Tuesday, 14 January 2020


My Name is Doktor von Wer
I am an Exo-Colonial Earth Examiner to The Planet Vulcan!


(A newcomer has entered the clearing.)

Hello? Is there anyone there? Hello? 
Hello? Why don't they come? 
(sees The Doctor
Ah, so you've come at last. 
I'm from Earth. I'm The Examiner.

(There's a gun shot. The man crumples to the ground. Horrified, the Doctor's about to dive for cover then pauses and, keeping low, approaches the fallen figure. He rolls the man over, and sees that he is dead. Searching for some kind of identification, the Doctor finds a large round badge. Automatically reaching into his top pocket he pulls out a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles and puts them on. He squints at the badge and moves it backwards and forwards, trying to focus on it, yet all he can see is a misty blur. He removes the spectacles and tries again. This time the text is clear.)

Earth Examiner. Accord every access. Vulcan.

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