Thursday, 17 October 2019

He Who Remembers

I killed someone. 
Madame Kovarian, in cold blood. 

In an aborted time line, in A World That Never Was. 

Yeah, but I can remember it, so it happened.

The World is changed.

I feel it in The Water.

I feel it in The Earth.

I smell it in The Air.

Much that once was, is lost. 

For none now live, Who Remember It.

The Anti-Monitor, The Enemy of The Free-peoples of New Earth was defeated. 

The Speed Force passed to Wally West, 

and The Superman of Earth-1 had this one chance to destroy Evil forever.

But The Hearts of Men are easily corrupted. 

And HyperTime has a will of its own. 

It betrayed Hawkman to his death. 

And some things that should NOT have been forgotten, were Lost.

History became Legend

Legend became Myth

And for two decades, the Multiverse passed out of ALL knowledge. 

Until, when chance came, it ensnared an NEW Champion.....

The aliens are yellow because Animal Mans (original) Origin occurred in a back-issue, 20 years pre-Crisis (in 1968).

Non-acid-free paper turns yellow when it gets old.


“The “final crisis,” as I saw it for a paper universe like DC’s, would be the terminal war between is and isn’t, between the story and the blank page. What would happen if the void of the page took issue with the quality of material imposed upon it and decided to fight back by spontaneously generating a living concept capable of devouring narrative itself? A nihilistic cosmic vampire whose only dream was to drain the multiverse dry of story material, then lie bloated beneath a dead sun, dying.”

Excerpt From


Grant Morrison

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