Saturday, 22 December 2018


Jordan Peterson - Why Young Men are Hungry for Responsibility

What is really weird if for me as I get older and feel myself growing wiser, is that if you go through Life and you are Paying Attention ( and I am), and you start to pay attention to the canonical miracles of Jesus, you actually start to begin to realise how he actually did  some of them -

And then, that 
You Can Do Them Too --

If you are amongst Good Friends and in Good Company, having a Good Time, then water does turn into Wine --

That is actually one reason why people do develop drink problems, when they use it as a Social Lubricant -
Does anybody remember that one guy who someone was dating on 'Friends'..?

Do you recall ever hearing the parable of 'Fun Bobby' ...?'

The Miracles and Healings of Jesus,
The Miraculous Healings of Paul, The Emissary,
Including all of the exorcisms,

Many, if not most of them simply involve Jesus/Paul/YOU addressing the person directly and commanding them with a Voice of Authority to


And you can see this and document this throughout the book, provided you remain undogmatic about the text and the process, engage your creative imagination and remain un-precious about it.

The Fourth Gospel is the easiest one -

The Gospel according to St. John, the non-synoptic gospel, the one containing all of the theology and beautiful language quoted at funerals and such that nobody ever consciously listens to or hears.

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