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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Be a Man

"God, help. Help!"

In the midst of these great perplexities, Her Ladyship made an attempt to kill herself by taking poison.

Though she only made herself dangerously ill, due to the very small amount which she swallowed, this, nevertheless, caused an intervention from a certain quarter, which was long overdue.

Oh, my God!

"If My Mother had died... it would've been as much my responsibility as if I had poured the strychnine for her myself.

For to the everlasting disgrace of my family name I have, by my cowardice, and by my weakness allowed the Barrys to establish a brutal and ignorant tyranny over our lives which has left my mother a broken woman and to squander and ruin a fine family fortune.


My friends profess sympathy, but behind my back I know I am despised.

And quite justifiably so.


...I know now what I must do.

And what I shall do.

Whatever be the cost.

"Good morning, My Lord."

"Good morning.

Is Mr. Barry Lyndon here?"

"Yes, My Lord, he's inside."

"Mr. Redmond Barry.

The last occasion on which we met... you wantonly caused me injury
and dishonour.

In such a manner, and to such an extent no gentleman can willingly suffer...
...without demanding satisfaction...
...however much time intervenes.

I have now come to claim that satisfaction.