Wednesday, 28 November 2018

They Want Us to Think That They are Bears

Of course the bears came out, and stood in the middle of the road and waved their arms: Archie and Teddy and Bruno.


So Mr. Bliss had to stop, because he could not get by without running over them.

"I like bananas," said Teddy.

"And I like cabbages," said Archie.

"And I want a donkey!" said Bruno. "And we all want a motor-car," they all said together.

"But you can't have this motor-car; it's mine," said Mr. Bliss.

"And you can't have these cabbages - they're mine," said Mr. Day.

"And you can't have these bananas, or this donkey - they're mine," said Mrs. Knight.

"Then we shall eat you all up - one each!" said the bears.

Of course they were only teasing; but they rolled their yellow eyes, and growled, and looked so fierce that Mr. Bliss was frightened (and so was Mr. Day and Mrs. Knight). So they gave the bears the cabbages and the bananas.

Archie and Teddy piled them on the donkey and took them away to their house in the wood. Bruno sat and talked to Mr. Bliss. Really he was watching to see Mr. Bliss did not drive away before Archie and Teddy came back.


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