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Thursday, 13 August 2015


"TARA first came to notice in the late sixties when the group issued a statement in the press claiming to be 'the hard core of Protestant resistance', and it is thought that the organization was set up as a counter to the civil disturbance associated with the NICRA [Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association] marches.

The name TARA is derived from the place where the ancient high kings of Ireland were crowned and is, therefore, an unusual choice of title for a Loyalist paramilitary group.

Operating from its HQ at Clifton Street Orange Hall, Belfast, as The Orange Discussion Group, TARA was organized initially into platoons of 20 or so men and run on military lines not unlike the old Ulster Special Constabulary (B Specials). Membership is drawn almost exclusively from the Orange Order and each platoon has a Sgt/QM (Quartermaster) and IO (Intelligence Officer). 

Contributions: 50p per month - half to a central fund - half at ptn [platoon] level. Ptns are able to draw on the central fund if the opponunity to buy stores arises. Training includes radio, weapons and guerrilla tactics.

The OC is William Mc.GRATH. He is a known homosexual who has conned many people into membership by threatening them with revealing homosexual activities which he himself initiated. He is a prominent figure in Unionist Party politics and in the Orange Order.

McGRATH uses a non-existent evangelical mission as a front for his homosexual activities and also runs a home for children on the (236) Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast (Tel: Bfast 657838).

Also at *** Newtownards Road (B'fast [no. blocked out]).

The TARA 2 i/c is Roy GARLAND, he said he resigned, a close personal friend of MCGRATH and his former employer. 

McGRATHs ADC  is Clifford SMITH  who  lives  with McGRATH, and the groups Admin Officer is David BROWN from Bangor Co Down. BROWN is Deputy Editor of Rev PAISLEYs Protestant Telegraph.

Other people closely associated with MCGRATH and aware of his activities are Thomas PASSMORE, Rev PAISLEY, Rev Martin SMITH [sic], James MOLYNEAUX and Sir Knox CUNNINGHAM QC MP."