Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Accession : Fresh Hurt

Lord Percival: 
[after Ralph accuses him of undermining him
This is an OUTRAGE! A VILE piece of slander! 
I demand to know the source of these allegations!

Ralph I : 
We haved the signed confession of a Royal page, Gordon Halliwell, who worked Lord Graves.

Lord Percival: 
I know no such man!

Ralph I : 
And several cheques made out to the photographers who took the pictures, signed by Lord Graves. 
Whose fingerprints were also on the photographs.

Lord Percival: 
So! I saw them at the ball!

Ralph I : 
And Scotland Yard found the negatives at his house this morning.

Lord Graves realizes that he's busted

Lord Percival {nervously}: 
By what right can you order my arrest?!

Ralph I : 
By the Treason Act of 1702 forbidding Interference in the Proper Succession of a Monarch. Enacted by...

Ralph pauses, as he recites Miranda's Order of the King's pnemonic to himself, as he counts off on his fingers

Ralph I : 
William III!
[ Who wasn't one. ]

Various Members of Parliament: 
[staggered throughout Parliament as Lord Graves is escorted out by Scotland Yard

Punks are watching this televised event at an electronics shop on the street

 That's right! String him up! Wanker!

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