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Michael Hutchence, the Mafia and East Timor

"John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy - Malcolm, and Martin... These were extraordinary people, who could make you move in masses, and forget about the Birds of the Day.

Let me break it down for you even more: it was the the killing of the Charismatics - they were white, and they were black..."

- Bro. Steve Cokely

From left to right: 
Peaches Geldof (DECEASED), Michael Hutchence (DECEASED), Paula Yates (DECEASED); 
Pixie & Fifi-Trixabelle Geldof.

WARNING: Some Graphic Images Ahead - NSFW.

Excerpts from: 

-- by Alex Constatine

"Hutchence was a political activist. His will designated Amnesty International and Greenpeace as the benefactors of the lion's share of  his assets. And like many popular musicians on the left, the authorities harassed and set him up for a fall. In a July 1998 interview that appeared in a fan newsletter, Colin Diamond, Hutchence's attorney and former executor of his estate, was asked about the vocalist's September 1996 opium bust and his defense that the narcotic was  planted by police.

"Perhaps you should try and figure it out for yourself!" Diamond snapped. "Michael and Paula were out of the country and during that time only a few people had any real access to the place: Bob Geldof, Anita Debney, the nanny who used to work for Bob for twelve or so years, and a woman called Gerry Agar, who had developed a grudge against both Paula and Michael. The police were called days after the nanny claimed she'd found two Smarty packets with opium in them.  Geldof immediately had a new custody application before the courts, 'in light of recent events.' The local police and prosecutors had the media on their case. There was enormous pressure on them, but even they had to admit something was a bit fishy. [The court] dropped all charges, remember, and Michael was issued with a certificate of non-prosecution by the Crown."

When asked if Hutchence "got off" fairly, Diamond snapped again: "Got off, GOT OFF?? I think the question should be who tried to get him on. You figure it out!" The barrister turned on his interrogator again when asked about the late singer's complicated finances, the "missing millions" reported by the Australian press:

Q: You've copped a bit of a hiding in the press as some sort of financial Svengali to Michael, with suggestions that, with regards to his estate, all is not as it should be. You've refused point-blank to speak to  the media before this, so let me ask you directly: Where's the money? 

Diamond: None of your business. That's the point; it's private. Don't you guys get it? It's PRIVATE.

The word "private" is not to be found in the dictionary used by most daily news reporters -- seven months later Australia's Courier-Mail found the "missing millions," and a horribly intriguing 

"Mafia Tie To Rock Star's Lost Riches." "

"MIHRA [Music Industry Human Rights Association] first came into contact with Michael after he had contacted Central TV's, (now Carlton TV) John Pilger and David Munro in relation to "Death of a Nation," their doc about the genocide in East Timor. He was after all ashamed of his nation's appeasement policies on Indonesia. But like the rest of these elite musical figures, Michael was isolated and uncontactable in person and so the proposed "INXS benefit concert for ET" never took place.

Then MH became a waste of MIHRA's and British Coalition for East Timor's time. In fact, to do such a concert would have laid the band open to a court case by a well known UK promoter who was looking to sue INXS as soon as they performed, as they had reneged upon a previous contract to appear in London.

"The sexiest man alive," Michael was brash and brutal. He punched the paparazzi who had locked on to the affair he was having with Paula Yates, herself well used to controversy during her long (for showbiz) marriage to "Bob" the TV tycoon.

The police are now seeking a man in his forties with a weird haircut and beard, a taste for kudos and titles.

Pop saint Sir Robert Geldof of "LIVE AID" (or something even more patronizing) should call his lawyer immediately, just in case.

"And where were you between the hours of ... Sir Robert?" Are INXS fans now thinking of building another long living $ Shrine to yet another isolated god of the paparazzi?"

"The financial ties to the Calabrian Mafia raise the specter of Michael Hutchence's close friend, Gianni Versace, the celebrated fashion designer gunned down on the front steps of Casa Casuarina, his palatial South Beach home, by a serial killer on July 15, 1997, only five months before the INXS vocalist was found dead.

Versace, in fact, was raised in the south of Italy, a locale dominated by the Calabrian Mafia. The Telegraph reports that Versace "would become inflamed with rage at suggestions that he had links with the Mafia."

But another Telegraph story notes, "There have long been reports that Versace, whose family comes from Calabria in southern Italy, had been financially involved with the Mafia" (and so was Hutchence, without his knowledge. "It had been rumoured that he borrowed  mob money to expand his business, and had been paying 'protection  money.'" 

In Europe, the press ran rampant with allegations of Versace's Mafia connections. Newspapers in Italy and Ireland offered stories on the designer and the Mob. The Russian Information Agency ran a feature on the topic.

Then there was the dead mourning dove found lying beside Versace's body. The dove was rumored to be a "hit man's calling card," but police denied there was any connection to the Mafia. Seems one of the .40 caliber bullets that struck Hutchence's friend in the head ricocheted off the front gate of his house, a police spokesman explained, sending a lead fragment hurtling skyward.

The fragment struck a dove sailing overhead in the eye, killing it instantly. The dove (the reincarnation of John Connally?) plummeted to the gutter, bounced and dropped beside Versace's dead body.

But the conclusion of a private detective formerly employed by the fashion designer was sharply at odds with the official verdict.  Frank Monte, an Australian P.I. -- and former recruiter of mercenaries for the African campaigns of the 1960s -- told radio shock jock Howard Stern and other interviewers that he was convinced "both Versace and Cunanan were murdered by the Mob." 

He said that he'd been hired by the designer to investigate the killing of a friend's lover, and was recruited again to follow up on reports that employees of his own company had been laundering mob money. 

The private eye held that Versace was gunned down because he intended to turn evidence of the laundering operation over to Italian police. Andrew Cunanan, Monte insisted, was a patsy kidnapped and "suicided" to provide the cover story. The investigator was so confident of the Mafia connection that he publicly advised Cunanan, after Versace's murder, to turn himself in or he would be next.

Ten days after the slaying of Versace, Monte told reporters: "Nothing that has happened since then has changed my mind."

He could not shake off certain unresolved discrepancies. Cunanon is reported to have stolen a .40 caliber pistol and used it to shoot Versace twice in the head and subsequently turned it on himself. 

Cunanon was so badly disfigured by one blast that police were unable to identify him at first -- but the same gun left two small, pristine holes in Versace's skull. 

The private investigator was skeptical that the stolen gun could have produced drastically dissimilar wounds, and complained that FBI ballistic tests had been "fudged." 

The funeral of Gianni Versace in Milan Cathedral was attended by Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales, a month before her own death in a Parisian tunnel. 

[NB, She didn't die in the tunnel, and indeed wasn't even seriously injured - it's overwhelming likely that she was murdered in the back of the ambulance, which took 1 hr and 43 minutes to complete a journey of less than 3.8 Miles at 3 o'clock in the morning]

As it happened, another social butterfly and friend of Michael Hutchence with organized crime connections was Dodi Fayed. Dodi's uncle was arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi of Iran-Contra fame. 

[NB, though generally ignored by the media frenzy, the official word on Dodi, as well MI6/French Intelligence asset Henri Paul is that they were "killed instantly" - this is extremely unlikely, given that the vehicle carrying them was a top-of-the range Mercedes A-Series (which is built like an armoured personnel carrier), now know to have been traveling at maximum speed of only around 45-55mph at the time of the initial collision additionally, surviving bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones' injuries do not appear to have been serious and their severity appears to have vastly overstated from the very beginning - David Icke is absolutely right to have focused in completely on the fact of Muhammad al-Fayed playing the John Connolly role in the murder(s) in terms of having overall control of all the security arrangements on that night, and I now am deeply skeptical myself as to perhaps whether Dodi Fayed is in fact dead at all....]

See? She's absolutely fine.

Here again in the synthetic photo though, not so much.

I really don't think it is, you know...

Yes, except that Henri Paul wasn't a black man, he didn't exit through the windshield, and not wearing a seatbelt doesn't actually result in your face falling off...

The real car...

...and the fake car.

Mohamed al-Fayed, Dodi's father, is "one of the richest men in Britain," notes the St. Louis Tribune, "The source of al-  Fayed's wealth always has been somewhat murky. Born poor in Alexandria, Egypt, he acquired a university education and married Samira Kashoggi, sister of the fabulously wealthy Saudi Arabian arms dealer. His brother-in-law gave al- Fayed his start in business by putting him in charge of his furniture-importing interests in Saudi Arabia,"  

He is said to have sicced Donna Rice on Gary Hart to sabotage his bid for the Oval Office. Dodi and his uncle introduced Marla Maples to Donald Trump. Denise Brown, a gadfly in organized crime circles with a black book of mobbed up boyfriends, dated Dodi.  Al-Fayed and Adnan Khashoggi were closely associated with the Sultan of Brunei, who has been accused by an American beauty queen of presiding over a white slaver's harem.

Dodi Fayed and Diana Spencer were killed in a car crash on August 31, 1997, four months before Michael Hutchence died."

"We can do the research, I can give the what-happened-to lectures, but it's not enough, we need to stop the killing -

So excuse me while I'm serious for a minute here, I have children that I wanna see live 'til they get tired...

And it is for the children that we must do this..."
- Bro. Steve Cokely

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