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All Hail The Great Architect

All Hail The Great Architect!

Gender is in EVERYTHING. 

EVERYTHING has it's Masculine AND Feminine Principles.

Gender manifests on ALL PLANES
Mental Gender is the state of co-existence between the Masculine and Feminine aspects of the human mind.

Our Left Brain Hemisphere largely fascilitates the Masculine aspects of The Mind, or Inellect (logic, analytical, and linear thought processes), while the Right Brain Hemispehere largely fascilitates the Feminine aspect or Intuition (creative, compassionate and holistic thought processes)

Emmet Brickowoski: 
Aaaah! Am I just gonna keep falling forever? 

[finally Emmet lands somewhere and it cuts to blackness

[finally Emmet becomes conscious he finds he can't move but is able to think

Is this another vision? 
Where am I? 
[he sees the sign for Octan Tower

Is that the office tower? 

[we see Emmet has fallen on the ground in a basement where all the different Lego realms including Bricksburg have been assembled on a large table


[he suddenly feels the ground shaking as if someone has taken a giant footstep

What was that?

 [we see a human boy, Finn, running around the basement heading towards Emmet

No, no, no, no!


[Finn accidentally steps on Emmet as he carries on running, we then see Finn is playing with the Lego set and actually carrying the spaceship Benny had built as if it's flying]


Spaceship! Spaceship!

Emmet Brickowoski: 
What in the world is that? 

[he continues to watch Finn playing with the Lego spaceship]


[suddenly Finn notices Emmet lying on the floor


[Finn comes over to pick Emmet up

No! No! No, no, no, no! 
Hey, don't eat me! Don't eat me! 
Do not eat me! Please!

[Finn gently picks Emmet up and looks at him]

Hi, Emmet.

Emmet Brickowoski: 
Uh...hi? Is this The Man...? 

[suddenly the basement door opens and the shadow of a man appears at the top of the stairs and he starts walking down the stairs

The Man Upstairs. 

[when the man finally reaches the last step we see it's Finn's father wearing a business suit and looking annoyed]

The Man Upstairs: 

What happened? 

[as he sees all the different Lego pieces all over the place

No, no, no. This is a disaster. Why...why is...? 

What? What?! 

What?! The-the...why is the dragon on top of the luxury condo development?

I was just playing and...

The Man Upstairs: 
Look, I know it's hard to understand.
But this is Dad's stuff, okay? All of this that you see before you is all your father's. And everything is thought out, there's... 

[he looks around and sees the top of Octan Tower missing]

The Man Upstairs: 
What did you down here? 
Did you take the top off of the tower?

It was an accident.

The Man Upstairs: 

You accidentally, expertly, carefully took the entire top off of that tower...?



The Man Upstairs: 
You know The Rules
This isn't a toy! 
Finn: kind of is.

The Man Upstairs: 
No, actually it's a highly sophisticated inter-locking brick system.

But we bought it at the toy store.

The Man Upstairs: 
We did, but they way I'm using it makes it an adult thing.

The box for this one said "Ages 8 to 14"!

The Man Upstairs: 
That's a suggestion. They have to put that on there.

Because maybe we won't be able to resist playing with all this.

The Man Upstairs: 
Look, I moved your stuff over near to the decorations. 
All those bricks, you can build anything you want. 

[Emmet sees the larger Lego pieces piled together in a box, he notices Finn looking sad]

Finn, we're gonna play a little game. 
It's called "let's put everything back the way you found it." 
But, Dad, you don't understand...

The Man Upstairs : 
So I can make things they way they're supposed to be. 

[he turns goes over to the nearby table and picks up a tube of Krazy Glue]


Emmet Brickowoski: 

More Kragles! 

[back in the Lego world, Lord Business tries to stop the citizens from fighting back]

Lord Business: 

This rebellion ends right now! 

[he releases a bunch of micro-managers onto the city and they start attacking, then we see Finn's father is actually the micro-manger as using the Krazy Glue to stick a flying Lego truck the onto the Lego board]

Bricksburg Citizen: 

Oh, no! 

[then we see a Lego fireman who's build a machine out of his fire truck to fight off the micro-managers]


Ha-ha! Fire in the hole! 

[Finn's father goes to pick up the fireman's truck

Wait! What's happening? 
No, wait! No, we're going down! 

[Finn's father destroys the assembled fire truck Lego piece


[we see one of Emmet's neighbors, Sharon, who's build a sled with her cats tied to the front as they rush away from the micro-managers]




Hold on, dear, we're coming for you. 

[the micro-manager gets her which is in fact Finn's father gluing Sharon to the Lego board]


Emmet Brickowoski: 


Oh, no!

[Emmet watches in horror as Finn's father continues to glue the Lego pieces]

Metal Beard: 

Arr, there be too many micro-managers!

[Finn's father is holding Benny's spaceship in his hand]

The Man Upstairs: 

What am I holding here?


It's a battleship.

The Man Upstairs: 

No, it's a hodge-podge that's what it is. 
What's Batman doing on it?!? 

[he throws Batman off the spaceship then picks up Metal Beard

What is this? A robot pirate? 

[he throws Metal Beard down and he lands next to Batman]


Dang it.

[Emmet watches all this in horror as Finn holds him]

Emmet Brickowoski: 

Stop! Stop it! No! Stop it! Stop!

[Finn's father notices Emmet in Finn's hand]

The Man Upstairs: 
You got glue all over that construction worker. 
Here, give that to me. 

[he takes Emmet from Finn]

Emmet Brickowoski: 
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! 

[he looks down and sees all his friends scattered all over the Lego board

All of those are my friends! 
No! Stop it!

Metal Beard: 
We were a hearty crew, but it be over.

Emmet Brickowoski: 

[Finn's father turns Emmet around in his hand and Emmet notices the Piece of Resistance on the floor

The Piece of Resistance! 
I can still save them.

The Man Upstairs: 
Let's get this gunk off this construction worker. 

[he places Emmet on his work table]

He's not just a construction worker, Dad. 
He's The Hero. 

The Man Upstairs: 
No, he's not. 

He is a ordinary, regular, generic construction worker, 
and I need to put him back the way he was. 

Now, where is Xacto knife? 

 [as Emmet lies on the table]

Emmet Brickowoski:

I gotta get the Piece of Resistance. 
If I could get the attention of the smaller creature. I gotta move.

[Finn's father continues to look for his knife]

The Man Upstairs: 

Where is that? 

[using all his strength Emmet manages to slightly move on the table catching Finn's father eye, but he quickly dismisses and looks away


[Emmet starts to twitch more on the table and everytime he moves Finn's father turns to look at him not sure of what he's seen, as he turns back to look for his knife Emmet tries to move again]

Emmet Brickowoski: 


[Emmet finally manages to move enough to drop himself off the table]


[this catches Finn's attention]


Uh, Dad?

The Man Upstairs: 



I think I saw the Xacto over there in Middle Zealand.

The Man Upstairs: 

Oh, great. Thank you.


 [as he goes to get the knife Finn quickly goes over and picks Emmet from the floor and hands him the Piece of Resistance

It's up to you now, Emmet.

[Finn then turns and looks at a cat poster with the phrase "Believe" written on it which Emmet also notices, he them remembers what Vitruvius had told him and then suddenly the cat's mouth on the poster starts moving as Vitruvius speaks]


I know that sounds like a cat poster, but it's True.

[Finn uses a magic Lego portal that he's built to send Emmet down where Emmet can start moving again and crashes back in Lego world]

Emmet Brickowoski: 

Sorry, street. 

[as Emmet start running through the street he notices the different Lego pieces and sees in his mind how he can assemble a fighting machine from the construction site] I can see everything! 

[he quickly assembles a large fighting machine to join in the battle which the micro-managers notice]

What the heck is that?

Emmet Brickowoski: 

I am a Master Builder!

Lord Business: Release every micro-manager we have!
Micro-Manager: Let's get him, fellas!

[Emmet uses his machine to knock out the micro-managers attacking him, he looks down and waves to his friends]

Emmet Brickowoski: Hey, everyone!

Wyldstyle: Emmet!

Unikitty: We're saved!
Emmet Brickowoski: Lucy, I'm going inside that thing.
Wyldstyle: You got it, Emmet.
[Emmet uses his machine to make his way to Lord Business's aircraft as he fights off the micro-managers]

Emmet Brickowoski: Take that! Ha-ha! Come here!

Batman: Welcome back, kid.

Metal Beard: Here's how we do it pirate style! 

[they all join to help Emmet fight off the micro-managers]


Emmet, that's it! [as Emmet gets knocked down by one of the micro-mangers Unikitty watches in distress]


[she watches as herd of micro-managers surround Emmet in his machine
Stay positive! Stay positive! 
[as he tries to fend off the micro-managers]

Emmet Brickowoski: 

Come on! 
[unable to keep a positive attitude suddenly Unikitty unleashes her rage]

[she starts attacking the micro-managers] 
You all need to be more friendly! Emmet, go! 
Go, now's your chance!

Metal Beard: She's right, you can do it, laddy!

Go on, kid. Get in there.

[Emmet finally manages to break into Lord Business's aircraft]

Emmet Brickowoski: 
Lord Business.

Lord Business: 
Back from the dead, Brickowoski? Well, you're too late! Skeletrons, get him. 

[as the skeletal robots start attacking Emmet he quickly fight them off and in the process knocks Lord Business out of his evil suit, Lord Business then uses the Krazy Glue and sprays some on Emmet making one of his legs freeze]

Emmet Brickowoski: 
I can't move!

[Lord Business does an evil laugh]

Lord Business: 

You see your friends? Oh, they're finished! And my world is almost finished. [the micro-managers capture Emmet's friends] 
And the last thing I need to do is finish you. [he walks over to Emmet and points the glue at him]

Emmet Brickowoski: 
No, stop! Please! If you do one thing and I'm gonna unleash my secret weapon!
Lord Business: Your secret weapon?

Emmet Brickowoski: 
Yes. It's called "the power of the Special."

Lord Business: That sounds dumb.

Emmet Brickowoski: Alright. Here it comes. My secret this. [he holds up his hand]

Lord Business: What is that? Is it super small? I don't see anything.

Emmet Brickowoski: It's my hand. I want you to take it.

Lord Business: You want me to take your hand off?

Emmet Brickowoski: No. I want you to join me. Look at all of these things that people built. 

[he points to the TV monitors showing the Lego citizens in their various fighting machines] 
You might see a mess...

Lord Business: 

Exactly! And a bunch of weird dorky stuff that ruined my perfectly good stuff!

Emmet Brickowoski: 

Okay. What I see are people inspired by each other, and by you. People taking what you made and making something new out of it. 

[this serves as a parallel to the real world where Finn's father looks at the Lego pieces Finn has assembled together]

The Man Upstairs: 
Finn, did you make all of this?

The People are trying to stop President Business from using the Kragle.

The Man Upstairs: 
What's the Kragle?

Finn:'s in there. 

[he points to the big black box which is Lord Business's aircraft]
The Man Upstairs: 
In here? 

[Finn's father opens the top of the aircraft and takes out Lord Business, he then looks around the room where he's put up "Do Not Touch" signs all over the Lego pieces he'd built

So... President Business is The Bad Guy...? 

[Finn doesn't reply and looks down] 

 If The Construction Worker Could Speak to Lord Business :
What Would He Say...?

[back in the Lego world Emmet delivers his speech to Lord Business]

Emmet Brickowoski: 
You...don't have to be The Bad Guy. 

You are the most talented, most interesting and extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things, because you are the Special. 

[Lord Business looks shocked and lowers the Kragle] 
And so am I. And so is everyone. 

The prophecy is made up, but it's also True. 

It's about all of us. Right now, it's about you. 

And you still can change everything. 

[he holds up the Piece of Resistance, Lord Business drops the Kragle and starts walking over to Emmet, back in the real world Finn's father hugs Finn, at the same time in Lego world we see Lord Business is hugging Emmet

Oh, we got a hugger. 

[Emmet hands the Piece of Resistance to Lord Business] Be careful. I have been told it might explode.
[Lord Business winks at Emmet, makes his way to the Kragle, in the real world Finn's father places the lid on the Krazy Glue, at the same time Lord Business places the Piece of Resistance on to the Kragle and into the TAKO device]
Lord Business: Emmet, thank you. And I just want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, from this moment forward, I solemnly promise that I will never... [suddenly the Kragle explodes causing all the micro-managers to die, Emmet lands in the middle of the city where his friends are]
Benny: Emmet!
Metal Beard: Emmet!
Batman: Emmet!
Unikitty: Hi!
Emmet Brickowoski: Hey, everyone!
Unikitty: Yay!
Emmet Brickowoski: Is everyone okay? Where's Lucy?
[Wyldstyle comes up from under a micro-manager]
Wyldstyle: Emmet!
Emmet Brickowoski: 

[Emmet rushes over to her and Wyldstyle jumps into his arms]
We did it. 

[just as they are about to hold hands Batman interrupts them] 

Oh, um. Emmet, wait. Batman, there's something I need to say to you.

No, Wyldstyle. I mean...Lucy. 
[he points to Emmet] 
He's The Hero You Deserve.

[Wyldstyle smiles and Emmet looks behind him to see who Batman was pointing at
Thanks, Batman.
[Wyldstyle turns Emmet's face towards her and they finally holds hands, everyone cheers for them, then we see Vitruvius's ghostly form hovering over the city watching them]
Vitruvius: I liked Emmet before he was cool. 

[we see Lord Business is pouring an antidote to unstick everybody]
Lord Business: 
Whoops, I have the antidote for the Kragle. How did that happen? 

[at the same time in the real world Finn's father is pouring glue remover all over the Lego pieces as Finn watches]

The Man Upstairs: 
What's this? Yay! 

[as Finn's father pours glue remover onto Pa and Ma Cop Finn reunites Bad Cop with his parents]

Oh, Mommy, Daddy, you're okay!

Ma Cop: 
Oh, son!

[Bad Cop who's now using his drawn on Good Cop face hugs his parents]
Good Cop: 
Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.

Pa Cop: 
We're okay, son. 

[in the real world as Finn and his father are playing with the Lego pieces Finn's mother calls out]

Finn's Mother: 
Hey, guys? Time to come up for dinner! 
It's Taco Tuesday, your favorite!

The Man Upstairs: 
Okay, honey! 
We'll be up in a sec!

Finn: Yeah, we'll be up in a sec!

The Man Upstairs: I gotta tell you something.

The Man Upstairs: 
Now that I'm letting you come down here and play, guess who else gets to come down here and play?
Finn: Who?
The Man Upstairs: 
Your sister.
Finn: ....what?

[last lines; as everyone in the Lego world is celebrating]

Emmet Brickowoski: 
Well, things sure have a way of working out smoothly. 
Am I right, guys? 
[suddenly and alien spaceship hovers above them]

Metal Beard: 
[a trio of Duplo alien figures descend into Lego world]

We are from the planet Duplon, and we are here to destroy you.

Emmet Brickowoski: 
Oh, man.

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