Monday, 12 June 2017

And This is Why You Lose

We Won.

Stop listening to people arguing about Why We Lost, and How We Can Win Next Time.

Because We Won.

Only, Elizabeth Windsor, as we know, and by her actions, we can prove cannot accept that. 

And nor can you, it seems.

"What you had was a War, between two fundamentally opposing forces for the soul and the future of the nation.

I was the Secretary of... something which... we should call - for want of a better word - "The Muck-Up Squad". 

Actually, the real name was rather more robust than that.

What it was, was a Committee of MPs, Backbench Tory MPs, administered by The Whips ( I was the Secretary-Chairman ) who would gather together, during the week to discuss how to wear-down The Government. 

It was a Government that was on the rocks, it was rocked back on it's heels, and it HAD to be got rid-of.

And part of that was, not just the Political Argument up-front, but actually just the regular day-in, day-out, night-in, night-out wearing them down emotionally, and physically.

Until they KNEW that they couldn't go on."

- Michael Dobbs, 
"House of Cards" Author/Creator, 
Former Conservative Chief Whip, 
Parliamentary Secretary for Margaret Thatcher

A Man That Knew Who The Enemy Was.

 A Liberal or a Moderate is just an unmotivated, unstimulated or poorly-led Revolutionary that Doesn't Know Who The Enemy Is.

I DO Know Who The Enemy Is.

[ Because they don't believe in anything. Heathens. ]

Liberals are 

I Struggle; You Collaborate.

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