes or inhabitations predate the release of the Exorcist in 1974 and The Omen in 1976, prior to which time, The Devil had sort of been on vacation from popular culture for about 300 years for most people; he appears briefly in dreams in Rosemary's Baby, but his physical pressence is never really felt and he is less of an agent or oppressive force within the movie than his followers, who are all crazy cultists and witches but have no supernatural or superhuman powers. Rosemary simply accepts her fate in the film, as opposed to being placed in a position where she herself is directly threatened or coerced, once her path is laid out for her.

Anton Le Vey went on television in 1968 and was laughed at, both by the audience and the host. Which is a fair reaction to Le Vey himself, he's little more than a Carnie and a ghost train operator who happens to have repackaged Ayn Rand as a theology and sold it to people as something Rock n' Roll and edgy, with a small slice of Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Ooogy Boogie on the side.

But those around him were not so shallow and unthreatening. CIA General Michael Acquino later split away from the Church of Satan when he realised that Le Vey wasn't taking it seriously, founded the (far more hardcore) Temple of Set and eventually taken Le Vey's daughter along in tow with him, citing newly recovered abuse memories; yeah, right...

And then there were the Processeans of the Process Church of Final Judgement..... The Rouge Scientologists from England who knew and hung out with Charlie Manson and Mick Jagger and the Stones, and maybe Bruce Davis and the Byrds and Dennis Wilson and the Beach Boys and allegedly Sirhan B. Sirhan...

But there's nothing in that at all. And they'll sue anyone who says so.

For also there were also in the streets or mental asylums of the Great State of California at this time the following assassins (or would-be asassins) -

  • Sirhan Sirhan,
  • Arthur Bremer,
  • Lynette Fromme,
  • Sara Jane Moore
  • James Earl Ray (or his double),
  • Patty Hearst (and double),
  • Dan White
  • and George Layton.

Plus, Jim Jones and 900 - 1400 (somebody couldn't count for the first 4 days) members of the People's Temple who committed "revolutionary suicide" in the jungles of Guyana in November 1978, within 7 days of both the attempted muder and then actual murder of Congressman Leo Ryan (Congressman for the Bay Area and then, and to this day, the only member of the House of Representatives killed in the line of duty) and the double murder of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk by a manic depressive who calmlywalked into the police precinct and surrendered without a fight but had no immediate memory of having done so or why he was in custody.

His lawyer convinced the jury a Twinkie made him do it.

California today, in 2012, has a population of around 37.7million people with a pipulation densitity of around 242 people per square mile.

I don't know how much lower that might have been by 1979, towards the end of this period, but lets give them the benefit of the doubt and round down in both cases; lets say 25 million people and 200 people per square mile.

For comparisson, the District of Columbia has 10,065 people per square mile, followed by New Jersey, 1189 per square mile and Puerto Rico and Rhode Island at just over 1000 per square mile each.

Texas today had 25 million people and an awful lot of guns. Very little changes in some parts of the world. And Texas does have a BULGING Death Row (or it did, in 1992, thing's darn near empty nowand has had it's share of serial killers, perhaps five or ten over the last 40 years, but fairly well spread out over that period and an awful lot of crossover with the previous group credited to California; a lot of the killers who worked up to speed in California made their final stop in the Lone Star State. Yippie-Ki-Yay.

A selection of (non-wartorn) countries with largely urban populations that number between the 25million to 39 million range includes: Venezuala, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Malaysia, Morroco, Canada and Poland.

I don't think this kind of thing happens in Saudi Arabia or Nepal; perhaps we might never have heard about it if it did, but we surely would if it happened in Poland; New Jersey doesn't get this. Nor does Puerto Rico, as far as I know.

And, much as I hate to dig up the old cliche (but it happens to be absolutely true, valid and appropriate here), but this shit simply DOES NOT HAPPEN in Canada. Not until recently, at any rate.

You know, it must all just be a coincidence.

Yes, that's clearly what this is.

A coincidence.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Odd Man Out

One of these people has been given a clever disguise to trick people by his friends, but they have made a crucial mistake that may yet give away his identity.

His friends have made a silly, yet obvious and avoidable error that could would not have happened had they diligently studied their source material and conscientiously done their homework with the necessary attention to detail.

And remembered what the the British Army always say:

"Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance"

Can you guess which one he is?

Can you spot which one I'm talking about?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Senator Barry Goldwater gets to grips with the CIA's Heart Attack Gun


Mark Chapman is a Liar: Part 1 - The Psychopathology of a Loser.

Mark Chapman is a Liar: Part One - The Psychopathology of a Loser.

Yoko Ono's schnausser standing on the exact spot where John stood when he was shot.

Note the gates.

This man is a spy.

Zero subscribers.

Zero uploads.

Zero video views.

Does nothing but comment on videos promising digusting forms of brutal, highly sexualised homoerotic violence on Mark Chapman and call Yoko Ono ugly.

Only comments on Beatles-orientated videos (usually to quote lyrics verbatim).

Knows nothing about the Beatles and clearly cares even less.

Spy. I name thee....


Not even a real spy, or even a real person - a social media spambot someone has set up to defame Yoko Ono, praise "Sir" Paul McCartney and ridicule anyone who does not wish brutal violence on Mark Chapman, pray for his slow, painful death (whilst being prison-raped by large black men (for some reason, I can't imagine what that might be...)) or who doubts Chapman's sole culpability.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Sudden, Shock Death of Ambassador Adlai Stevenson II

"While walking in London with Marietta Tree through Grosvenor Square, Stevenson suffered a heart attack on the afternoon of July 14, 1965, and died later that day of heart failure at St George's Hospital. Marietta Tree recalled:

"[After leaving the Embassy] [w]e walked around the neighborhood a little bit and where his house had been where he had lived with his family at the end of the War, there was now an apartment house and he said that makes me feel so old. Indeed, the whole walk made him feel very not so much nostalgic but so much older. As we were walking along the street he said do not walk quite so fast and do hold your head up Marietta. I was burrowing ahead trying to get to the park as quickly as possible and then the next thing I knew, I turned around and I saw he'd gone white, gray really, and he fell and his hand brushed me as he fell and he hit the pavement with the most terrible crack and I thought he'd fractured his skull."

That night in her diary, she wrote, "Adlai is dead. We were together."[13] Following memorial services at the United Nations General Assembly Hall (on July 19, 1965), and in Washington, D.C.; Springfield, Illinois; and Bloomington, Illinois, Stevenson was interred in the family plot in Evergreen Cemetery, Bloomington, Illinois. The funeral in Bloomington's Unitarian Church was attended by many national figures, including President Lyndon B. Johnson, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, and Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren.

Stevenson had been hit by an anti-United Nations protester in Dallas, Texas, on October 24, 1963, one month before the assassination of Kennedy in that same city. A woman carrying an anti-United Nations sign hit Stevenson in the head with the sign. A man spat on him and on a policeman. Amid the furor, Stevenson said of his assailants: "I don't want to send them to jail. I want to send them to school."

After President Kennedy was assassinated Stevenson continued to serve in his position as Ambassador to the UN under the Johnson administration.

As the country progressed toward the presidential election, Vietnam became an important campaign issue.

The Republican contender, Senator Barry Goldwater, advocated victory in Vietnam—a rollback strategy that Johnson denounced as tantamount to nuclear war.

Stevenson was not a major player on Vietnam issues.

He did support Johnson publicly and in private because he believed in containment, but he also wanted to start negotiations with North Vietnam through the UN, which Johnson rejected."

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Leytonstone Missile Crisis

"[The Ministry of Defence spokesman] rejected the allegation that the block could become a focus of terrorism.

He told the court: "The MoD, intelligence agencies and the Metropolitan Police do not consider there is any credible threat to the Fred Wigg Tower from terrorism."

He said that view was supported by a witness statement from Dr Campbell McCafferty, head of UK counter-terrorism at the MoD."

"No credible threat of terrorism"..?

Well, before you placed an anti-aircraft state-of-the-art SAM site on the roof and published a MASSIVE map of all London, showing where it is, naming and publishing it's presence internationally, no...

"[He] said it was signed off by the prime minister, deputy prime minister, home secretary and defence secretary in "defence of the realm"."

"He said it was signed off by the prime minister, deputy prime minister, home secretary and defence secretary in "defence of the realm"."

Is it.

What about the defence of the block?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Benedict Arnold: A Minority Report

Traitor? Oath-breaker? Or Pragmatic Patriot? 

(I know you are, but what am I?)

Benedict Arnold: A Minority Report

Benedict Arnold started out his service as a Captain in the Connecticut militia, before being commissioned into the Continental Army, sent to invade Quebec and then later assigned by George Washington take command of the army in Rhode Island.
Due to political manoeuvrings in Philadelphia, much of which had nothing to do with him, he was passed over for promotion in favour of some less talented and experienced officers with friends in Congress and, as was customary, resigned his commission, which was refused by Washington, who was aware of what was going on.
One of the people who he was passed over for was a French mercenary, who was commissioned as a Major General in his place.
This, and other subsequent events, including several attempts to court martial him on dubious charges led him to conclude that Congress and it's politicking were a danger to America, to his country and to his countrymen.
His grievances were, amongst other things, "no gentleman who has any regard for his reputation will risk it with a body of men who seem to be governed by whim and caprice" and that he felt "the unmerited injury my countrymen have done me.".
His complaints were acknowledged by Washington and others in a position to know, so were not without merit.
Arnold swore and affirmed the first ever version of the Oath of Allegiance in 1778, which is here:-
He solemnly swore to his belief that he considered the United States to be a free and soverign nation, owing no alleigences or acknowleding no authority to the Crown, which had (in accordance with the Declaration of Independence) forfeited it's authortity by virtue of it's actions and policy towards the colonies.
He did NOT swear allegiance to the Congress or to the Presidency and the Commander-in-Chief and her certainly did not swear to uphold the Constitution, partly since that is neither mentioned nor implicit in the text of the oath he swore, but mainly because it didn't actually exist yet, as such.
Arnold never swore an oath pledging his loyalty to the British Crown (prior to this), he was never commissioned into the British Army or enlisted in it.
This oath merely commits him to persevering the US as a sovereign nation not subject to British colonial rule or authority. Doesn't make any mention of what individuals or bodies he considers to be the legitimate power within the 13 colonies at that time.
Were you to have asked him directly, he would almost certainly have said "The States", given the wording of the oath, and that was certainly the expectation. It certainly wasn't the Congress, and the Tenth Amendment wasn't even drafted yet.
So, if he considers Congress to be a threat to the independence and soveringty of the various states and a usurper of power in just the way the Crown previously had been, you start the way that in his mind this becomes very much a "Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?" calculation for him, strategically.
When Hitler's occupying Paris and advancing at top speed through the Caucuses towards Minsk, an alliance with Stalin becomes expedient, even if it's never actually palatable.
Did Arnold breath his oath when he switched armies? Questionably, but I would argue probably not really, given the subsequent importance States Rights issued assumed in subsequent decades.
But George Washington (along with most of his officer corps) most certainly DID violate his oath.
Washington HAS been in the British Army and HAD sworn his personal alleigance to the British Crown, committed to lay down his life in the service of his King and Country.
Obviously, you can argue that he had good and valid personal reasons for doing so, and all of American History from Page 1 is predicated on the notion that he did, he absoultely did, no question, no doubt about it whatsoever...
Sic Semper Tyrannis, and all of that, after all.
No matter how good and noble a reason he may have had, his reason for violating his oath essentially always just reduces all the way down to "I just decided I wanted to, so I did."
Or "I just felt like it".
So, while Benedict Arnold MAY have broken his oath and turned traitor (but probably not), George Washington and his officer corps of turncoats certainly WERE traitors and oathbreakers, did so consciously and knowingly and turned their backs on their country en masse (considering themselves as British Americans or British people settled in America) and committed mass treason against their (ostensibly) rightful King.
Kinda puts that whole "I cannot tell a lie" Cherry tree bit into perspective, that's for sure...
Meanwhile, Arnold may in fact have been the first ever Tea Partier. Who knew?
And also never signed a piece of paper declaring it to be "self-evident that all men are created equal" whilst owning a couple of dozen of his fellow "equal" men and women as his own private, personal property and not seeing a problem with the contradiction.