Friday, 21 December 2018

Argue in the Direction of Peace

“You wanna be having fights all the time,
but you want to always be arguing 
in the direction of Peace.”

You got everything money can buy, except what it can't. 

Its Pride. 

Pride is what got your ass out here, 
and losing is what brought ya back. 

But people like you, 
they need to be tested. 

They need a Challenge.

Mason 'The Line' Dixon: 
But you know that ain't never gunna happen, 
there ain't anybody out there Martin.

Theres always somebody out there. Always.
 And when that time comes 
and you find something standing if front of you, 

Something that ain't runnin' 
and ain't backin'-up and is hittin'-on you 
and your too damn tired to breathe. 

You find that situation on you, 
that good, 'cuz that's 
Baptisim Under FIRE!

 Oh you get thru that and 
you find the only kind of respect 
that matters in This World, 


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