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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nigeria: Gold + Oil + The Most Corrupt Government on Earth.

"Roland was a warrior
From the Land of the Midnight Sun
With a Thompson Gun for hire
Fighting to be done

The deal was made in Denmark
On a dark and stormy day
So he set out for Biafra
To join the bloody fray..."

I quote The Enemy:

"Biafra, officially the Republic of Biafra, was a secessionist state in south-eastern Nigeria that existed from 30 May 1967 to 15 January 1970, taking its name from the Bight of Biafra (the Atlantic bay to its south). 

The inhabitants were mostly the Igbo people who led the secession due to economic, ethnic, cultural and religious tensions among the various peoples of Nigeria. The creation of the new state that was pushing for recognition was among the causes of the Nigerian Civil War, also known as the Nigerian-Biafran War.

The state was formally recognised by Gabon, Haiti, Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzania and Zambia. Other nations which did not give official recognition but which did provide support and assistance to Biafra included Israel, France, Portugal, Rhodesia, South Africa and Vatican City.

Biafra also received aid from non-state actors, including Joint Church Aid, Holy Ghost Fathers of Ireland, Caritas International, MarkPress and U.S. Catholic Relief Services.

After two-and-a-half years of war, during which a million civilians had died in fighting and from famine, Biafran forces agreed to a ceasefire with the Nigerian Federal Military Government (FMG), and Biafra was reintegrated into Nigeria."

"Through '66 and 7
They fought the Congo War
With their fingers on their triggers
Knee-deep in gore
The days and nights they battled
The Bantu to their Knees
They killed to earn their living
And to help out the Congolese..."

Friday, 9 May 2014

People Power Colonialism : Hands Off Nigeria!

This is ridiculous.

There are 211 of them.

He is selling them in the local market for £7 each.

The Nigerian government is offering a reward of £300,00.

Buy them back.

Get off your arses, go up country and buy your children back...!

What are the so-called parents doing?

Making signs and demanding that the US invade their country.

Buy them back.

Gold + Oil + The most institutionally corrupt government on Earth.

This has nothing to do with missing girls.

Remember KONY 2012...?

This is a CIA People Power Revolution.

This is an entirely synthetic creation. It's just not true.

And any idiot can see that. Allow me to show you....

Tehran, 2006:

Hong Kong, 2013:

Nigeria, Yesterday:

Notice anything?

What language do they speak in:

A) Iran
B) China
C) Nigeria...?

I'll answer my own question:

A) Farsi
B) Cantonese
C) Yoruba.

This is how this works: You get some young people, who don't know anything - callow youth.

You give them some flags.

You give them some signs (in English)

You give them some drugs/money/whistles.

And they will gather in the capital main square and oppose the government.

The Sphere

The Kaa'ba sphere is intentionally representative of the base or root chakra, the seat of all generative and nuptive energies in the human perineum, also appearing in such a form in the Qabalah, balancing against the two great pillars guarding the entrance to the Temple of Solomon - so, then, these two pillars, or two towers, also appear in Mecca, aligned one on either side of the Kaa'ba, along a precise North-South meridian bisecting the magnetic North and South poles of the Earth.

Super-producer Quincy Jones (the grey eminence behind the career of Michael Jackson) is a known high level Freemason and reputed Satanist and paedophile, who married Nastasja Kinski; he is a senior member of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations and produced and choreographed not just Bill Clinton's first inaugural ball, but the Washington DC millennium gala. He is implicated directly in the murders of both Tupac Shakkur (who was dating his daughter when killed), and Biggie Smalls (who was assassinated whilst leaving Quincy's Grammy Afterparty in LA.

It's therefore MASSIVELY significant that we note in the choreographed WTC ritual he produced around the sphere for The Wiz - the adepts and pilgrims to the Emerald City, undergoing the Haj to visit the Wizard, who circle the Kaa'ba stone in the centre of the Austin Tobin Memorial Plaza.... They are circling the sacred stone in the OPPOSITE direction to the Haji in Mecca... The induction process is 180* REVERSED....

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Stop Geldof: Hands Off Nigeria!!

This is Psy-War of the crudest variety.


(Whilst getting them addicted to heroin, presumably...)

"Sir Bob said social media alone would not solve the problem"

Ah, I see - he wants the US to invade. Of course.

And it's not "Sir Bob". It's "Bob Geldof, KBE".

'I hope the girls are alive and are reunited with their parents': Sir Bob Geldof speaks publicly for the first time since Peaches' death as he addresses plight of Nigerian schoolgirl hostages

  • Sir Bob said social media alone would not solve the problem
  • Celebrities have joined #BringBackOurGirls social media campaign

  • Male stars are also uploading images saying: 'Real men don't buy girls'

  • Campaign to recover the 276 girls kidnapped from their school in Nigeria

  • Girls were kidnapped on April 14 by Islamist militant group Boko Haram

Sir Bob Geldof has spoken publicly for the first time since the death of his daughter Peaches - to address the plight of the Nigerian schoolgirls taken hostage by terrorists. 

The Live Aid campaigner told Channel 5 news that he hoped the girls could be returned to their parents - but added that a celebrity campaign currently flooding social media with posts using the hashtag: #BringBackOurGirls, was unlikely to help.

Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Hillary Clinton, and Amy Poehler are among those lending their support to the social media campaign, which encourages military intervention to recover the girls who were kidnapped from their school by Boko Haram rebels in north-east Nigeria.

Sir Bob Geldof has spoken publicly for the first time since the death of his daughter Peaches - to address the plight of the Nigerian schoolgirls taken hostage by terrorists

But Sir Bob said while people are keen to help, proper counter-terrorism measures now need to be employed.

He said: 'The problem with media like this, is that everyone wants to do something, but sometimes you just can't. There is a great feeling of frustration. 

'The U.S., the UK and several EU states, the Russians - they know about counter terrorism.

The inquest opened in Gravesend, Kent, but after a short statement by the police, was adjourned until July.

Sir Bob spoke in a pre-arranged speech to a selected audience just hours after Peaches' death - but this is the first time he has addressed the wider world since the tragedy. 

Malala Yousafzai told CNN that the kidnapped girls were her 'sisters'. Angelina Jolie also spoke publicly about the kidnapping, which she called 'unthinkable cruelty and evil'.

Michelle Obama shared a photograph on Twitter of herself holding up a sign reading 'Bring back our girls', accompanied by the caption: 'Our prayers are with the missing Nigerian girls and their families. It's time to #BringBackOurGirls. -mo'

The sign-off 'mo' means that the tweet was written by the First Lady herself and not a staffer.

The campaign refers to the kidnapping of 276 girls from their school in Chibok, north-east Nigeria, on April 14. 

The Islamist militant group Boko Haram attacked the school, which had been reopened so that students could take their final exams, despite security concerns. 

Most schools in the state had closed due to fear that Boko Haram, which opposes 'Western' education, including the education of girls, would attack.

On the night of April 14, more than 300 girls were kidnapped at gunpoint, but approximately 50 girls escaped by jumping off the back of the trucks as they drove into the Sambisa forest.
Family members of the kidnapped girls formed makeshift search parties and ventured into the forest to find the girls, armed with homemade weapons, but they have not found the girls, whom they now fear have been sold into slavery.

Militant: The leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, vows to sell the hundreds of schoolgirls kidnapped in northern Nigeria for as little as £7 during a video message

It has also emerged that the group had kidnapped another 11 girls from the village of Warabe in Borno yesterday, increasing the international pressure for the extremist group to be stopped and the girls returned.

Nigerian Police are now offering a £300,000 reward to anyone who can help them find the missing children.

Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram said he would sell the remaining captives as slaves for as little as £7.

In a video, Shekau declares: 'I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah.'