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Friday, 12 September 2014

Early Warnings

First phone following August 7th 1998 Double Event:

Albright : "My God Pru, I had no idea your embassy was so vulnerable..."

Ambassador Bushnell : "Madame Secretary, I sent you a letter..."

Albright : [Silence]

U.S. missiles pound targets in Afghanistan, Sudan

The El Shifa Pharmaceutical Industries factory lies in ruins, hit by U.S. cruise missiles  
Retaliation for bombing of U.S. embassies in eastern Africa

August 20, 1998
Web posted at: 5:53 p.m. EDT (2153 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Saying "there will be no sanctuary for terrorists," President Clinton on Thursday said the U.S. strikes against terrorist bases in Afghanistan and a facility in Sudan are part of "a long, ongoing struggle between freedom and fanaticism."

His comments were broadcast live from the White House shortly after he arrived in Washington from his vacation in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

American cruise missiles pounded sites in Afghanistan and Sudan Thursday in retaliation for the August 7 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

U.S. officials say the six sites attacked in Afghanistan were part of a network of terrorist compounds near the Pakistani border that housed supporters of Saudi millionaire Osama bin Laden.

American officials say they have "convincing evidence" that bin Laden, who has been given shelter by Afghanistan's Islamic rulers, was involved in the bombings of the east African embassies.

In the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, the El Shifa Pharmaceutical Industries factory -- which U.S. officials say was housing chemical weapons -- was also attacked.

Pentagon sources confirmed to CNN that the attacks were made with cruise missiles, not aircraft. The missiles were fired from ships in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. The simultaneous attacks took place about 1:30 p.m. EDT (1730 GMT).

In a brief comment made before his departure, the president said, "Today, we have struck back."

The president said he ordered the strike against bin Laden and his compatriots because of "compelling information they were planning additional terrorist attacks against our citizens and others with the inevitable collateral casualties and .. seeking to acquire chemical weapons and other dangerous weapons."

Sudanese television showed piles of rubble at the factory and fire raging in the distance. People were seen walking through the damage, wearing masks.

Sudanese officials reacted angrily to the attacks. Interior Minister Abdul Rahim told CNN in a telephone interview that the privately owned pharmaceutical firm had "nothing to do with chemical weapons."

"We have no chemical weapons factory in our country," he said.

A statement read on Sudanese television about an hour after the attack said, "The wrongful American air force launched air attacks on Sudan tonight which aimed at strategic and vital areas." There was no report as to the number of casualties.

Bin Laden reportedly survives attack

In Afghanistan, a spokesman for the ruling Taliban, Mullah Abdullah, said that "bin Laden is safe and no damage has been done to any of his companions." Bin Laden has been living in Afghanistan with the permission of the Taliban, a fundamentalist Islamic group that controls most of the country.

Abdullah said the U.S. attacks were in Khost, about 90 miles (144 kilometers) south of the capital, Kabul, and on Jalalabad, 60 miles (96 kilometers) east of Kabul.

The supreme leader of the Taliban said they would never hand over bin Laden to the United States. A Pakistan-based Afghan news service quoted Mullah Mohammad Omar as condemning U.S. bombings on Afghan sites Thursday and saying that they showed "enmity" for the Afghan people.

Cohen: 'No sanctuary for terrorists'

U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen said the goal of the strikes was to disrupt and attempt to destroy the suspected training and support facilities used to train "hundreds, if not thousands, of terrorists." ( 1.9 MB / 20 sec. AIFF or WAV sound)

"We recognize these strikes will not eliminate the problem," Cohen said. "But our message is clear. There will be no sanctuary for terrorists and no limit to our resolve to defend American citizens and our interests -- our ideals of democracy and law -- against these cowardly attacks."

Cohen said planning for the attack began within the last week.

Military Affairs Correspondent Jamie McIntyre and Reuters contributed to this report.

Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-Owhali : 
The "Suicide Bomber" Who Ran Away

(Probably Saudi Intelligence)

Friday, 8 March 2013

Kenny Johannemann : 19XX - 2008

"The reason I killed myself was 'cause I was getting evicted and I can't handle being homeless. I also am very depressed since I was in 9/11. I've been drinking way too much and it's ruined my life. I've lost friends and family over drinking and I'm very lonely. There is nothing left for me to be happy about other than my cat. Sounds weird, but it's true. I just wanted to say sorry 2 any people I ever hurt in my life. I really was a good person when I wasn't drinking. I hope people remember that!

Kenny Johannemann"

On a separate sheet was a plea:

"Please find my cat a home. His name is Papa-Boy and he's a very special cat."

After Kenny Johannemann shot himself, relatives found a letter on White House stationery in the one-room apartment he shared only with his cat.

October 31, 2001

Dear Kenny,

We send you our heartfelt thanks and the thanks of a grateful Nation for your selfless efforts in responding to the tragic events of Sept. 11. Your actions in the midst of this national tragedy were truly heroic. Your saving a man who was on fire by dragging him out of an elevator and getting him to an ambulance reflected the best of the American spirit.


George Bush

Laura Bush

Johannemann was a part-time janitor assigned to clean rest rooms in the north tower on 9/11 and was, indeed, credited with saving a man.

His family says that day changed him, that he became withdrawn and began drinking heavily, falling in and out of work.

Twelve days before the seventh anniversary of the day he saved a life, Johannemann took his own.

The police then vouchered another letter, the suicide note the 43-year-old wrote on Sunday afternoon, shortly before the 5 p.m. deadline his landlord had set for him to vacate for nonpayment of rent.

The police brought Papa-Boy to the 122nd Precinct stationhouse on Staten Island. The tabby was trembling when one of Johannemann's cousins, Gerald Maya, picked him up. Maya also collected Johannemann's cell phone. He dialed every number in it to pass on the tragic news.

"Everybody I called on his cell phone said, 'I would have given him the money. The guy was beautiful.'" Maya said Wednesday. "Nothing bad on this man."

Maya had offered Johannemann a place to stay, as had another cousin who lived nearby.

Johannemann had declined.

"I really can't tell you why," Maya said.

The other cousin, Joseph Maya, spoke of the Johannemann before 9/11; a man who seemed content in his work and who delighted in his extended family.

"He had a job and he was happy," Joseph Maya said.

Johannemann often said he might have been killed on 9/11 had he not stopped to get a cup of coffee just before the plane hit.

Otherwise, he might have been on an elevator when a jet crashed and flaming fuel poured down the shaft.

Instead, he was waiting for an elevator when he heard a huge bang and the doors burst open. A man tumbled out on fire and Johannemann helped him to an ambulance.

"He was burned up bad but he was still alive," Johannemann told People magazine.

In the aftermath, Johannemann appeared on the "Jenny Jones Show" and received the letter from the White House. Privately, the hero became a reclusive alcoholic.

"He just started backing away and not bothering with anyone," Joseph Maya recalled.

He avoided family, even on the holidays he had always loved. He seemed convinced he was friendless and alone.

"He said he had nobody, but meanwhile everybody loved him," Joseph Maya said.

In May, he moved into a single room on Rome Ave. He landed a job as a custodian at a Manhattan museum two weeks ago, but he had fallen two months behind on his rent. The landlord, Anthony Mallazzi, told him to be out by 5 p.m. Sunday.

As the deadline neared, one of Mallazzi's sons heard a sound like a popping paper bag. Mallazzi arrived home soon afterward and went to see if his tenant had moved out. The door was open.

"I said, 'Kenny? Kenny?'" Mallazzi recalled.

Mallazzi entered and saw Johannemann. Nearby lay the two letters, the one on White House stationery and the suicide note.

"He was a 9/11 hero," Mallazzi said Wednesday. "He saved a person on 9/11."

Mallazzi paused.

"Who the hell's to blame?" Mallazzi said. "I feel a little guilty. Everybody feels a little guilty."

On Wednesday, Johannemann was waked at a Brooklyn funeral home.

Papa-Boy was at the cousin's house, cowering in corners, but beginning to venture out.

"At least he stopped shaking," Gerald Maya said.

"What floor were you on?"

"B-2....... In the basement"

  • The only people to die in the 1993 World Trade Centre Bombing were all custodial and maintenance staff.

  • All 6 died together in the Basement on level B-3, enjoying their lunch-break in the custodial staff room. 

  • Ramsey Yousef's Ryder Truck Bomb failed to compromise the core support column just outside he hoped would collapse one or both of the Twin Towers, rising from the pavement 70 feet above the staff room.

Custodians and on-site WTC Maintenance people are crucial 9/11 witnesses, as they would have intimate and detailed first hand knowledge of both occupancy levels and individual tenants within the complex on the day of the Towers' collapse, any strange activity within the complex in the days and weeks prior to the Towers' destruction and any unusual comings and goings or last minute relocations of either tenants individual departments or personnel. 

They were subject to privilaged and arcane information.

Like, perhaps, this:-
(credit to

"Now for another jaw dropping eye opener; Lets dissect this Occupancy FOIA a different way now. Lets look at some of the high upper floors and see when the first time this prime NY office space was leased;


Floor 86: FOIA line #514 - WORLD TELEPORT ASSOCIATION - 7/1/1998
Floor 87: FOIA line #521 - LT LAWRENCE & CO.,INC. - 1/15/1998
Floor 88: FOIA line #526 - P.A.(WORLD TRADE CENTER) - 8/1/1999
Floor 89: FOIA line #535 - CIIC GROUP (U.S.A.) LTD. - 2/17/1994
Floor 90: FOIA line #551 - CHUGOKU BANK, LTD. - 9/1/1991
Floor 91: FOIA line #561 - NEW JAPAN SECURITIES RESEARCH - 6/1/1990
Floor 92: FOIA line #567 - CARR FUTURES, INC. - 2/1/1998
Floor 93: FOIA line #568 - FRED ALGER MANAGEMENT, INC. - 6/1/1998
Floor 94: FOIA line #570 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 9/1/1998
Floor 95: FOIA line #571 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 9/1/1998
Floor 96: FOIA line #572 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 9/1/1998
Floor 97: FOIA line #573 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 11/1/1998
Floor 98: FOIA line #574 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 11/1/1998
Floor 99: FOIA line #575 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 11/1/1998
Floor 100: FOIA line #576 - J&H MARSH & MCLENNAN, INC. - 11/1/1998
Floor 101: FOIA line #577 - CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES - 9/1/1997
Floor 102: FOIA line #578 - LOWER MANHA CULTURAL COUNC - 9/1/1997
Floor 103: FOIA line #579 - CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES - 9/1/1997
Floor 104: FOIA line #580 - CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES - 9/1/1997
Floor 105: FOIA line #581 - CANTOR FITZGERALD SECURITIES - 4/1/1979
Floor 106: FOIA line #597 - WINDOWS ON THE WORLD - 12/15/1994
Floor 107: FOIA line #598 - WINDOWS ON THE WORLD - 10/1/1999
Lets Roll Forums Table Created by; Phil Jayhan -

Suicide notes written all in block capitals are profoundly suspicious.

Some Comments and Facts Concerning 
The Liar Willie Rodriguez:

"Neo - this is for you!"