Monday, 7 October 2019

I Don’t Want to Kill You

Natural Selection will make you willing to 
Sacrifice Your Life for a Brother 
Risk Your Life for a Cousin.

I •ALWAYS• Know Who You Are, It’s Just Sometimes I Don’t Recognise You.....

How did all this start? 
How did what all start? 

Well, this.

God said to Abraham,

"Look toward the heavens and number the stars and so shall your descendants be." 

But Abraham's wife, Sarah, wasn't getting any younger and God wasn't coming through on his promise.

[ I was very young when I had my kids.
I was very, very, VERY, very young.
I was barely even born yet when I had my oldest daughter, Elizabeth. ]

Anyway, Sarah was getting older, and she was getting nervous because she didn't have any children.

So she sent Abraham to the bed of her maid, Hagar.
And Abraham and Hagar had Ishmael.

And not long after they did, God kept his promise to Sarah as he always intended to.

And Abraham and Sarah had Isaac.
And Sarah said to Abraham, 

"Cast out this slave woman with her son.
For the son of this slave woman will not be heir with my son, Isaac." 

And so it began.

The Jews, 
The Sons of Isaac

The Arabs, 
The Sons of Ishmael

But what most people find important to remember* is that in the end the two sons came together to bury Their Father.

*I think most people also find it important to remember that the whole thing took place about 73 million years ago.

“He gets very cryptic like that. 

He's like, "Kevin , if a Big Snake gives birth to a Little Snake. . . what is that Little Snake gonna grow up to be?" 

“...a Big Snake...?" 

He's like, "Right. 

That Snake gives birth to a Snake. What's that gonna grow to be?" 

And I said , "Big Snake." 

He said , 
"Exactly, U Gotta No Who UR Father Is." 

And I'm like-- 
I don't know what that fucking means. So I'm like, 

"I hear ya..... I hear ya.... ."

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