Thursday, 2 May 2019


Mortal : 
If You were gonna DO something, 
you shoulda done it when we NEEDED You! 
Where were you THEN? 

God :
I Was Dead.

Mortal : 
Yeah, well... 
Maybe so... 
But you still shoulda DONE somethin’!


I'm glad you're back at the compound. 

I don't like the idea of you rattling around a mansion by yourself. 

We all need Family. 
The Avengers are yours. 
Maybe more so than mine. 

I've been on my own since I was 18. 

I never really fit in anywhere, even in the army. 

My faith's in People, I guess. Individuals. 

And I'm happy to say that, for the most part, they haven't let me down. 

Which is why I can't let them down either. 

Locks can be replaced, but maybe they shouldn't. 

I know I hurt you, Tony. 

I guess I thought by not telling you about your parents I was sparing you, but I can see now that I was really sparing myself, and I'm sorry. 

Hopefully one day you can understand. 

I wish we agreed on the Accords, I really do. 

I know you're doing what you believe in, and that's all any of us can do. 

That's all any of us should. 

So no matter what, I promise you, if you need us…

If you need me…

I'll be There.


YOUTH: Wait a minute! I’m supposed to just let that one slip by? 

‘To get rid of one’s problems, all one can do is live in the universe all alone?’ 

What do you mean by that? If you lived all alone, wouldn’t you be horribly lonely? 

Oh, but being alone isn’t what makes you feel lonely.

Loneliness is having other people and society and community around you, 
and having a deep sense of being excluded from them. 

To feel lonely, 
we need other people. 

That is to say, it is only in social contexts that a person becomes an ‘individual’. 

YOUTH: If you were really alone, that is, if you existed completely alone in the universe, you wouldn’t be an individual and you wouldn’t feel lonely, either? 

PHILOSOPHER: I suppose the very concept of loneliness wouldn’t even come up. 

You wouldn’t need language, and there’d be no use for logic or commonsense, either. 

But such a thing is impossible. 

Even if you lived on an uninhabited island, you would think about someone far across the ocean. Even if you spend your nights alone, you strain your ears to hear the sound of someone’s breath. 

As long as there is someone out there somewhere, you will be haunted by loneliness. 

YOUTH: But then, you could just rephrase that as ‘if one could live in the universe all alone, one’s problems would go away’, couldn’t you? 

PHILOSOPHER: In theory, yes. As Adler goes so far as to assert, ‘All problems are interpersonal relationship problems.’ 

YOUTH: Can you say that again? 

PHILOSOPHER: We can repeat it as many times as you like: all problems are interpersonal relationship problems. This is a concept that runs to the very root of Adlerian psychology. 

If all interpersonal relationships were gone from this world, which is to say if one were alone in the universe and all other people were gone, all manner of problems would disappear. 

YOUTH: That’s a lie! It’s nothing more than academic sophistry. 

PHILOSOPHER: Of course, we cannot do without interpersonal relationships. 

A human being’s existence, in its very essence, assumes the existence of other human beings. 

Living completely separate from others is, in principle, impossible. As you are indicating, the premise ‘if one could live all alone in the universe’ is unsound. 

YOUTH: That’s not the issue I am talking about. 

Sure, interpersonal relationships are probably a big problem. That much I acknowledge. 

But to say that everything comes down to interpersonal relationship problems, now that’s really an extreme position. 

What about the worry of being cut off from interpersonal relationships, the kind of problems that an individual agonises over as an individual; problems directed to oneself. 

Do you deny all that? 

PHILOSOPHER: There is no such thing as worry that is completely defined by the individual; so-called internal worry does not exist. 

Whatever the worry that may arise, the shadows of other people are always present. 

YOUTH: But still, you’re a philosopher. Human beings have loftier, greater problems than things like interpersonal relationships. 

What is happiness, what is freedom? 

And what is the meaning of life? 

Aren’t these the themes that philosophers have been investigating ever since the ancient Greeks? 

And you’re saying, so what? 

Interpersonal relationships are everything? 

It seems kind of pedestrian to me. 

It’s hard to believe that a philosopher would say such things. 

PHILOSOPHER: Well, then, it seems there’s a need to explain things a bit more concretely. 

YOUTH: Yes, please do! If you’re going to tell me that you’re a philosopher, then you’ve got to really explain things, or else this makes no sense. 

PHILOSOPHER: You were so afraid of interpersonal relationships that you came to dislike yourself. 

You’ve avoided interpersonal relationships by disliking yourself. 

These assertions shook the youth to his very core. 

The words had an undeniable truth that seemed to pierce his heart. 

Even so, he had to find a clear rebuttal to the statement that all the problems that people experience are interpersonal relationship problems. Adler was trivialising people’s issues.  
The problems I’m suffering from aren’t so mundane! 



I'd rather not do this now. 

Yeah, me too. 

Why did you hate your father? 

Do you have something, 
a cowl or something you can put on? 

Why did you hate Your Father? 

Give me an honest answer. 

You had a father who loved you, 
he gave a damn about you. 

I didn't hate him. 

REY : 
Then why? 

Why, what? 
Why, what? 

Say it. 

REY : 
Why did you... 

Why did you kill him? 
 I don't understand. 

No? Your parents threw you away like garbage. 

They didn't! 

They Did
But you can't stop needing them. 

It's your Greatest Weakness. 
Looking for them everywhere.... 
In Han Solo.... now in Skywalker. 

Did he tell you what happened that night? 



He had sensed my power, 
as he senses yours. 

And he feared it.


Let The Past Die. 
Kill it, if You Have to. 

That's the only way to become 
What You Were Meant to Be. 

No! No! 


I should have felt trapped or panicked. 

But I didn't. 

This didn't go on forever, 
I knew it was leading somewhere. 

And that, at The End, 
it would show me what I came to see. 


Let me see them. 
My parents... please. 

I thought I'd find answers here. 
I was wrong. 
I've never felt so alone 

You're not alone. 

Neither are you. 


It isn't too late. 


It is True? 
Did you try to murder him? 

Leave this island now! 

Stop. Stop! 
Did you do it? 
Did you create Kylo Ren? 

Tell Me The Truth. 

I saw darkness. 
I'd sensed it building in him. 
I'd see it at moments during his training. 

But then I looked inside... 
And it was beyond what I ever imagined. 
Snoke had already turned his heart. 

He would bring destruction, and pain, and death... and The End of Everything I Love 
because of What He Will Become. 

And for the briefest moment of pure instinct... 
I thought I could stop it. 

It passed like a fleeting shadow. 
And I was left with shame... 
and with consequence. 

And the last thing I saw
were the eyes of a frightened boy,
whose Master had failed him. 

Ben, no! 

You failed him by thinking his choice was made - 
It wasn't. 

There is still conflict in him. If he turned from the dark side, that could shift the tide. 

This could be how we win. 

This is not going to go the way you think. 

It is. Just now, when we touched hands... I saw his future. 
As solid as I'm seeing you. 
If I go to him, Ben Solo will turn. 

Rey... don't do this. 

Then he is our last hope.

Master Yoda. 

Young Skywalker. 

I'm ending all of this. 
The tree, the text, the Jedi. 
I'm going to burn it down. 

Hmm. (laughs) 
Ah, Skywalker, missed you, have I. 

So it is time for the Jedi Order to end. 

Time it is. 
For you to look at a pile of old books, hmmm? 

The Sacred Jedi texts! 

Oh. Read them, have you? 

Well, I... 

Page-turners they were not. 
Yes, yes, yes. 
Wisdom they held, but that library contained nothing that the girl Rey does not already possess. 

Skywalker, still looking to the horizon. 
Never here, now, hmmm? 
(pokes Luke with his walking stick

The need in front of your nose. Hmmm? 

I was weak. Unwise. 

Lost Ben Solo, you did. 
Lose Rey, we must not. 

I can't be what she needs me to be. 

Heeded my words not, did you? 
Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. 
But weakness, folly, failure, also. 
Yes, failure most of all. 

The Greatest Teacher, Failure is. 

Luke, we are what they grow beyond. 
That is the true burden of all masters.

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