Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Ganeshlingam in the Room : The Problem of Arthur C. Clark


1. He that hath the Magick powers [Teh] of the Tao is like a young child. Insects will not sting him or beasts or birds of prey attack him.

2. The young child’s bones are tender and its sinews are elastic, but its grasp is firm.

[A baby can hang from a bough for quite an indefinitely long period. This is because of monkey-atavism; in other words, it is the subconscious of the child that is at work. This subconsciousness is of its true nature, therefore, in accord with the Tao.] 

It knoweth nothing of the Union of Man and Woman, yet its Organ may be excited. This is because of its natural perfection. It will cry all day long without becoming hoarse, because of the harmony of its being.

3. He who understandeth this harmony knoweth the mystery of the Tao, and becometh a True Sage. All devices for inflaming life, and increasing the vital Breath, [Prana.] by mental effort [Hatha-Yoga, etc.] are evil and factitious.

4. Things become strong, then age. This [forcing-on of strength instead of allowing natural growth.] is in discord with the Tao, and what is not at one with the Tao soon cometh to an end.

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