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Accession : Camilla is Nothing But a Decoy

Parker Bowles to escape prosecution over car crash

Camilla Parker Bowles will not be prosecuted over a car crash in a country lane while driving to the Prince of Wales's Highgrove Estate, it was announced yesterday.

The Crown Prosecution Service has decided that there is insufficient evidence to bring charges over the head-on accident involving Mrs Parker Bowles, 50, and Carolyn Melville-Smith, 53, last month. Neither woman was seriously hurt in the collision between Norton and Easton Grey, near Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Ms Melville-Smith, of Easton Grey, whose Volvo estate car turned on its side in the accident, leaving her trapped by her skirt, which was caught in the car door, claimed Mrs Parker Bowles "appeared like a missile" at the wheel of a Ford Mondeo before the impact.

Mrs Parker Bowles left the scene of the accident to use her mobile telephone to call the ambulance service and police from a nearby hill. She then called the Prince, who was expecting her for dinner at nearby Highgrove House, his Gloucestershire home.

He sent his own police bodyguard, to the scene with two of his valets and two other members of staff. Mrs Parker Bowles told the police she had not remained at the scene of the accident or exchanged details with the other driver, as required by law, because she was concerned about the security risk.

Ms Melville-Smith, an interior designer, of Easton Grey, said yesterday: "I don't want Camilla to be prosecuted because it won't get me anywhere. So long as I am not left out of pocket I am happy to let the matter rest. At the moment we are sorting it all out through our insurance companies but if I don't get full compensation I think I will write to Camilla. It would be really bitchy if I did pursue it because Camilla has a hard enough time anyway and she would only get more bad press."

The decision not to bring charges was partly due to Ms Melville-Smith's refusal to make an official complaint. However, even she had complained, it is understood that there was still insufficient evidence to bring charges. A police spokesman said: "There were no independent witnesses to this accident and the evidence available at the scene, such as skid marks and other marks, when taken in isolation, was not sufficient to justify or support a prosecution."

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 Prince Charles' flame Camilla Parker Bowles, blamed by Princess Diana for the failure of her marriage, was slightly injured in a car accident near the prince's home in southwest England.

News reports said Parker Bowles, 49, suffered a head injury and a sprained wrist when her car hit another head on.

Police said the collision happened Wednesday night as Parker Bowles was driving between two villages close to the prince's Highgrove estate at Tetbury. She was alone.

Although dazed, she managed to call the police post at Charles' estate on her mobile phone.

The other driver, a woman, was treated in a hospital for chest injuries, then discharged.

News reports said after giving a statement to police, Parker Bowles was taken to the prince's estate. She returned to her nearby home Thursday morning.

I am sitting here at my desk today in October, longing for someone to hug me & encourage me to keep strong & hold my head high — this particular phase in my life is the most dangerous — my husband is planning "an accident" in my car. brake failure & serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy. 

Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we are all being used by the man in every sense of the word.

I have been battered, bruised and abused mentally by a system for 15 years now, but I feel no resentment, I carry no hatred. 

I am weary of the battles, but I will never surrender. 

I am strong inside and maybe that is a problem for my enemies. 

Thank you Charles, for putting me through such hell and for giving me the opportunity to learn from the cruel things you have done to me. I have gone forward fast and have cried more than anyone will ever know. The anguish nearly killed me, but my inner strength has never let me down, and my guides have taken such good care of me up there. Aren't I fortunate to have had their wings to protect me.

Killer Decoys For The Rut

Welcome to the rut. Bowhunters across North America have been waiting and working for this time of year since this time last year. It’s an exciting time to be in the woods. Anything can happen. Whether you’ve been watching a slammer for months or not, now’s the time one can walk into your life. If he does, will you be ready?

Put a decoy to work and prepare for the big show! You just never know what you might see.

Put a decoy to work and prepare for the big show! You just never know what you might see.

Deer are curious creatures. They also are social creatures. And during the rut, bucks are territorial and aggressive. Put all those pieces together, and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for using a decoy.

If ever there’s a time to be aggressive – to switch your hunting tactics from passive to active – it’s now. Bucks can be lured in by calls, scents and by decoys. Heck, using all three can be deadly.

But what should you look for in a decoy? What’s one that will work where you hunt?

Here’s a quick rundown on some killer decoys for the rut..

Flambeau Boss Buck 

Let’s start out with the biggest and the baddest. Flambeau’s Boss Buck is about as big as decoys come. It’s about the size of a 170 pound deer, with a 120-inch rack. For looks, it’s dead on. It’s very realistic.

The Boss Buck from Flambeau.

The Boss Buck from Flambeau.

But if you’re going to use the Boss Buck, or one of a similar size, you’d better have some big, mature bucks in your hunting area. If you hunt an area where 3.5-year-olds are considered “mature,” then don’t go for the Boss. In my experience, this decoy intimidates a lot of bucks. It seems like only the biggest, toughest bucks on the block will take on the Boss. If you’ve got such deer around, then this decoy is lethal.

It’s a bit heavy – 22 pounds, to be exact. So hauling this decoy into the field will be a chore. You might not like it if you have to travel very far on foot. But if you don’t have to go far, then this is a decoy that will catch a buck’s eye from a long way off. It won’t disappear in a cut cornfield.

Plan on setting The Boss upwind from your stand, but down wind from where you expect deer to approach. A buck most likely will want to check the decoy’s scent before initiating a fight, and that means he’s likely to circle down wind of it. Hopefully, that should take him between your stand and the decoy. So don’t put your decoy any more than 30 yards from your stand.

Face the decoy toward your stand. Approaching bucks like to look an intruder in the eyes. By facing the decoy toward your stand, you are further encouraging the buck to walk between you and the decoy.

Montana Decoy Dreamy Doe

Montana Decoy Dreamy Doe

MT Decoy Dreamy Doe

Another decoy that’s good for use while hunting from a tree stand or ground blind is a doe decoy. The Montana Decoy Dreamy Doe is a two-dimensional decoy that you would stake into the ground within bow range of your position.

Tack a white handkerchief to the butt, and run a length of fishing line to your stand or blind, and you can make that doe’s tail twitch. Such signs of life often are just the trick to convince a buck to move closer.

A lot of hunters don’t like to use lone doe decoys. I’m one of them. You’ll attract too many deer you don’t want to shoot, such as fawns and other does. Having all those eyes, ears and noses around is never good. You will end up getting busted.

If you’re going to use the Dreamy Doe, use it in conjunction with a buck decoy. The buck will keep the does and fawns away. Only a buck is likely to venture close to such a tandem.

 Lucky Duck Renzo Buck 

As I said, peak rut is the time to get aggressive with your tactics. And what is more aggressive than getting on the ground and stalking deer behind a decoy? Basically, you are the challenger.

Lucky Duck’s Renzo buck decoy is ideal for spotting and stalking rutting bucks. It’s a photograph of a

Lucky Duck Renzo Decoy

Lucky Duck Renzo Buck Decoy

young buck that will certainly aggravate any buck over 1.5.

This is a two-dimensional decoy, so you simply walk toward a buck while hiding behind the decoy. Down wind, of course. Use the Renzo decoy stakes, and you can set this decoy upright, while kneeling behind it with your bow at the ready.

Move in slowly and stop often. See how the buck reacts to your encroachment. As long as he’s moving toward me, I stay still. As long as he stays still, I’ll move toward him.

This decoy works best, I’ve found, when you can obscure an approaching buck’s view of it. Use it in tall grass, or just over the top of a hill the buck must climb. Just give him a glimpse of the decoy, and watch him go wild.

Be prepared for this tactic to spook many bucks. It doesn’t always work. Like calling and decoying a big old spring gobbler, you’ve got to find the right buck, in the right mood. When you do, hold on to your hat. You’re in for a new level of bowhunting excitement.

Non-Traditional Decoys 

Wanna be the decoy? Add this hat to your arsenal and you'll be set up for a decoy experience like no other.

Wanna be the decoy? Add this hat to your arsenal and you’ll be set up for a decoy experience like no other.

So not all of us like to march in a straight line. Some of us like to do things a little different. Here are a couple of decoys that might fit your taste.

Be The Decoy makes a foam hat that looks like the head of a deer. The idea is, you stay low, and sneak in on a buck while only exposing your head. Obviously, when using this or any decoy on a spot and stalk hunt, be careful! When you are pretending to be a deer, it’s possible to get shot by another hunter.

Primos makes the Waggin’ Whitetail decoy, which is a

Nothing seals the deal when decoying like motion. The Primos Tail Wagger brings your decoy to life.

Primos Waggin’ Whitetail.

remote-controlled, wagging deer tail. You can attach it to a 3-D decoy or to a fence post. Hit the remote and the tail twitches.

Finally, the creme-de-la-crème of electronic decoys is the Custom Robotic Wildlife bedded deer

decoy. It’s basically a taxidermy deer in the bedded position, and the head and tail move under battery power. Of course, this one costs $1,500, so it’s not going to be practical for everyone.

If you’ve never tried decoying deer, give it a shot right now, while the rut is raging, and see if it doesn’t help you fill your tag. If you do, I guarantee you’ll never forget the experience.

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