Monday, 27 August 2012

More musings on Uncle Ron

Ron Paul goes around insisting that Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant and that the North could have bought all the slaves at market rates from the South and freed them and it would still have been cheaper than the Civil War economically, plus no one would have had to die.

Couple of things: Lincoln had not even taken office by the time most of the South had seceded. Is he ruling by tyranny or clairvoyance?

Lincoln was by no means an abolitionist and by no means opposed to slavery; merely the expansion of it.

"I will preserve the Union by freeing all of the slaves; or I will preserve the Union by freeing none of the slaves"

It is true that the total economic cost of the Civil War in terms of material damage and loss of life and production could have both bought off every slave in captivity at 1860 market rates AND provided them with 40 Acres and a mule

Two problems: The Slaveholders weren't sellin'. Under ANY circumstances. At ANY price. No deal.

And where would the money come from? Northern taxpayers. How's THAT for tyranny...

Ron Paul knows all of this, he's not stupid, and yet he chooses to ignore it. Even I have to admit I was taken in by his outward anti-war, anti-expansionist, anti-interventionalist stance.

Ron Paul IS a racist.

He just covers it up very, very well whilst saying absolutely nothing substantive policy wise, appealing to States Rights and collecting gullible disillusioned leftists and college kids who get seduced by his supposedly laissez-faire approach to marijuana and other drugs.

His association with the American (Fascist) Third Position Party makes his game all too clear.

What a Pied Piper act....

Let me know if you ever decide to have one, eh Ron?

Good Science

Enough, already. This ends. Right now.

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mark Chapman is a Liar: The Scene of the Crime

As may be noted elsewhere, the crime makes no sense in the light of the scene at which it occurred... This is what we are told:

Chapman is standing on the right side of the front entrance directly under the arch. Yoko passed Chapman without noticing him. Lennon passes, looks at him but does not say anything. Chapman swears Lennon recognized him from their earlier encounter because he (Chapman) was wearing a distinctive Russian hat with ear flaps. Before Lennon gets past the iron gate of the front entrance, Chapman calls to him: "Mr. Lennon." Lennon turns toward Chapman and sees him in a combat stance holding a .38 caliber revolver. Chapman fires five shots. Four hit Lennon; two in the left shoulder, two in the left side of the back. One shot misses Lennon completely. At least three bullet holes are left in the glass lobby doors.23

Lennon is about 22 feet from the curb when he is first shot. (Note: The sidewalk is 13 feet wide, there is a five-foot walkway/ledge in front of the Dakota's entrance, and Lennon was reportedly standing about four-feet inside the Dakota's entrance when he was shot. The total distance is 22 feet.) Chapman is about five feet away from Lennon when he fires. Chapman is standing behind Lennon and to his right. Yoko is inside the lobby at this point. She hears the shots but does not see anything because Lennon is outside and beyond her range of vision.

Fatally wounded, Lennon runs about 20 feet towards the lobby stairs. He pulls himself up six stairs and pushes the lobby door open. Yoko realizes he is shot because she sees blood. He staggers past the front desk in the main lobby and falls face down by the concierge stand. Altogether, Lennon runs about 35 feet, which includes climbing six stairs, before collapsing.

Yoko screams at Hastings: "John’s been shot! John’s been shot!" He calls the police.

Doorman Jose Perdomo screams at Chapman: "Leave! Get out of here!"

Chapman does not leave. A hysterical Yoko cradles Lennon’s head in her arms. Perdomo asks Chapman, "Do you know what you’ve done?" "I just shot John Lennon," he replies. Then he throws down his gun, takes off his overcoat, folds it up at his feet, and calmly begins reading his paperback, The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger. Perdomo kicks the gun away.

The police arrive within minutes and eventually arrest Chapman. They realize Lennon is dying and don't wait for an ambulance. Instead they lift his bullet-ridden body to a patrol car and rush him to Roosevelt Hospital where he is pronounced dead in the emergency room.

7/7 : Salvaging the Truth - The Initial Reports Destined for the Memory ...

"Once when he happened in some connexion to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, 'just to keep people frightened'. This was an idea that had literally never occurred to him."

Oceania was NOT always at war with Eastasia...

The Monks and the Struggle for Civil Rights in South Vietnam

The Late Peter Cook and the Late Douglas Adams and some eerily prophetic...

7/7 : Salvaging the Truth - The Initial Reports Destined for the Memory ...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Enemy of the State - a sequential series of crimes against logic...or something more sinister?

"I suppose it could be worse... He could have given it directly to Bob Woodward."

Had you said, "Jack Anderson" and we may've believed you.

Whoever wrote that line MUST know or realise that Bob Woodward (but not Carl Bernstein) is an Operation Mockingbird lifetime agent of the CIA going back to his college days, protected the Agency during both Iran Contra and Watergate and has acted as a conduit for CIA sanctioned official lies (notably falsely implicating Libya in the Lockerbie bombing) ever since.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Tony Scott hung out professionally with Navy F-16 aviators, nuclear sub crews, NSA and CIA.

Erm... It's fairly unusual for someone to reach the age of 68 and then kill themselves over simple depression.

Not unheard of, but certainly unusual.

His back catalogue involved close creative collaboration with (amongst others), the US Air Force, the National Security establishment (in particular NSA) and the US Navy, in particular nuclear submariners.

The over-all timbre of his work is overtly pro-military and resoundingly Reaganite. And through it, he came to know dangerous people. Lots.

It may be an inferior MTV remake of The Conversation, but Enemy of the State may well be worth a fresh new viewing...

And Spy Game! I can't believe I forgot Spy Game!!

UPDATE: "Talking to Empire around Domino’s release in 2005, Scott said, “... I do a lot of research and I get paid to touch these other worlds and I want to keep trying to touch these new worlds and bring them to the screen, whether it's the 18th Street Gang or the Vietnamese Gang, or bounty hunting or whatever it is. I love what I do.”

Friday, 17 August 2012

Jonesing to be Sick

Right... Someone has cut batches of heroin... with Anthrax... And introduced them into the community...

Anthrax spores are NOT easy to get hold of and strictly controlled. Rule out any possibility that this is accidental.

And why would Jihadists (for example) want to decimate the junkie population of the Manchester Ship Canal corridor (for example)? And what narcotics wholesaler wants all his customers dead?

This is an act of state. Assuradly.

Uniformed consent terminal human experimentation directed towards a specific test population at the very LEAST, and that's being way more generous than they ever deserve to go even that far...

Worst case scenario: Urban genocide and demographic cleansing.

Why not just cut it together with unenriched Plutonium, make it a little more obvious...?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

How special ops soldiers’ attacks on Obama stack up against 2004′s Swift Boating | The Raw Story

How special ops soldiers’ attacks on Obama stack up against 2004′s Swift Boating | The Raw Story

"Now the people involved in the tongue-twistingly named Special Operations Opsec Education Fund Inc appear to want to do the same by attacking Obama’s handling of the death of Osama bin Laden"

Yeah, carrying out a combat incursion carrying
out a Kill/Capture mission on a man who's last check-up when he came in for his kidney dialysis in Summer of 2001 predicted he would live for about another year IF he had unrestricted access to a modern hospital and dialysis twice a week.

And didn't, you know.... instead go and live in a cave somewhere like some kind of weird, lanky Wahabi Gandalf...

What's up with *that*, yo....?

Let's ask the boys from Seal Team 6 what they.... Oh. Oh,yeah....

They're all dead now, aren't they....

How most inconvenient...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Plea for Insanity

"To be ‘crazy’ is a social concept; we use social restrictions and definitions in order to dis- tinguish mental disturbances…. It is not an absolute increase in insanity that makes our asylums swell like monsters, it is the fact that we cannot stand abnormal people any more, so there are apparently very many more crazy people than formerly."

CG Jung

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Uncle Ron and the Bayou of Pigs Invasion

This is not a smear, a conspiracy theory, conjecture or even a mere accusation - it's a matter of public record.

While one can question (and I would) both the wisdom and judicial probity of the presiding Judge ruling unilaterally that Uncle Ron could not be called to offer evidence in the court case, that doesn't detract from the central concern here...

Although he wasn't called, he was named. As a defence witness, for a Neo Nazi, Aryan Nations adventurer caught red handed at New Orleans docks on his way to overthrow an elected, friendly, left-of-centre government by force of arms. Something he never denied doing, and yet denied legal guilt to the offence.

Ron was to have be called in Black's defence; what kind of witness was he expected to be?

An expert witness?

A character witness?

A material witness?

Was the Neo Nazi's defence to be "I was only obeying orders?"

None of this we know, and the question is always left unanswered when posed; why was Ron Paul the ONLY elected official on the defence witness list, and why was his the ONLY name from that list and not subpoenaed to appear by virtue of the Judge's executive fiat?

The first question goes some way to answering the second... But that makes the answer to that second question that much more consequential...

Judicial discretion when it comes to sparing elected officials blushes in low-level scandals is one of the thing that oils the wheels of the justice system. But that's not the issue here.

Why was he being called by the defence and why did Don Black feel that Uncle Ron's testimony would be helpful to his attempts to beat the rap for being the mastermind being the entire coup plot?

John Connelly wasn't called, nor was Strom Thurmond or Larry MacDonald... Why an obscure Congressman from the Texas 22nd?

It's time we knew.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I'd feel safe and warm (if I was in L.A.)

Today is, or rather would be, the 43rd Birthday of Paul Tate-Polanski, had he been spared from certain... predations.

What, you egg! Like Macduff, he was from his mother's womb untimely ripped. And by (count them) witches three, no less...

All the best, kiddo, wherever you are... And say hi to your Ma, for me ; )

'case you hadn't heard yet, I think maybe (perhaps) your Old Man may finally have found some peace at long last... They're still not going to leave him alone anytime ever, but he's back at home in Switzerland with your step-mother and not electronically tagged and under house arrest anymore. His films are getting noticed again, they're getting rave reviews and winning awards again (of course). He's no longer a *complete* pariah in Hollywood anymore, he's been honoured by The Accademy (again, personally this time) and inducted into the French Legion of Honour. And (finally) you have a little half-sister. Took a decade or four, but he finally seems to be happy and content again, at long last.

At least he's stopped having all those flings with Air Hostesses, at any rate...

Oh, by the way, if you see Lennon around before I do, if he pops over to say hullo to your Mum for a cuppa and a bit of natter, ask him to page me if you wouldn't mind?

Tell him he can reach me via the matras on binaural - got a few things on the go at the minute and I could use some Scouse onside while I'm working 'em through the old wetware.

Cheers, Kid.

Blessed be.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Sikh first to understand, then to be understood...

That's not an especially helpful statement - he COULD have been a member of a race hate group, he could also have been a world class tap dancer. Or both.

Being that he's dead, you can't really ask him about his political beliefs; he may have tattoos, but you say that he's a "former soldier" and a "skinhead".

They cut your hair short in the army and many vets keep up the habit in civilian life.

So all of this is just guessing and police pre-emptively covering their ass.

There are any number of reasons why he may have chosen to shoot up a Sikh temple, if indeed he DID choose to shoot up a Sikh temple - perhaps they owed him money..?