Monday, 21 January 2019

Too Loyal

John Teller was an idealist. 

He believed that the Sons could walk on another path, without running guns. 
He was a jaded war veteran, having experienced the evils of the Vietnam War.  

His war experience, and subsequent return home to a hostile and divided country helped shape his views on peace, freedom, and liberty.  

He became engrossed in the views and writings of anarchism, incorporating these views into his own manuscript. 

John was also street smart, and foresaw the complications that would result from the club's entry into gun-running. 

In the end, he felt that the Sons of Anarchy "lost their way", 
and gave his life to return the club to peaceful pursuits. 
He had a good relationship with his fellow First 9, Piney Winston, 
who also shared his concern that the SOA were on a wrong road. 

He was an example of the internal battle most men hide inside. 

Piney described John to J.T.'s daughter-in-law Tara, 
"a complicated guy, angry, impulsive, righteous as hell, hated being wrong, book smart, too loyal". 

Piney also said that John would read three or four books at the same time.

(Bobby screaming

Tell your CPO I'm ready to talk. 


(Heavy door opens

You know, the club ain't gonna give you shit. 
You might as well just kill me. 

Due process. 


Hey, Brother — Happy and Rat are on their way back. 
Still trying to track down Tyler. 

How could I not see this coming? 
I'm out of my depth here, man. 

This is not all on you, Jackie. 

How can it not be? 
I completely underestimated August. 

He's smarter than I am. 
Zero vulnerabilities. 

He's got no family. 
No one close to him. 

It's the perfect move. 
He knows how tight the club is. 
How much I love my guys. 

You can't let this pull you off track, Jackie. 
Those guys downstairs... they need you focused... and strong. 

Look what I've done, man. 
Diosa... Colette... West. 

Now Bobby. 

Hey. Bobby knows the risks. 
We all do. And we're all still here. 

Some of us. 
I can't risk anyone else... 

You can't risk not to. 

If you cave now, everything we've done over the past few weeks... all be for nothing. 

Why did we start this? 


Right. And the brutality that was done to your family... 

That's not finished. 

Marks? He's just part of this now. 

Sons of Anarchy have a duty, brother. 
 A Mission. 

And we need our goddamn leader. 

King Hamlet II : 
I love you, Filip. 

I love you, too, Jackson.

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