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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ariel Sharon

May he NEVER rest in peace... 

Dig him up, and kill 'im a-goddamn-gain... 

Because he didn't die hard enough...

After the mid-seventies, Nidal’s renegade attacks on Palestinian Fatah leaders far outweighed those against Israelis and Jews. Arafat’s most trusted lieutenants were Nidal’s favourite targets, most notably PLO's former intelligence chief Abu Iyad. Apart from Arafat, all the other founding members of Fatah were killed by Nidal in concert with Israel. Israel exploited their control of Nidal to the greatest effect in June 1982,

“Three gunmen seriously wounded then-ambassador Shlomo Argov in London, giving Menachem Begin's government the excuse it needed to implement then-defense minster Ariel Sharon's plan to invade Lebanon and push the PLO out of Beirut. Told it was Abu Nidal's men, not Arafat's, who shot Argov, then-chief of staff Rafael Eitan was reported to have said, "Nidal, Shmidal, they're all the same."”