Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Mate —

Now, perhaps when you're ready, 
it might be possible to establish a relationship with them. 

But for now, for right now, you're just raw material to them. 

Since, they are aware of your existence —

They Will Be Coming.

You can bet on it.

“Through Max I met his mate Stan, a giant, charismatic and adorable man who I instinctively liken to Omar, one of the four Caliphs to succeed The Prophet. 

A bountiful and warm soul with a great strength, yet to be refined. I asked Stan: ‘Is there any way I have helped you that I might be able to use in a book about mentoring to illustrate how the principles work?’ 

He said: ‘Mate. The other day when that bloke knocked me for that money, you said that I should not look at the people of The World as resources there to serve me but at myself as someone who can help others. To accept that everything won’t go my way all the time and when I am disappointed to talk through those feelings before acting on them. 

In a situation like that in The Past I would’ve acted differently, aggressively, and tried to solve the problem through intimidation, which would’ve led to complications because this bloke is part of That World. 

Instead I went round there and politely explained my side of the situation and offered to help find a mutually beneficial solution. 

This is because you have taught me that I am valuable and I do not need to resort to bad behaviour to get what I want, that I am enough and do not need money to prove that I am a Man. 

I no longer unthinkingly get into conflict with my wife because I am stressed about work-related things, without recognizing it. 

The other day she asked me to do the washing up because I’d AGREED to and I just DID it. 

In the past there would’ve been an argument, especially if I was fearful around work. 

This is because you have shown me how to behave towards my wife and given me safe outlets for my feelings.’ 

Hearing this made me feel  Valuable and Useful.

The Gratitude of Others, is a good way to build Self-Esteem. 

If you Regularly Help Others, the tendency to think of yourself as Worthless or Not Good Enough diminishes.”

Excerpt From
by Russell Brand

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