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It Got Them Killed: John Belushi

John Belushi

1949 - 1981
Cause of Death: Non-consensual Injection of Speedball and Mocking Iran-Contra in 1981

Likely Suspects: The FBI, DEA, Col. Oliver North & The National Security Council, "The Secret Team". 

"So if you think that Belushi was not overly-political, forget it... 

One of the movies that Belushi was about to make was a comedy about the FBI and drug smuggling from Colombia to Miami.

It is probably the biggest going industry in Florida, and also the United States. 

And these people don't appreciate comedy."

An excerpt from the book Untouchable - A Biography of Robert De Niro by Andy Dougan
Thunder's Mouth Press, 1996 - hardcover, 1st edition

from pages 156 & 157

   De Niro was one of those who did not like Cathy Smith. He thought she was a low-life and he seemed to resent the hold she had over his friend Belushi. When he arrived at On the Rox shortly after midnight on 5 March, Belushi called him over. De Niro had been trying to get hold of him earlier in the evening and had left a number of messages. Possibly because Smith was there, De Niro did not stay for long. Belushi, however, was keen to talk further about the heroin script, perhaps fearing that he might be losing ground in the argument with Insana and the studio. He asked De Niro to visit him in his bungalow after the club had closed for the night and the actor agreed. Also at On the Rox later that night was another acquaintance of Belushi, comedian Robin Williams. A superb improviser, Williams was at this stage undoubtedly America's finest stand-up comedian. He was also a household name after becoming an overnight sensation in the smash-hit television series Mork and Mindy. He had been performing at the nearby Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard and headed for On the Rox when he had finished his set. Messages had been left at the club telling Williams that both Belushi and De Niro, an old friend, had been looking for him and had gone back to Chateau Marmont.

    To this day Williams, who first met Belushi in New York some years previously, believes that there was an attempt to set him up that night, and possibly De Niro along with him. 'I was only in Belushi's room for five or ten minutes then I split,' he told Rolling Stone magazine in 1988. 'I saw him and split. He didn't want me there really, he obviously had other things he was doing.

    'I do think I was set up in some way to go over there. A guy at the Roxy told me that John wanted me to stop by his bungalow. But when I went by he wasn't looking for me. He wasn't even there. When he arrived he said "What are you doing here?" He offered me a line of cocaine, I took it and then I drove home. If I had known what was going on, I would have stayed and tried to help. It wasn't like he was shooting up in front of me.'
   The following afternoon, on the set of Mork and Mindy, Williams was stunned to be told by co-star Pam Dawber that his friend was dead.

Mae Brussell – World Watchers International radio broadcast, 
March 21, 1982. 
Transcribed and edited by Alex Constantine

When John Belushi died, there was much confusion in Los Angeles for the first week or so from the coroner's office and police officials concerning the cause of death. A week later, the headlines delivered a fait accompli – that he was always drunk, a slob, took drugs all the time. He had this expensive drug habit.

I didn't know John Belushi, but he was very successful, just as many rock musicians died at the peak of their success, at the crest when they were about to do better things. This death follows the same pattern.

He was about to make, with partners, two very important and highly political movies. One was to be called Blue Moon Over Miami, and it was to be directed by Louis Malle, the fellow who directed Atlantic City, nominated for an Academy Award – and also My Dinner with André; it's been suggested this was the best picture of the year. Malle is a serious director. The script was written by highly-successful and well-known writer, John Guare. 

So one of the movies that Belushi was about to make was a comedy about the FBI and drug smuggling from Colombia to Miami. And he would play the role of the drug dealer, an informer for the FBI, and then the FBI agent becomes the drug dealer. That is, you must admit, a very controversial movie because the state of Florida depends upon the drug market. It is probably the biggest going industry in Florida, and also the United States. 

And these people don't appreciate comedy.

And the network of assassination teams and drug dealers selling poison drugs comes from headquarters in Hollywood and Miami. 
Belushi was also in Hollywood to make a movie called Noble Rot, and he was to be with his good friend Don Novello, Father Sarducci. Now, Father Sarducci and John Belushi were making a movie about the wineries in California, dominated by the mob. They are trying to establish social acceptance, and this was to be a comedy about the Italian Mafia. Noble Rot, you can imagine what that is by the title alone.

So if you think that Belushi was not overly-political, forget it. In the past, he made fun of the Establishment. And to make fun of the Establishment is lethal.

Incidentally, Belushi had bought a $400,000 home up at Martha's Vineyard – he had 2,000 feet of ocean-front land and eight-and-a-half acres. He bought it in 1979 from former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. When you read that a man had $2-million in life insurance, and has a $400,000 home that belonged to Robert McNamara, he wasn't just drugging and goofing off, his lazy, sloppy, sleazy image. 

After he was dead, the articles came out, the mess he lived in, the dirt. To get into productions, you have a commitment to be on time. Millions of dollars are invested in you. You have a schedule you keep, and while it looks like fun and games on the screen, and I'm sure there is plenty of goofing off, there were also a lot of brilliant laughs – and plans and commitments to schedules and sense of timing. 

The image given after he was dead was the big slob who almost deserved to die in his own vomit. But that wasn't John Belushi. His success, what he earned and what he was saying speak loud and clear. All the rest is garbage. You don't have to believe the cover stories once the fellow is dead. 

Three nights before he died he was on LaCienega Blvd. near Wilshire., just bordering Beverly Hills. He was with a cab driver who gave an interview. It was late at night. They were sitting at a counter at a sandwich shop, and there was a newspaper there. They both were looking at it, and he asked Belushi, "Which part do you want, 'Sports,' 'Entertainment," or 'El Salvador'" And Belushi said: "I want El Salvador." He went on to say that he hated what he read in the news, that he hated Hollywood, that they're a "bunch of pricks. I want to get back to New York City." And he said that he wanted to stay there.

They went to Belushi's car, where he had a lot of cocaine in the glove compartment. But the driver said Belushi was unhappy, fearful of his environment, that he wanted to get back [to New York]. I think that about describes it. There was another article published about him, that he didn't want to stay in Hollywood. The last night before he died, Belushi said to somebody, "I'm going home to Judy tomorrow" – that's his wife in New York – "I want to get out of here."

I'm sure that he sensed some danger, just as Elvis Presley was poisoned until he died. Or John Lennon was kept secluded and isolated in an apartment, and the minute he emerged, he died. 

Belushi, when he was in Hollywood, was bounced around the drug scenes and a lot of hard people, a very sleazy element that could entrap him later. He expressed the idea that he would leave the next day, evidently drop the movie and go back to New York. But that next day never came. 

He'd hired bodyguards. The studios wanted to keep him from using cocaine. If he did indeed have it, they wanted to keep him clean. 

Well, Nelson Rockefeller, vice president of the United States, had bodyguards who weren't around when he died. Robert Kennedy had a bodyguard, Thane Cesar from Lockheed, who was behind him when the fatal bullets were delivered to the back of his head. Bodyguards often let people through the door who shouldn't be there. It's a question of the agencies that employ them. 

Who was looking after Belushi? Two nights before, someone came to his home - Evelyn Smith – the same woman who would be with him when he died. She was kicked out. 

She reappears ... and she's one of the major suppliers of drugs to the Hollywood stars. Her behavior at the death scene was questionable – not only was supplying narcotics a crime, but not calling 9/11 or the police or the hotel desk is irresponsible; she was there when he died, went away for a couple of hours, returned. Smith didn't call anyone. She let the bodyguard, who appeared at 12:30 p.m., find the body, even though Belushi was dead when she walked out.

So, again, who were the security guards?

Another article in the paper: "John Belushi Felt Tragically Alone." He was paranoid that he was being used. It's probable that ever since he appeared on Saturday Night Live and did impersonations of famous people, he was placed on an enemies list. He was that political. The last performance of Saturday Night's original group was [so radical], a friend asked me how they got away with it. The next day, the whole group was fired, and it was reported that they were "too political." The whole group was broken up. 

Sure, he was followed and used by people. I'm sure that he was prepared by this milieu around him to be done in if he continued to be political. And the two movies that he was going to make were so highly political that it would be imperative to see that he didn't gather any further fame and notoriety. 

Noble Rot means the "noble" priest, Sarducci, and the rottenness of the winery people. You can imagine how popular he was with the wine people behind the Hollywood studios and the drug scene. 

And, again, the movie Blue Moon Over Miami. I must repeat, these are not popular subjects to make movies about. 

The papers reported that John Belushi died alone in bed, nude, in a fetal position. Lieutenant Dan Cook of the LAPD said, "it appears to be natural causes. There were dark blotches on his arms caused when blood starts to settle, and not by needles." That was the first report. Then the police said it appeared he choked on his tongue. 

John Belushi died on Friday. On Saturday there were more articles about food, choking, natural causes. Heart attack was a possibility. No sign of drug usage. The hotel clerk said his heart evidently failed him. The room was neat, the actor in bed, his clothes neatly folded as though he had gone to sleep for the night. There was nothing out of order, "no reason to suspect foul play." 

He was in good health the night before, according to witnesses.

By Sunday, Los Angeles coroner Thomas Naguchi - the controversial Naguchi who was fired after this case – was telling reporters, "the cause of death has not yet been determined." 

"Discounting his lifestyle, he seems to have choked on food." – that was the San Francisco Examiner (March 7). He was at the Roxy nightclub the night before he died, and the owner of the club said that he hadn't taken any drugs. 

On Monday, the newspapers reported: "More Tests Needed to Determine Cause of Death." 

The Houston Post reported that Belushi was under examination, they were inspecting his heart. 

They said he ordered breakfast: "whole wheat toast, jelly, a pot of coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice." He had breakfast on the terrace. Now, Evelyn Smith ordered the breakfast, and at 10:30, when Belushi was nice and dead, she went out for breakfast, she said. But it's obvious that from 6:30 to 8:00, when it was ordered, he was not in any condition to eat. 

On Monday the cause of death was still undetermined. Slides of tissue had to be taken, more pathology of the body. Dr. John Holloway – a doctor who worked on the autopsy of Senator Robert Kennedy – entered the case and insisted that parts of the body would have to be removed and internal organs examined to determine if the cause of death was a heart attack.

Now, if Belushi overdosed on narcotics, and there was a mess of needles, cocaine and heroin littering the place as reported 10 days later – the first five days it was reported that there were "no drugs" involved – then the search for a heart attack was superfluous. The doctor from the Robert Kennedy autopsy said that the evidence "may not be so visible," so the tissue "must be tested, and full anatomic evidence presented."

"It may be myocardial infarction, or a coronary attack," Dr. Holloway said.

So they weren't so sure. 

Tuesday: No comment on Belushi, a second round of tests for toxic substances and evidence of disease on samples of tissue taken. 

On the sixth day, March 10, they still didn't know what killed him. There were interviews. The police said there was a powder resembling cocaine on the nightstand, his body had needle marks likely to be from intravenous injection of cocaine.

Seven days after his death, it was an "overdose of drugs." Chief of Police Gates in Los Angeles said he didn't know about an overdose; he had been informed that the musician-actor died of "natural causes." On this day, "Signs of Drug Usage on Belushi's Body" were reported. He had been stuck with "a needle." One report stated that there were numerous needle marks, another reported only one – and yet another said the dark spots were from blood clots. 

And then the official autopsy report came out – and that was the shocker, because it contained very little information related to questions that should have been asked. 

The L.A. Examiner: "Official Report on Belushi Death" – "At 1:00 am, he went to a private bar. He stayed there and was driven back to his room, where he vomited, and was pale and sweaty." 

He was immediately sick – and then indulged in wine and cocaine. There was no evidence of sickness when the police first entered the room. They thought he had a heart attack. 

At 3:00 till 3:30 am, friends arrived, people came, according to the report. We don't know how many, and they are not named. We don't know how many there were. They arrived at the hotel and stayed about 30 minutes. 

That would be the time when he was injected with the "cocaine or heroin."

By 6:30, he was having hot and cold flashes, took a shower. 

At 8:00 a.m., he fell asleep shaking and wheezing. Evelyn Smith entered the hotel room, and at 9:30 she heard him struggling for breath. 

He was terrified and very sick. 

She hears a terrible noise, and he pleads: "please don't leave me." 

At 10:15, he falls asleep, so she walks out, leaves him "to get something to eat." 

He knew that he was dying, but she walks out.

At 12:30, Belushi's physical therapist come in, the body was still warm. He was pronounced dead. 

Belushi had "congestion of the lungs, liver and spleen, swelling of the brain and heart, arteriosclerosis, distended bladder," and they threw in "obesity"; he weighed 220 pounds. All of this should have showed up in the first autopsy. It doesn't take 7-10 days to find all of this, and the enlarged brain (the weight was given in the autopsy report) would have been tremendously painful. 

He was writhing in pain. When Ms. Smith left the hotel room, he was covered with a blanket and there was foam coming out of his mouth. He swallowed his tongue. And the eyes rolling – in fact, a friend who entered the room said, "I closed his eyes, because I couldn't stand to see them open." 

So she would have seen easily that he was dying, the terrible set of symptoms. And she walks out and leaves. Then she comes back, the police hand-cuffed and took her away. Then they released her, and she becomes a super-star, goes to New York City for an interview at ABC, does an article for Rolling Stone. 

Cathy Evelyn Smith was not charged with any role in Belushi's death. There was no mention of collusion, but the unidentified guests who arrived at 3:00-3:30 were a clue that something was amiss. 

The first reports that he was taking drugs – the police chief and coroner didn't mention it – came from the ABC network. A lawyer for ABC is Gregson E. Bautzer, one of the attorneys retained by Howard Hughes (at the time that HE was drugged, silenced and possibly murdered. Greg Bautzer is the law partner of Frank Rothman at MGM, the domain of Kirk Kerkorian and Fred Benninger, chairman of MGM Mirage.) 

ABC had "inside information" and worked closely with teams involved in other mysterious, drug-related deaths. The coroner came along after the ABC reports and stated that Belushi overdosed by "intravenous injections of heroin and cocaine." The report stated that Cathy Evelyn Smith was with him when he died.

Is she responsible for his death if she sees him writhing in pain, obviously dying, foaming at the mouth, choking? She didn't call 9/11, didn't run to the front desk. 

The article in the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner reported: "Belushi may have died before the woman left him." 

Where does murder begin and leave off? 

What was her responsibility? 

Who were the people in the room? 

This was a very political, highly successful person offed in Hollywood. Smith left him to die. There were fresh multiple injection marks on both arms. There was no evidence of scarred veins in either arm. He'd been only recently injected. The body was still warm. 

She ordered breakfast at 8:00, went out for breakfast again at 10:30. He turns up dead. She doesn't call anyone, lets him be found. 

Tom Gerald flies her to the Essex Hotel in New York City with her attorney, and puts her on ABC-TV's 20/20. The "Mystery Woman" is described as a known "drug dealer" in Hollywood, supplies big celebrities with narcotics. When they die, shouldn't she be questioned?

John Belushi didn't trust her. His bodyguard kicked her out two nights before he died. 

"I don't believe the story," Belushi's wife said.

The night after he kicked Smith out, Belushi told friends he wanted to get out of town because he didn't feel safe. 

He felt he was in danger. 

She suddenly appeared at the "unnamed club" above Roxy's in the autopsy report. Belushi is visited by unnamed people. There are anonymous sources of drugs. The LAPD only made a cursory search for the source and announced that no charges would be filed. 

An unnamed rock star was with him shortly before he died – not mentioned in the autopsy report – and said: "there wasn't a needle present anywhere."

His doctor said there were no needle marks on him prior to the fatal injection. (Belushi had recently been to the doctor for treatment of ear, nose and throat problems.) 

There were no "multiple" needle punctures, no scarring of the veins, no proof that he had been a junkie. He may have taken cocaine and marijuana – they are all over Hollywood – but certain segments of society are dying.

His wife said immediately, in article printed by the Chicago Sun-Times: "Something weird happened. That woman was thrown out two days ago. John told Bill to throw her out. John wasn't a junkie." 

Evelyn Smith was with Gordon Lightfoot for a short while in Toronto. She moved to L.A. in 1978 for the drug scene. And Judith Jaqueline Belushi wanted to know "where she came from, who is this woman, what was she doing there, and how does she appear the night that she dies?" 

Smith was with Belushi until he was dead – and, of course, the obvious move was to not call the police.

(When Nelson Rockefeller died, Megan Marshack, his staff assistant, was present and didn't call the guard or chauffeur outside the door, or 9/11 or the hospital – she called Poncitta Pierce, who lives down the street, and she comes over, and the two of them talk it over and decide to call police ... when he's good and dead.) 

The newspapers reported later that police were searching for the source of the drugs – how far did they have to go. All they had to do was ask the "Mystery Woman." 

He begged her not to leave. She left Belushi ... who was supposedly so heavily into drugs that they there all over the place. 

But the police didn't find drugs and powder and needle marks at that time. 

She reappeared two hours later and brought the drugs with her – then she could spread the cover story that she took them with her when she left. And she did confess, "I didn't want to leave [a drug stash behind] because the maid might find it."

If a woman is a drug dealer, and the police are coming because a man is dead, the last thing she would do is incriminate herself by walking in with a stash of cocaine and drug paraphenalia. 

Why did she bring it all back and lay it in front of them – unless she knew that she wouldn't be held for the murder? Was she so mindless (after fearing the maid might find the drugs) that she returned to the death scene with cocaine on her for police to confiscate?

Then the stories came along: "John Belushi's Reckless Race to the Grave," the "drug-soaked sex orgies," a one-way ticket to Hell. But it would be awfully hard, as I say, to make a multi-million dollar movie with a "$25,000 a month cocaine habit," or work with the finest directors and writers going in Hollywood. I am sure that he was not the crazy, reckless pig that he was made out to be after he was dead. 
The worst article came from Kate Braverman, staff reporter at the Los Angeles Times: "A harsh final look at Belushi, the patron saint of pigs." So he "hits Los Angeles and goes berserk... What else in Los Angeles good for? It's the last frontier for desperate men, rock stars, exiled tyrants. Los Angeles is a Disneyland for the decadent, a top ticket all the way, the best ride to Hell." Belushi was "the belly of this century," with "an endless appetite for novelty and the rot that began with manifest destiny." She tears him apart, a twentieth-century "nightmare." 

"Much Ado About Nothing," opined the San Francisco Chronicle. "Saturday Night Live was designed to attract the sleepy and the sloppy." John Belushi will be "totally forgotten in a few years."

But he will be remembered for the programs he did with Lampoon and Saturday Night Live. His particular brand of political humor was genius – and that was his fatal mistake.

Woolwich: Why is The Eye Hedging...?

Really...? You're going with "The OKC Tornado was an Inside Job" as the mark for you're satirical barbs...?

You're obviously aware of the factual basis and inspiration for your satire, so why pull your punches...?

Mind you... Sometimes.... Out of the mouths of babes...

True Dat.

We don't need no "Education".

We don't need no Thought Control.

No Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom.

Teacher, leave those kids alone...

"Yoo! Yes, Yoo behind the pig-skins!!


Y'can't have any pudding until you eat y'r meat!!

How can ye have any pudding if y'doon't eat y'r meat??!?"

Why it Matters

Why I write.

Why I fight.


Best fact I learnt all day.

Are you aware what acetaminophen actually is...?

It's paracetamol.

Paracetamol suppresses and sublimates existential crisises and prevents the user from experiencing and undergoing ego death.

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Woolwich: Michael the Terrorist

Michael, the terrorist - Among his friends on Facebook are two serving police officers who knew him from school.

"So, having cut Lee's head off, the pair of Terrorists then hide it and drag his body into the road.

"They then clear up the massive blood loss, because fuck me they would be drowning in blood by now, after which they proceed to give interviews and pose for photos… 

Whilst waiting for the police to turn up?

"Are you all brain dead fucking morons?"

When Michael Adebolajo was arrested in Kenya, his family had been told by the Kenyan authorities that he would be hanged or beheaded.

But he was freed to return to Britain.

"The decision has raised questions over official involvement in Mr Adebolajo's release – and the true extent of his connections with the intelligence services since he returned home to the UK."


It Got Them Killed - Paul Foot

Paul Foot

1937 - 2004

Cause of Death:
Pulmonary Embolism and Pan-AM Flight 103

Likely Suspects: The Central Intelligence Agency, The Defense Intelligence Agency, MI5, MI6, International Freemasonry, Ted Heath, Ian and Kevin Maxwell, ACPO....

Lockerbie's dirty secret

  • The Guardian, 

As he basks in the success of his controversial visit to Libya, the prime minister has to grapple at once with an awkward letter. It was delivered on Monday by UK Families Flight 103 representing most of the British families bereaved by the 1988 Lockerbie bombing. The letter starts by reminding Blair that the families supported his visit to Libya in the expectation that the talks with Colonel Muammar Gadafy would lead to more information about the bombing. Moreover, the letter says, their support for the visit was widely used by ministers to justify the visit to Libya. Yet the visit has not led to any more information about the bombing.

And recent letters to the secretary of the group, Pamela Dix - whose brother died at Lockerbie - from Baroness Symons, minister of state at the Foreign Office, and from the Crown Office in Edinburgh, have argued that any further questions to the Libyans about Lockerbie would not be helpful. In short, ministers took the credit of the families' support without asking a single question about Lockerbie to justify that support. In a sense of deep outrage, the families are asking the prime minister for a meeting to discuss Lockerbie as a matter of urgency.

More people died at Lockerbie than in Madrid, and you would have thought that the government, if only as proof of its horror at terrorism, would be keen to question its new friends in Tripoli about the bombing. Not so, apparently. So the only hard information the families have is that Abdul Basset al-Megrahi, a Libyan official, apparently working in intelligence, was convicted in January 2001 of bombing the airliner. How he accomplished this feat is still a mystery. The details of the crime did not emerge at the trial, which was held by Scottish judges sitting without a jury in Holland. It lasted 18 months and cost an estimated £50m.

Megrahi's co-accused was acquitted, so the prosecution's suggestion that the two men conspired to bomb the plane cannot be right. Indeed, the crucial evidence that the bomb was put on a feeder flight at Malta and was transferred twice, at Frankfurt and at Heathrow, was so thin it was derisory.

No one knows whether anyone else took part in this sophisticated crime of terror. One man has been convicted. The Libyan government has forked out many millions in compensation. And that, apparently, is the end of the matter. Many of the bereaved relatives, including Dix, are increasingly disturbed at the behaviour of ministers who talk business and politics to the Gadafy regime, but are not remotely interested in pressing anyone in it to tell the whole story about Lockerbie.

There is, in my opinion (not necessarily shared by the families), an explanation for all this, an explanation so shocking that no one in high places can contemplate it. It is that the Lockerbie bombing was carried out not by Libyans at all but by terrorists based in Syria and hired by Iran to avenge the shooting down in the summer of 1988 of an Iranian civil airliner by a US warship. This was the line followed by both British and US police and intelligence investigators after Lockerbie. Through favoured newspapers like the Sunday Times, the investigators named the suspects - some of whom had been found with home-made bombs similar to the one used at Lockerbie.

This line of inquiry persisted until April 1989, when a phone call from President Bush senior to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher warned her not to proceed with it. A year later, British and US armed forces prepared for an attack on Saddam Hussein's occupying forces in Kuwait. Their coalition desperately needed troops from an Arab country. These were supplied by Syria, which promptly dropped out of the frame of Lockerbie suspects. Libya, not Syria or Iran, mysteriously became the suspect country, and in 1991 the US drew up an indictment against two Libyan suspects. The indictment was based on the "evidence" of a Libyan "defector", handsomely paid by the CIA. His story was such a fantastic farrago of lies and fantasies that it was thrown out by the Scottish judges.

In Britain, meanwhile, Thatcher, John Major and Blair obstinately turned down the bereaved families' requests for a full public inquiry into the worst mass murder in British history.

It follows from this explanation that Megrahi is innocent of the Lockerbie bombing and his conviction is the last in the long line of British judges' miscarriages of criminal justice. This explanation is also a terrible indictment of the cynicism, hypocrisy and deceit of the British and US governments and their intelligence services. Which is probably why it has been so consistently and haughtily ignored.

Published: 31st March 2004

Deceased: 18th July 2004

Jimbo (Wales) says:-

"Foot, a resident of Stoke Newington, died of a pulmonary aneurysm while waiting at Stansted Airport to begin a family holiday in Ireland. 

He was 66 years old."

Lembit Opik's Collection of Beards

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Kincora: Justice Denied, Justice Disavowed

Paul Foot 1937 - 2004
(Pulmonary Aneurysm and Pan-AM Flight 103)

Working Class Hero.
(Despite being born a toff)

Sometimes, often, too often, The Innocents and Fools must be sacrificed in public for the good of Guilty Men.

Guilty Men Hide in Plain Sight.

Cloaked in many robes of silk and ermine....

They pass, as though they might be the likes of us.

But they are not Us. Nor do they answer to Us.

Or any Court of Uses.

My heart sank as I began to read this:-

"... Can it any longer be said that the allegations of Colin Wallace are to be believed only by wild men of the Left, such as Ken Livingstone (or the author), who are wedded to notions of conspiracies in the state machine? It's is worth recalling in this context that many of the people in the centre of British politics - Humphrey Berkley, Alex Carlile, Laura Grimind - who have studied the case carefully are inclined to believe what Colin says."

Paul Foot, 
Who Framed Colin Wallace?

Alex Carlile.

Lord Carlile of Berriew, CBE, FRSA, QC

Former Member of Parliament for Montgomeryshire, June 1983 - May 1997 
[Succeeded by the - very odd - Lembit Opik]

Appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire, New Year's Honours List for "services to National Security.

Queens' Counsel.

Deputy High Court Judge

Chairman of the Competition Appeals Tribunal

President of the Howard League for Penal Reform


Defence Counsel for Royal Butler Paul Burrell 

Chairman of the Chartered Security Professionals Registration Authority

Archetect of Control Orders, Ravager of Habeas Corpus

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Trustee of the White Ensign Association (he is happy to provide service and relief for tired old sailors)

President of the Security Institute

Founder and Director of Living and Dying Well Ltd.

Member of the Athenaeum Club (see previous alum)


Master of the Bench, Grays' Inn

Welshman, champion of Devolution 

Defence Counsel for Stuart Hazzell in the Tia Sharp Murder trial, architect of the shameful plea bargain.

State White-washer of Child Abuse Scandals

Savile Associate

Free and accepted Mason of the Blue Levels (?)


I read on with further dismay:

"In July of 1987, on the prompting of Humphrey Berkley, a formidable trio of politicians decided to set themselves up as an informal committee of inquiry into what Fred and Colin were saying. They were Roy Jenkins of the SDP [Athenaeum], a former Home Secretary, Merlyn Reese from the Labour Party, a former Home Secretary [Secretary of State for Northern Ireland at the time of the alleged epidemic of Child Abuse, Member of Parliament for Leeds South - assuming the seat upon the (mysterious, untimely) death of Hugh Gaitskel - and Home Secretary 1976 - 1979, during the Salad Days of the Yorkshire Ripper "investigation" fiasco by West Yorkshire's Plod Bretheren], and the former Prime Minister, Edward Heath. [...!]

Colin Wallace (second from right) in the company of PM Ted Heath at Kincora childrens home

Heath, out!! Heath, out!! Heath, out!!

If only he COULD have bloody come out, several hundred lives might have been saved from ruin, trauma and torment... Indeed, saved outright, seems more likely the case....

There's the rub.

At school, there was a clichéd (and not very funny, even then) euphemistic description used of a particularly uncomfortable, warm, close day that went "I'm sweating worse than a nonce in Toys R' Us.

As crass, insensitive and obnoxious as the imagary of that simile goes, it doesn't begin to cover the sheer depths of corrupt depravity implicit in putting Heath in charge of such an investigative tribunal, unofficial as though it may be.

To say the lunatics have taken over the asylum does short shrift to lunacy.

As bitter experience, many times bitten forever shy has taught the student of the politics of the Deep State and Shadow Government over and over again, as Barbara Honnigar once so eloquently distill this bitter truth:

"The Iran Contra Committee Hearrings, like the Tower Commison  before them, IN AND OF THEMSELVES  was a Cover-up"

Jinkies! Former Reagan White House staffer and truthteller Barbara Honegger vs. The Casey Family

Jimmy Savile, star of children's television favourite Jim'll Fix-It, sued the Sun in 2008 over a series of articles linking him to Haut de la Garenne, the Jersey children's home where human remains were found and children were allegedly tortured and sexually abused. 

He initially denied ever visiting the home, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. 

Savile's reaction was to slap an injunction on The Sun who had to withdraw the picture. 

This was followed with a series of articles. 

One asserted that Savile was unwilling to assist with the police investigation and another that he admitted having visited the home. 

But then it brings in Edward Heath:

One of those who stood most to lose was Sir Edward Heath, the former prime minister from 1970-74, who was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garenne among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called 'Morning Cloud', or as his bodyguards referred to it, 'Morning Sickness'.

The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville. 

He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heath's yacht The Morning Cloud when they were at party conference. 

Allegedly Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP's with children for them to sexually abuse.

As a writer on Fortean Times notes:

"The sites which carried the Jersey picture usually segue into a very lurid mythos which has Savile pimping boys to Edward Heath for orgies on his yacht. 

We are just a few yards from the Twilight Zone of pedophile lizards . . ."

[Yeah - funny, that...]

The Disclosure Project site, which also has the same allegations about Heath, also notes:

"Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to loiter in London's lavatories and not to try to pick up young boys. 

Nonetheless, he quickly fell prone blackmailers who insisted he dress up in a ridiculous Gestapo uniform in which he was photographed. 

Under threat of exposure Heath was forced to enter Britain into the Common Market, now the European Union, under very unfavourable conditions. 

It is still a bone of contention among scholars how he became PM in front of the immensely popular and scholarly Enoch Powell who to all intents and purposes should have been Prime Minister. 

We are drifting very far from credible truth here, and I think the notion that Edward Heath had a hidden private life, dressed up in a Gestapo Uniform (and no photos have come to light) and was blackmailed into joining the Common Market is a complete fantasy. 

David Ike's site goes one step further, and has Heath not only involved in Satanic rituals, but also - according to an eyewitness - shape-shifting into a reptilian, during a ritual. 

But the Heath story is interesting, because Heath is also linked to sexual abuse scandals regarding the Kincora boys' home in Ireland.

The earliest version of this in my lifetime was the Kincora boys' home affair in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. 

Then, three gay men working there had abused the boys in their care for almost 20 years. 

They had survived complaints from the boys, parents and other care workers, because one of them, the late William McGrath, was not only a senior figure in the Orange Order and a friend of the Reverend Ian Paisley, but also an informant for MI5. 

Rumours spread of boys being taken to big country houses to be used by public figures, including Lord Mountbatten, the former head of MI6, Maurice Oldfield, and Edward Heath. These rumours are still circulating on the Internet.' 

Where did these rumours come from? 

Colin Wallace, a former MI5 officer, revealed that they were part of a plan by MI5 to discredit Heath, so that he would have to give way to a Prime Minister more in keeping with a stronger security service. 

Colin Wallace, was an army intelligence officer attached to MI5 who resigned in 1976 protesting about MI5's anti-Wilson activities, but he says they also extended to Heath:

Wallace claims part of these covert psychological operations (known as 'psyops') were designed to prevent the election and re-election of a Labour regime. 

'We also had a campaign going against Edward Heath and other prominent Tory MPs thought to be too liberal', says Wallace.

'The aim was to discredit them politically by planting smear stories against them in the press. ' 

For example, Heath and other bachelor politicians were wrongly 'linked' to homosexual scandals, such as the Kincora boys' home affair in Ulster. 

The ultimate aim, Wallace says, was to remove Heath as leader of the Conservative Party and replace him with someone of a more resolute approach to political and industrial unrest.

Footy, you buried the lead - this is Big News!!!

This WAS big news...

It IS Big News, still..!!

"Meanwhile, Colin was making some headway in the political world... Lady Grimond took the papers to  Alex Carlile, MP, legal affairs spokesman for the Alliance, as the Liberals and SDP then called themselves. Colin was summoned to the House of Commons for a long meeting with Carlile, which resulted in an extraordinary press release on  2 March [1987]:

"It is clear that Collin Wallace, a principled man, knew too much about the Kincora Boys' Home scandal. Since his trial and conviction in 1981 for manslaughter of antique dealer Johnathan Lewis, facts have emerged which suggest Mr. Lewis may well have been killed by some person or persons other than Colin Wallace, in a successful attempt to frame Wallace.

These facts suggest a link may exist between the Kincora affair and the fate of both Wallace and Lewis. I have asked the Home Secretary to refer Mr. Wallace's conviction to the Court of Appeal. This is a case in which justice may have been foiled by intruige."

The release was printed in the small-circulation Today newspaper (3rd March 1987) but nowhere else in the British media. Carlile put down his question to the Home Secretary, which was deflected, and asked for an adjournment debate, which was refused because the House was about to rise for Easter. Two and a half months later, Mr. Carlile made another even more extraordinary statement in Sunday Today (17 May 1987) :

"I believe there are many people in high laces and within the security services who feel I'll-will towards Wallace for exposing their activities. The question is that if MI5 was prepared to kill to get even with Wallace, why not kill him? 

It may be that Wallace's allegations about MI5 Officers involved him in activities verging on the treasonable were widely known -  so if any harm came to him the finger would point directly to them. 

I have tried repeatedly in the House to get an adjournment in the conviction and will continue to do so."

The Right Honourable Alex Carlile was the Liberal MP for Montgomeryshire in the Welsh borders from 1983 to 1997, whereupon he was succeeded in his parliamentary seat by Lembit Opik and elevated to The Lords.

If you're the age I am, you view the Liberal Democratic Party of the UK through the lens of turncoat also-rans (Clegg), quirky eccentrics (Huhne), morose Whiskey-soaked alcoholics that couldn't make the cut in a major party (Kennedy), true Mavericks (Menzies-Campbell)... And, in their highest aspiration, true statesmen that transcend partisan politics possessing of gravitas, experience tempered with true humility.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many of those, and they have always been in short supply.

It's just a shame there's only ever going to be one Paddy Ashdowne in the world, because it makes you truly forget just truly how many real weirdos, freaks and headcases third party politics attracts like moths to it's flame.

Q: How do you get three Liberal MPs to sit on the same small milking stool?

A: Just turn it upside down

This is Carlile's old parliamentary constituency, Montgomeryshire:

Guess where the Bryn Estyn Care Home is....?

If you were to have said "Wrexham[Wrecsam], Mortimershire", you would have been correct.

Welsh care home investigation: Police findings published today

Detectives leading Operation Pallial will give an update on their probe later today

Detectives probing historic allegations of abuse in Welsh care homes will reveal their findings today after more than one hundred victims came forward.

Operation Pallial led by Director General of the National Crime Agency Keith Bristow will give an update on its progress after beginning its investigation in early November.

So far the probe, supported by the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), has resulted in just one arrest made over the allegations centring on North Wales care homes in the 1970s and 1980s.

The man, taken into custody in Ipswich, has been released on bail after being accused of “a number of serious sexual offences against a number of individuals”.

Tony Gregory, who says he suffered physical abuse in Wrexham care home Bryn Estyn between 1977 and 1978, wants culprits who have escaped justice for decades jailed.

Mr Gregory, 51, from Wrexham, who has suffered with depression all his adult life and struggled to hold down a job, said: “People are still walking free that should have been jailed years ago.”

Mr Gregory, who says he was sectioned for several months when the abused scandal re-emerged late last year, added: “Nobody has ever admitted any liability. We’ve been told it was a farce and we were telling lies because we were all after making a bit of money.”

Mr Gregory’s, brother Keith, 55, a Wrexham councillor, has said he was also abused during his time in the care system in the early 1970s.

The Gregory brothers suggest the abuse went much wider than the Waterhouse Inquiry, which published its report Lost in Care in 2000, found.

In line with its remit, this £13m inquiry focused on abuse in care homes in the former North 

Wales counties of Clwyd and Gwynedd.

The report dealt with more than 650 cases of child abuse in 40 care homes over a 20-year period.

The team involved in Operation Pallial has said some of the recent allegations are new and have never been reported or investigated previously.

But as well as investigating fresh allegations Pallial is also reviewing the historic police probes.
Pallial was one of two investigations announced by Prime Minister David Cameron after abuse victim Steve Meesham wrongly claimed Lord McAlpine had abused him.

Mr Meesham was interviewed on the BBC’s Newsnight programme and the segment began with the words “this man says a leading Conservative from the time was one of his abusers”.

Former Tory treasurer Lord McAlpine’s name was not mentioned on the programme, but it quickly began appearing on websites before Mr Meesham apologised and said it was a case of mistaken identity.

Alongside the SOCA probe Mrs Justice Macur will consider whether the Waterhouse tribunal’s terms of reference were too ‘narrow’.

But the investigations have been criticised as knee-jerk reactions after Mr Messham’s apology.
Also the BBC was accused of going back to Mr Meesham years after an original interview in order to deflect attention from its own mishandling of the Jimmy Savile affair.

The programme’s editors had earlier decided against airing a report linking the TV personality to child abuse.

Retired Bryn Estyn teacher Gwen Hurst says while she would never deny children were abused at the Wrexham home the scale has been exaggerated to maximise compensation payments.

Among former Bryn Estyn staff convicted of offences was house master Peter Howarth, locked up for 10 years in 1994 for violating boys as young as 12. He died behind bars.

Steven Norris, another senior member of staff at Bryn Estyn, pleaded guilty to three offences of buggery, one of attempted buggery and three of indecent assault.

Mrs Hurst, who worked at Bryn Estyn between 1975 and 1983, said: “All I know is that Waterhouse cost the country about £13m investigating all these things and spent considerable time over it.

“What he was doing was well publicised and everybody had the opportunity to come forward then and some of them did. Then why all of a sudden should it all appear again?”

If you are a victim of historic child abuse in North Wales, a witness or have any information, contact the Operation Pallial team 9am to 5pm weekdays on  0800 118 1199. A message can be left outside these times.

For his part, Lembit Opik is well-known for nurturing a constantly rotating, fine selection of beards over the years in public.

Cheeky, cheeky.
But not even a coachload of Transylvanian pop starlets can make those not look like the kind of glasses a Child Molester would war and that creepy crooked smile NOT be horribly, awfully reminiscent f pop impressario Johnathan King's creepy, crooked smile.