Wednesday, 6 November 2019

You Females Got a Lot of Courage That We Men Don't Have

I want you to just know this, that I told my mama a long time ago, when everybody else gave up about my election in '48- 


My mother and my wife and my sisters and you females got a lot of courage that we men don't have. 
And so we have to rely on you and depend on you, and you've got something to do. 
You've got the President relying on you. 

And this is not the first one you've had! 
So there're not many women, you know, running around with a good many Presidents. 

So you just bear that in mind. 
You've got the biggest job of your life! 

JBK: [laughs] 
"She ran around with two Presidents." 
That's what they'll say about me!

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