Thursday, 28 June 2018


Stop right there. Whoa!

Daryl Dixon :
You gonna make us?

Jesus, what the hell is this?
Jesus :
Open The Gates, Cal.
Freddie's hurt.
Look, sorry about these guys.
They get antsy standing up there all day doing nothing.

They give up the weapons.

Then we'll open the gates.

Daryl Dixon :

Why don't you come down here and get 'em?

Gentlemen, look, we vouch for these people, all right?

They saved us out there.

Lower the spears.

Look, I'm not taking any chances.
Tell your guy Gregory to come out here.

No. Don't you see what just happened?
I'm letting you keep your guns.
Look, we ran out of ammo months ago.
I like you people. I trust you. Trust us.

Open the gates, Cal.

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