Thursday, 10 January 2019

Courageous and Creative Living

“ The inspirational teachings in this collection show that The Real Way of The Warrior is based on Compassion, Wisdom, Fearlessness, and Love of Nature. 

The teachings are drawn from the talks and writings of Morihei Ueshiba, founder of the popular Japanese martial art of Aikido, a mind-body discipline he called the “Art of Peace,” which offers a nonviolent way to Victory in the face of Conflict. 

Ueshiba believed that Aikido principles could be applied to all the challenges we face in Life—in personal relationships, as we interact with Society, and at Work and in Business.

“Aikido is the Way of Harmony. 

It brings together people of all races and manifests the original form of all things. 

The Universe has a single source, and from that core all things emerged in a cosmic pattern. 

At the end of WWII, it become clear that the world needed to be purified of filth and degradation, and that is why Aikido emerged. 

In order to eliminate war, deception, greed, and hatred, the gods of peace and harmony manifested their powers. 

All of us in this world are members of the same family, and we should work together to make discord and war disappear from our midst. 

Without Love, our nation, the world, and the universe will be destroyed. 
Love generates Heat and Light. 

Those two elements are actualized in physical form as Aikido. As the last aspect of creation, human beings came into existence as an actualization of all higher powers. 

Human beings represent all of creation and we must bring the divine plan to fruition. 

The purpose of education is to open your spirit. Modern education has forgotten this. 

The entire Universe is a huge open book, full of miraculous things, and that is where true learning must be sought. 

In that spirit, take responsibility, train hard, develop yourselves, bloom in this world, and bear fruit.”

Oh, there it is. The silly old universe.
The more I save it, the more it needs saving. It's a treadmill.

Yes, yes, I know. 
They'll get it all wrong without me. 

I suppose one more lifetime wouldn't kill anyone. 

Well, except me.

You wait a moment, Doctor.
Let's get it right. 
I've got a few things to say to you. 

Basic Stuff first. 

Never be cruel, 
Never be cowardly, 

Never, ever eat pears! 
Remember -
Hate is always Foolish
Love is always Wise. 

Always try to be nice, 
but never fail to be kind. 

Oh, and you mustn't tell anyone your name. 
No one would understand it, anyway. 
Except, ah! 

Except children.

 Children can hear it sometimes. 

If their hearts are in the right place, and the stars are too, children can hear your name. 

Argh! But nobody else.
Nobody else, ever.

Laugh Hard
Run Fast
Be Kind

Doctor - I let you go. 

(The TARDIS materialises.
Don't shoot!
A DALEK Named 'FRED' :
- In Honour of Alfred The Great -

(The energy blast illuminates a forcefield around the TARDIS.)
Do you think I'm daft enough to stand here without shields? 
It's safe, gang! 

Hide behind your shield, Doctor, you and your human friends. 

You have failed. 
Say hello to a Dalek.

Signal activation in nine rels. The fleet shall be summoned.
No, it won't. 
No matter how many times you try, 
No matter how long you wait, 
I'll always be in your way
Backed up by The Best of Humanity. 
Now, final, final, final warning, 
‘cos I'm nice
( I really do try my best. )

Stop the signal, get off this planet.
You are not my commander.

 I tried. You heard me, right? 
I tried! I gave it a chance. 



You did. 

I'm fast enough, right? 
 I'm fast enough for this plan? 

Er, probably. 



Well, that one needs work. 
Here's a New Year message for you to send. Earth is protected by me and my mates, this year and every other. 

Here we go!

(She sonicks off the forcefield and runs to our left while the others go right.)

Exterminate The Doctor! 
The Doctor must be destroyed!

(She slides up behind the Dalek.)

Now, gang!

On the First Day of The Year 2019, 
Across the Land and Sky of Britain,
An Army of Unlikely Friends 
came together to face 
An Impossible Opponent

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