Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Illegal Book of the Month Club : The Royals - by Kitty Kelley

Princess Anne:

"In Washington DC, Charles asked the Speaker of the House of Representatives why the Bald Eagle had been selected as the country's national symbol. Anne crinkled her nose in disgust. "Most unfortunate choice, isn't it?", she said. "

Apparently, Charles doesn't know, as any Master Mason would know, that the speculative Freemasons that founded America selected the Phoenix to be the esoteric national emblem - you can see it in the seals set into the floor of Freedom Plaza in Philidelphia - but within 50 years, an Anti-Masonry Party was threatening to become a national political force and mount a third party challenge in the 1820s, so they made up some bullshit story about how the artist on the seal didn't know what a Phoenix looked like and began redrawing it as a bald eagle and made out like it had always been that way.

There are major problems with this.

Beginning with (but not confined to) :

- Where did he get a bloody gun?

- Eleven Years after Dallas, Seven Years after the Ambassador and Twelve Years after the multiple attempts on President DeGaulle, she doesn't have a bullet-proof car...? 

Even J. Edgar Hoover had a bomb-proof car

Tom Clancy of the CIA openly admits that he leaves passages of his novels as blank spaces to allow the CIA to write whole sections of his books - here, we see CIA embed several popular and recurrent memes of a myth.

They suggest that the Provisional IRA attempted to Kidnap Princess Anne, which they did not do.

They suggest that the Provisional IRA (or rather INLA) blew up Airey Naeve, which they did not do.

They suggest that the Provisional IRA blew up Lord Mountbatten of Burma, and a number of innocent children, and conducted hostilities and operations inside the 26 Counties, which they did not do.

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