Friday, 19 May 2017

Defeat the Brute Within - Stan Ezrol and Harley Schlanger

September 2nd, 2001 Panel 5 of the ICLC Schiller Instititute conference. 

Jeff Steinberg chaired the panel on problem of the environmentalist and religious fundamentalist stupidity that became endemic from the 1960's counter-culture. 

Ezrol details the role played by a small group of pro-confederate/KKK/Nazi/fascist screwballs called the Nashville Agrarians and their destructive role in shaping the economic, political, and cultural direction of the United States into acceptance of complete morons like George Bush/Al Gore as the leading candidates for example. 

Taking up that theme, Schlanger hits at the cultural sewer that your average shmuck wallows in and will defend to the bitter end even though it was designed to enslave you. 

Taking up examples from the works of Friedrich Schiller and Shakespeare, he describes what a culture designed to uplift the moral and mental capabilities of the average person does with the help of actor Robert Beltran.

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