Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The Secondary Fathers : John Lennon

" It went on for years.... I must have been on, about a thousand trips, I was just eating it all the time.

I never took it in The Studio -- once, I did, accidentally, I thought I was taking some Uppers

Y'see, I got The Wrong Message --

I got The  Message on acid that you are to destroy your Ego -- 

and I DID, y'know...

I was reading that stupid book of Leary's and all that shit, y'know, and going through that whole game that everyone went through -- and I Just Destroyed Myself.

I was slowly putting myself  together, y'know, after Marharishi, and all that, bit by bit over a two year period.

And Then..... 

I destroyed my Ego, y'know, I didn't believe I could do anything

I just let Paul do What He Wanted, and let them all do what they wanted and, I was just nothing, I was shit, y'know?

And then Derek tripped me out at his house after he come back from L.A.

He said, "You're Alright.", and he pointed out which songs I'd written, and he said, "And You wrote this, and You said this, and... You ARE Intelligent, Don't Be Frightened.", y'know?

And the next week, I went down with Yoko, and We tripped out again -- And She filled Me completely, to realise that "I was Me and It's All Right."

And that was it.....

A Stalker is a non-professsional amatuer or Trainee Prophet

who does it only at weekends in his spare time as a a hobby.

Yoko :

" There was no, sort of, particular Security, and one of our assistants told us that there was this strange guy that was just stayin in our garden, almost every night.

John always fely responsible for these people;
because They were the result of his songs, that's how he felt. "

Father John :
" Don't confuse The Songs with Your Own Life --

I mean, they might have relevance to Your Own Life but, yy'know, a lotta things DO.

So We met, y'know, I'm just a Guy, man.
Who writes songs. "

The Starry-Eyed Youth :
[ Crazy Tramp in-training ]
" Yeah, I figured that if We met... I'd know just by reading You -- "

Fr. John : 
" But know what, man..? "

The Starry-Eyed Youth :
[ Crazy Tramp in-training ]
" That It All Fits. "


Y'know, if you're tripping-off on some trip
 -- Anything Fits. "

The Starry-Eyed Youth :
[ Crazy Tramp in-training ]
 " Like, when you were saying, 
'Boy, Ya Gonna Carry That Weight a Long Time.... ' 
Did you.... Was that just... "

 [ Will He Be Concerned About The Specifics, Sir..? -- GENTLEMEN,PLACE YOUR BETS -- ]

 " That's PAUL sang that."

The Starry-Eyed Youth :
[ Crazy Tramp in-training ]
 " [Slightly unsure] 
"Paul sang that..? "

 "...but that belongs to all of Us, 

he's singing about all of Us. "

The Starry-Eyed Youth :
[ Crazy Tramp in-training ]
 " Remember the one, 'You can radiate everything You are, You can penetrate  everywhere you go'...?' "

 " Yeah


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