Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Last Days of Michael Hutchence

"That night Hutchence spoke of how proud he was that his step-daughters called him 'Daddy'..."


Medical conspiracy theories from the "experts" - a forensic pathologist who has worked on the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, 9/11 and the Diana Inquiry; this man is a Spook Pathologist.

Rampant, baseless speculation - none of which addresses the fact that his face and body were covered in bruises and "bore signs of a heavy beating".

He mentions (of course) that cocaine increases the libido, but fails to mention (of course) that Prozac completely destroys the libido and induces aorgasmia.

On camera interviews with The Liar Gerry Agar.

"Perhaps you should try and figure it out for yourself!!

Got off, GOT OFF?? I think the question should be who tried to get him on! 

You figure it out!"

"In a July 1998 interview that appeared in a fan newsletter, Colin Diamond, Hutchence's attorney and former executor of his estate, was asked about the vocalist's September 1996 opium bust and his defense that the narcotic was  planted by police.

"Perhaps you should try and figure it out for yourself!", Diamond snapped. 

Anita Debeny and Peaches Geldof (DECEASED)

"Michael and Paula were out of the country and during that time only a few people had any real access to the place: Bob Geldof, Anita Debney, the nanny who used to work for Bob for twelve or so years, and a woman called Gerry Agar, who had developed a grudge against both Paula and Michael. 

Peaches Geldof (DECEASED), Anita Debney (still in the employ of BOB GELDOF KBE) and Paula Yates (DECEASED), circa 1995

The police were called days after THE NANNY claimed she'd found two Smarty packets with opium in them.  

Geldof immediately had a new custody application before the courts, 'in light of recent events.' 

Anita Debney with Peaches' sons Astila and Phaedra Cohen-Geldof, 2013/4

The local police and prosecutors had the media on their case. There was enormous pressure on them, but even they had to admit something was a bit fishy. 

[The court] dropped all charges, remember, and Michael was issued with a certificate of non-prosecution by the Crown."

Anita Debney, Date unknown.

When asked if Hutchence "got off" fairly, Diamond snapped again: 

"Got off, GOT OFF?? I think the question should be who tried to get him on. 

You figure it out!"

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