Thursday, 5 December 2019


(The phone rings in REYES' bedroom. Her alarm clock shows the time as 9:09. REYES' picks up. The screen splits in half.)

REYES: (into phone) Hello?

SCULLY: (into phone) All right. I need to know.

REYES: (into phone) What?

SCULLY: (into phone) What my numerology is. My number. Whatever you call it. What am I?

REYES: (into phone) You're a nine.

SCULLY: (into phone) Which means what?

REYES: (into phone) Nine is completion. You've evolved through the experiences of all the other numbers to a spiritual realization that this life is only part of a larger whole.

(SCULLY is silent, and looks happy at what she's hearing.)

Have you heard of Jerusalem Syndrome?

Yeah, it's when people who visit the Holy Land suffer religious delusions induced by the journey.

Yeah, they return home convinced they're the Messiah, Moses, the Virgin Mary, even the Devil himself. 
Well, if that's what Simon Gates believes, he's just as delusional as Michael Kryder, only a lot more dangerous.

Yeah, but it still doesn't explain how he was able to burn his fingerprints into Owen Jarvis' flesh.

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