Monday, 7 May 2018

This is Why I Can't Go Out

Dr. Sam Weizak :
Hello, John. May I come in? 

John The Dreamer :
How did you find me? My father? 

Sam :
Stopped off to see him. 
He said you moved to a new town.
He's worried about you. 
And so am I. 

John the Dreamer :
Don't worry. I'm taking care of myself. It's about time. 

I'm still your doctor. You're still under my care. We have to... well, stay in touch. Well-- How's the, uh-- All healed up now? 

John the Dreamer :
The bullet... went right through me. - 
[ Like he wasn't even there. ]
It's nothing.

Good. Nice place you have here. 

John the Dreamer :
It's home. 

Those headaches are getting worse, aren't they? 

John the Dreamer :
Three, four times a day sometimes. I brought you some new medication. 

John the Dreamer :
No! No more pills. 

It takes time to recover. The healing process is slow. 

John the Dreamer :
I'm not getting better. I'm getting worse. Isn't that right? 

Sam :
All right. Now listen. I've done some research into the area of psychic phenomena. Several cases, such as yours, have been documented. I was surprised to discover. And the pattern is always the same. As the spells, the visions, grow stronger and more powerful, the body weakens. I don't need any research or documentation to see this thing is sucking the life out of you. One look tells me that. 

John the Dreamer :
You mean I'm going to die? How long? 

Sam :
I think we can arrest the process, reverse it even. 

John the Dreamer :
- How? - 

Sam :
Come back with me. 

John the Dreamer :
- Where? - 

To the clinic. 

John the Dreamer :
No. Absolutely no. 

John, please. You must! 

John the Dreamer :
So you can study me? 

Sam :
No. So I can protect you. 
You need to be in a controlled environment, John. 

John the Dreamer :
I want to show you something.
 Come with me. 

Cards and letters keep pouring in. 

Sam :
What is all this? 

John the Dreamer :
It's People 

People, with lost dogs, lost children, lost lives. 

Sam :
You haven't even opened them. 

John the Dreamer :
I don't have to. 
They all want reassurance, help, love... things I can't give them. 
Father sends it. I let it pile up. 

Why do you keep it? 

John the Dreamer :
This is why I can't go out... 
live my life, why I stay locked up here. 
I'm already living in a controlled environment, Sam. 

Nothing can touch me here. 
I'm alone. 
I'm safe. 

Sorry about that. 

Well, let's go see 
Chris. This is Johnny. 
Remember I said he was coming? 

I'll leave you alone to get acquainted. 

He Leaves - Johnny takes in his surroundings.

The kid continues to draw quietly, without looking up.

Johnny crosses over to the room and begins examining a particularly large, unused Train Set - as he does, he speaks softly in an almost off-hand manner.

John the Dreamer :
Your father wants me to bring you out of your shell. 
I don't know what to do. 

Chris :
You don't have to do anything. 
My dad lives in a shell, not me. 

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