Friday, 16 June 2017

That Velma is a Clever Girl

That Velma is a Clever Girl

No, Not That Velma...

...or That Velma, either...

...or That One (Though She is.)

Upon their arrival in London, Steve Trevor and Princess Diana are seen to cross a street with a direct line of sight down it to St. Paul's Cathedral. 

Although no such street exists, it's a green-screen creation, the present post-Great Fire of London St. Paul's designed by Sir Christopher Wren, is built over the site of the ruins of the old, Medieval St.Pauls. This mediaeval St. Paul's was built over an even earlier (or probably several), Anglo-Saxon "Dark Age" or Romano-British Churches of which nothing is now known, other than the fact that prior to re-consecration as a Christian Church, the site (at the highest point in the City) was originally a pagan temple dedicated to the Goddess Diana, Mistress of the Hunt, Protector of Widows, Orphans and Wronged-Women, at the time of the first founding of the settlement that became London.

A full account of the foundational myth of London (and Britain) by Brutus of Troy and refugees from the Fall of Troy, including a detailed account of the dedication of the City, and the consecration of the hilltop to the worship of Diana, along with a personal appearance by The Goddess at that time is to be found in the text of the Brut Tyssilo.

And that's all I have to say about that. - watch the movie.

How come every time you come around
My London London Bridge wanna go down like
London London London, wanna go down like
London London London, we goin' down like

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