Monday, 12 June 2017

"We are Older Than Capitalism and Socialism"

"We are older than Capitalism or Socialism."

Elizabeth Windsor

She says "We are older than Capitalism or Marxism", when asked about anything related to politics, she pretends to affect that that means that she HAS no politics, and no political opinions, views or preferences.

She HAS politics, believe me, as well as preferences, she has just exercised them, very openly and brutally, after the manner of a tyrant or trapped and wounded wild animal.

Her politics and her preferences are OLIGARCHICAL, not partial.

Why was Gordon Brown perfectly acceptable for a whole 6 days after achieving these same results, and Jeremy Corbyn so unacceptable?

ABSOLUTELY unacceptable.

As in, Salvador Allende unacceptable.

All Previous Labour Leaders have had been been made to go through a rigorous vetting process to affirm their commitment to preservation and protection of interests of  the Ruling House of Hanover, and it's monarchical, ecclesiastical and in
imperial institutions, or, at the very least, a completely hands-off policy of non-interference.

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