Saturday, 10 November 2018

SuperRob — The Good Doctor

“THE SINGER ROBBIE Williams had, in his spare time, developed an interest in magic and the occult and, in 2005, he got in touch with me in my capacity as a “chaos magician” to ask if I could walk him through some of the basics. 

He was a textbook forward-thinking dissatisfied Aquarian, and he knew—years ahead of everyone else in his business—that superheroes were the next big thing. 

He asked if we could turn him into a superhero for his next tour, so Frank Quitely drew up some Super-Rob sketches before we all decided he’d look ridiculous in a cape and circus suit and went to work devising a more twenty-first-century Elizabethan “occult” approach for the record sleeve, which would be packed with secrets and hidden meanings in the Magical Mystery Tour puzzle tradition. He would become a British superhero in a coat and scarf, a time-traveling shaman, the “Good Doctor.” 

Quitely and I created a sequence of “alien abduction” tarot cards for the album Intensive Care, but far from provoking the hoped-for tabloid screamers—“ Robbie in Black Magic Shock!”—the talismanic images and witchy hieroglyphs were completely overlooked by a usually prurient media. 

Not a single “What’s he gotten himself into now?” story. Even when I wrote my own article for the Sun newspaper, it was rejected on the grounds that no one would be interested in Robbie Williams’s dalliances with the powers of the pit! 

I planted a sigil on the cover, which can be activated by finding the CD in the shops or pulling the cover up on-screen and pressing Rob’s finger. 

If enough of us do this the world will most certainly enter a new Golden Age of peace, creativity, and prosperity! “

- Grant Morrison

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